The attack is the greatest crime and abuse of moral and spiritual values


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Unfortunately, today many people know about what a terrorist attack. It's very sad, because this horror does not have to happen on the ground. However, the reality is still very far from desirable utopia, which means that it is full of injustice and grief.

Why today, the threat of attack constantly hangs over the head of people? Why terrorists commit such atrocities, forgetting about his humanity? And which countries suffer the most from their activities?

the attack is

What is the attack?

The root of this word goes back to Latin the concept ‘terror’, which translated means terror or fear. That is, a terrorist attack – is a specific event aimed at terrorising the people or the state. This is its essence-to make others fear the strength and determination possessed by the terrorists.

In Order to achieve their goals, criminals, and otherwise they will not name, willing to make any sacrifice. They easily destroy other people's homes and equipment, blow up roads and power lines and, worse of all, take the lives of other people. Therefore, the attack – is crime over the whole human, the treacherous violation of all the spiritual and moral prohibitions.

Why do people commit terrorist attacks?

It is difficult to give an exhaustive answer to this question. After all, every terrorist attack is an isolated incident, based on many factors. So let's look at just the main reasons why people go to that kind of evil.

the attack in Paris

  1. Dissatisfaction with the current political power or situation in the country. Many terrorist organizations have expressed their protest against the government with weapons. They can't agree peacefully, and therefore impose their ideas by force.
  2. Religious beliefs. Blind faith in God can sometimes lead to tragic consequences. Many radical organizations and cults use their members as a living weapon, urging those in the existence of "instructions" above.
  3. Mental Disorder. Psychotic suicide bombers – the phenomenon is not as common, but it is the place to be. A vivid example can serve as a distraught student in America, shoot the part of their classmates.

However, it sometimes happens that the terrorist acts committed, not for political reasons but for the pleasure or profit. Indeed, for some people death is an integral part of their lives. Let it sounds cruel, but without it they will not feel holistic and happy. For such people, a terrorist attack – the only way to dispel the boredom and to spread the much-loved chaos.


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The Attacks of the XXI century

Progress – an amazing thing. He was able to give us a warm home, beautiful cars and delicious, although not very healthy food fast food. But he also brought weapons of mass destruction that made the attacks even more dangerous and deadly.

terrorist threats

After all, if before the most terrible weapon of the terrorist was a powder bomb, can cause damage only a small area, but now their Arsenal is much broader. Now in their hands new types of explosives, chemical gases, machine guns and even missiles. And all this is used only for one purpose-to destroy all objectionable mode.

But even that is not the worst. Far worse than what the terrorists have learned to use the progress itself for good. For example, we all remember September 11, when two hijacked airplanes rammed the American skyscrapers. In the end, the car is aimed at the improvement of human life, became the most formidable weapon in the hands of the invaders.

The Attack in Paris: causes and consequences

Let's look at a specific case of a terrorist attack, in order to better understand what is the reason of their occurrence. As a visual example, take a number of brutal raids that took place in the French capital in the night from 13 to 14 November 2015. The blame for this attack in Paris took the Muslim organization called «Islamic state».

Recall that on this day terrorists attacked six of the largest outlets in the capital. So, they shot the audience in the concert hall «Bataclan" blew up a bomb at the city stadium, defeated one of the local restaurants and also opened fire with machine guns on the busiest areas of Paris. In the end, killed more than 120 people, and even more were injured.

As for the reasons, first of all ISIS terrorists were unhappy that France intervenes in their Affairs in the middle East. In particular, played a huge role in help the country in the bombing of Syria. Well, the flames still poured caricatures ridiculing Islam printed in one of the Parisian editions.

the terrorist attacks in Moscow

What has led To such aggression? To the panic and horror that, in principle, was to the terrorists. But soon these feelings turned into hatred, and now under attack all who are somehow like the evil Taliban.

The terrorist Attacks in Moscow

Alas, Russia also experienced the bitterness of loss from terrorist attacks. Particularly affected Moscow, as it is the heart of this powerful country. The last major terrorist attack happened in Domodedovo airport on 24 January 2011. Then a suicide bomber blew himself up inside the building.

Besides, according to official data, over the past 11 years in the capital at the hands of terrorists killed 628 people. Not to mention the fact that theiractions have led to great destruction and chaos. And let's hope that soon the whole world will unite under a common origin in order to once and for all to defeat evil enemy.

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