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In our society, the word tobacco is associated with tobacco. But actually this is a different plant. Moreover, it is used not only for Smoking. Although it ground to a powder the leaves and stems are used for the manufacture of cigarettes, chewing and snuff powder.

shag it

Continuous use

Tobacco Seeds are going to produce oil for paint and soap industry. Also it is produced of nicotine and citric acid. In addition, the drug from tobacco use in the garden plots in order to get rid of pests. The Indians cook it from the broth, neutralizing snake poison, cleansing the wound from infection. Shamans with it cast out evil spirits. It turns out the shag — it is a plant that can bring benefits, not only to spoil the health of those who smoke.

Where he lives and looks like

We got it in the early seventeenth century. Prior to this, in the XVI century tobacco is spread in Europe, where it was brought from Florida. The name she received in the eighth century. The raw material of this plant in large numbers have entered the Dutch city of Amersfoort, where it was used Smoking powder for the whole of Europe. And the oft-repeated phrase “tobacco from Amersfoort” transformed into the already familiar name. It is grown in our country in the South and in the middle lane, as well as in Algeria, India, Poland, Tunisia, USA and other countries. The plant is hardy and able to take root in any soil, though the best are sandy loam, loam, podzol plots fertilized with organic fertilizers. It has round leaves with a fuzzy, resinous surface, as well as yellow or white tubular flowers with a pungent odor. In height it can reach 1 meter. Shag — this plant does not tolerate frost. It dies even at -2 degrees.


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tobacco shag

Down the stairs

Although we are accustomed to the fact that tobacco smoke, those who do not have financial possibilities to buy cigarette more expensive in the VIII century it was even fond of Peter I. His entourage shared the Royal addiction to harmful fun. So smoked shag and members of the upper class, and the choice offered by different varieties of this plant. But had it available to ordinary people, who did not have the money to buy the finished product for Smoking. Therefore, ordinary people adapted to do “joint”. For this purpose we used scraps of thin paper. Gradually the greed of the manufacturers of the Smoking mixture began to do not from the leaves and stems. Therefore, those who could afford it, switched to tobacco. Shag had faded into the background, because the raw material from which it is now prepared, containing much less nicotine. Nowadays smokers prefer tobacco. But the tobacco contains less harmful tar and additives and, thus, less harm to human health. And cheaper.

seed tobacco

Growing tobacco

In the field they are trying to plant after legumes, vegetable crops, perennial grasses, maize, winter cereals, root crops. The soil should be fertilized with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Put it by the method of sowing or seedlings. Seeds in the ground dipped to a depth of 1 centimeter, and are used as the germinated and dry, allowing you to harvest even if some of them will die from adverse environmental conditions. If all conditions are fulfilled, the chemical composition of this plant will conform to the standards and, therefore, he will make a great shag. At home can also be engaged in its cultivation and production for their own needs.

shag at home

Try it yourself

To put the shag, it is necessary to choose its seeds. You can buy them in the store for gardeners. Common varieties are considered Pekhlets local, Pekhlets 4, Dope 4. Shag — it's unpretentious, but not resistant to frost plant, so if you plant it you are not in the apartment, and on the plot, select the correct month of planting. Best suited one in which your lane is not exactly frost, starting in may. In cold regions it is necessary to use a greenhouse. The soil on which to grow tobacco, must be fertilized and hydrated. Poor composition and dry soil will not allow to receive qualitative raw materials.

Be Prepared

Engaged in the cultivation of tobacco at home, it is better not to sow and to plant a pre-existing seedlings. Thus, you will know exactly which plants can survive and not have to wait for voshojdenie seeds that may die in the ground, and the optimal time for planting will be missed. The apartment use boxes or pots set on the windowsill on the South side. Seed germination start in March, then in may will be able to plant the trees in the street soil.

What's next

They are placed at a distance of 25 centimeters from each other. The ground between them should be regularly loosened, to feed, to get rid of weeds. Watering should be rare, but abundant. With the appearance of their flowers phasingout. With proper care and harvest, which can be assembled in 70 days, will be good. Now you have the right to dry the plants, pre-assembled in the correct order. Start with the bottom leaves, thenmove on to the rest from the bottom up. Put them in a layer no more than 30 cm and kept in the shade for 12 hours. Then predried strung on a cord and hung in the open, protected from the rain location for 2 weeks. Then take off the ropes, placed indoors until the fall. Then only grind raw materials and use for their own needs.

growing tobacco

Shag — is a plant that rescued our people in difficult times. Now engaged in its cultivation can willing without much financial and physical cost to obtain natural Smoking mixture that is different in quality from the purchase of cigarettes for the better.

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