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Elena Zakharova – the famous theater and movie actress. The love of the audience gave her a role in the series “street”, as well as participation in numerous theatrical productions. Filmography of Elena Zakharova has more than eighty feature films and TV series. In addition, the actress actively plays on TV in the popular show.

A short biography of the actress

The aspiring actress was born in Moscow, November 2, 1975. Elena's parents had nothing to do with the cinema – they worked in the hotel industry. The girl was very active and mobile. Already six years Lena worked in children's choreographic Studio, and two years later her mother took her to ballet school. However, from a career dancer girl refused, not wanting to sacrifice your favorite sweets.

Elena Zakharova filmographyThen Elena was involved in drama and modeling studios. Even then, she decided to become an actress. After eighth grade girl had even applied to drama school, but failed the exam. Knowing about the cherished dream of Elena's friends once made fun of her, was called for the audition. Elated, the girl rushed in the Studio. Intervened fate: passed by the assistant Director children's film fairy tale. Noticing the red-haired girl, he immediately invited her for a small role. Thus was born the actress Elena Zakharova. Her filmography, however, began several later, when the girl was noticed and invited to the first major role.

After high school was to enter the Shchukin school. Talent, dance training and an interesting appearance helped Elena to pass the exams the first time. In 1998 she was invited to the Theater of the moon, where it plays to this day. Gradually, while working on the show, the actress starred in feature films and television series.


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Today Elena with great success performs in movies and on television, involved in theatrical productions.

the filmography of Elena Zakharova

Getting the path

The First Kinostar came to Elena already in the second year of study in College. She was invited to participate in the filming tapes “the Shelter of comedians”. In the film involved actors such as Ivan Okhlobystin, Konstantin Voinov, Liliya Smirnova. Filming this movie caused a conflict with the leadership of the school from skipping. Soon, however, she managed to prove that can perfectly combine study and work, and have earned a reputation as one of the most successful students. It was the first starring role of Elena Zakharova. Filmography her as a serious artist began the shoot.

Theatre debut was as vivid and interesting. The Directors of the Theatre of the moon saw her and called to audition for the role of rosemary in the formulation “tender is the Night”. The contenders were more than fifty, but I chose Elena.


Until a certain time Elena mainly played in theatrical productions, only limited to small film roles. In 2000 she was invited to the shooting of a youth TV series “the Simple truth”. After that, Elena Zakharova was often an invitation to the shooting. But the real popularity came to her after participating in the TV series ‘cadets". The role of the graceful Polina Sergeyevna and her relationship with one of the main heroes, Maxim Makarov, became almost the most topical subject of discussion of all fans.

This series and its sequel became one of the most loved television, where he starred Elena Zakharova. Her filmography since then has expanded each year. The girl was invited in feature films and TV series. Not remained aloof and active theatrical activities.

Elena Zakharova filmography starring

Filmography and starring

In many movies and television series managed to play Elena Zakharova: filmography (main roles are an impressive part) its filled with interesting paintings, emphasizing the individuality of the actress. Career in the movie does not stop for a minute. Among her most famous roles, you can call the work in the series “the Fifth corner”, “Rig”, “ermolovy”. And for the participation in the film “Tartarin of Tarascon” Zakharov received the award at the festival in Gatchina.

Helen manages to combine work in film and numerous plays. She played in the productions of not only the theater of the moon, and Oleg Tabakov, and agencies Lekur, "Art-partner XXI" and other. During the work Elena had successfully managed to play many prominent roles. But the best, according to most Actresses, is her work in the play “hamlet”. In it she played Ophelia. For this role, Elena was awarded the prize "Seagull".

Personal life

Elena Zakharova, filmography which is full of different roles and exciting love life, his personal life prefers not to advertise. It is known that for many years she had a close relationship with a prominent businessman Sergei Molotovym. In 2010, the press even reported that the pair secretly issued a legal marriage.

Even after a year Elena and Sergey had a daughter, but eight months later the baby died due to a severe viral infection. That would put an end to the relationship of the couple. Immediately they broke up. And Elena as best they could, sought solace in work.

Currently the heart of the actress freely.

actress Elena Zakharova filmography

Interesting facts about Elena Zakharova

The Talented and charismatic actress who appears before us, Elena Zakharova. Filmography it is constantly updated with new roles. However, this is not the only thing interesting and attractive actress.

  • For the filming of the movie “the Shelter of comedians” the red-haired beauty Elena had repainted black. But after this work on the photo again you can see the natural appearance of the actress.

  • After attending Helena in the play “hamlet” well-known critics called her best Ophelia contemporary.

  • Zakharov was actively involved in the popular television projects. Reality show “Empire”, “Dancing on ice”, “Battle of psychics” are just some of them.

Elena Zakharova filmography photoTalented, original, interesting – that is Elena Zakharova. Filmography, photos and personal life of the actress remains the subject of constant attention of fans. And she never ceases to please their fruitful work in the theatre and television and a bright new roles.


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