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Perhaps, on Earth is not to find another such places as the Wailing Wall, where annually sought by thousands of pilgrims in order to pray to God, to make a wish or just to touch the history of all mankind. The Western wall (another name for the Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem is a major religious landmark and Jewish Shrine in Israel.wailing wall in Jerusalem

A Bit about Israel

Before you start talking about the Wailing Wall, I want to talk a little bit about Israel - the country in which it is located. It is located in the southwestern part of Asia. The capital of Israel-Jerusalem. Population-eight million people. The Promised land, also known as Israel, is the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This tiny country surrounded by forests, seas, mountains, deserts. This state - have been shed and the sufferings of the Jewish people. The historical significance of this place cannot be overstated. It's no wonder that Israel attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Cultural, historical and religious monuments in Israel. The Wailing wall in Jerusalem is one of the most important places for all believers. Because every Christian should visit at least once in Jerusalem and, of course, to visit the Wailing Wall.Jerusalem wailing wall photos

Origin of name

The Term “Wailing” more popular with pilgrims coming to Jerusalem. The Jews themselves call it "West Wall", the first clear mention of which dates from the eleventh century and owned by FIMACO Ben Panteley. And the name “Wailing” given the Arabs, who saw how people come here to mourn the Jews of the destroyed Shrine. Now the Western wall is a fragment of a wall from the fortifications of the Temple mount where the temple was built – a Holy place for all Jews. The temple was subsequently destroyed, but in the sacred Jewish Scriptures that the Divine presence never leaves this place.Jerusalem wailing wall notes


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The Wailing Wall: dimensions and location

Usually, this wall understand fifty-seven meters of open fragment of the ancient fortification wall, located on the Western side of the Temple mount. This part is reserved for prayers and the square of the Jewish quarter. But full size it is four hundred eighty-eight meters, most of which is hidden behind residential buildings. South eight-meter part of the wall located in the Muslim quarter of the Holy city. Tall Western Wall is thirty-two metres above the ground is seen only nineteen of them, all the rest eventually disappeared under the earth nasyp. The Wailing wall in Jerusalem consists of forty-five layers of stone, twenty-eight of which are above ground and seventeen under her. The first seven visible layers belong to the Jordanian period. They are made of perfectly polished calcareous stones without any bonding between them. The average height of the stones of one meter length from a half to three meters. Each block weighs from two to six tons. On the face of each of the stone panels are very thin threads.

Western wall


In the tenth century BC, the Temple Mount was built the Temple of Solomon, which was destroyed by the Babylonians five hundred and eighty sixth year of BC. The construction of the second temple was fulfilled in the first century BC the Jewish king Herod. So he wanted to repair the destruction that occurred during the war, and to love his subjects. In the inner part of the temple would not let anyone except the priests, so Herod ordered to teach all of the Holy fathers construction skills. Because of this, the preliminary preparation took a very long time. The construction of the temple lasted nine and a half years. And even after the death of the king walked the finishing work. But, ironically, the Church was again completely destroyed by the Roman conquerors six years after the end of construction. The Romans burned, looted and completely destroyed it, and the temple Mount plowed. The wailing wall in Jerusalem – it is all that remains of the Grand structure.Israel wailing wall

Wall in Jerusalem today

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem every year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Someone comes here to worship the Promised Land of their ancestors, some simply want to visit a place of worship and touch of history, while others come back again and again, to once again feel the powerful energy emanating from the walls, well, someone - to put between the stones a little note with deep desire. You can come here any person, regardless of the faith he professes. No restrictions on this point. Only to come to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, you need to follow some rules that break you will not caretakers. First, a man must wear a yarmulke (a small cap). If not, then at the entrance to the square you can take the cardboard pile in the basket, absolutely free of charge. Women and men praying with men on the left side and women on the right. Move away from the wall only turning to face her – this is the custom. To the Western Wall are to pray. The Israelis are very many holidays and important events celebrated in this sacred place.

Location went to a tradition to put notes with wishes into the wall

Every year thousands of tourists come to Jerusalem. The Wailing wall (photo presented in the article) takes a lot of visitors to one to give hope, others lost faith, but for someone this is the last place where you can bare your soul before God. But judging by how many in the crevices between the stones of the notes most certainly wants to send a message to God, in the hope that this request will reach God faster. The tradition to invest in the crevices of the walls, notes with requests happened since ancient times. There is a legend that once long ago a wise man-Servant Hayim Ben Atar wrote a note to God for sending his student income. And asked this young man to carry her to the Wailing Wall and to put between the stones. Soon the student Servant Hayim Ben Atar lucky. And we know him as a wise man named Hida. Every Jew believes: no matter how far away he was from the native place, if his thoughts and prayers directed to where the Wailing Wall rises over the Jerusalem area, it will be heard by God. Once a year the Rangers over the Wailing Wall and rake notes refer to the mount of olives where put the message in a special burial.where's the wailing wall

Free shipping notes in the Wailing Wall

And if someone has no opportunity to go to Israel and to personally invest in Wall note most treasured desire, it does not matter. There are sites where you are absolutely free to fill out a form and send the message, and Israeli volunteers, print it, refer to the sacred place. But whichever way you tried to deliver a piece of paper with a request to God, address him always the same: Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall. Notes of thousands of people annually come to the place where you can feel the presence of God.

Hotels near the Western Wall

Of Pilgrims rushed to the shores of the Promised Land, will still be interested in the pressing problems. Because the question may arise: “And where to live during their stay in the Holy city?” Close to the Jewish area there are many cozy hotels, and not very expensive. Half a kilometer is a small hotel called the New Imperial Hotel. It is located in the historical part of Jerusalem. The cozy rooms feature air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV. In the dining area you will find a fridge and kettle. For Breakfast "buffet". The prices are very affordable. Another hotel located near the Wailing Wall, is the Mamilla Hotel (five stars). On the roof there is a panoramic terrace, which offers wonderful views of the old town. The cosy rooms are equipped with linens made from natural Egyptian cotton, and some bathrooms have glass walls that can be turned on and off. The hotel has many restaurants, there is also a Spa. This is an expensive hotel with fabulous service. To the Wailing Wall is just one kilometre away.

Other Jerusalem attractions

sights of Jerusalem, Israel

Israel's rich religious, cultural and natural attractions. And one of the greatest Christian shrines is the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre. According to legend, the sanctuary was built on the place where the crucified and buried Jesus Christ. After the destruction of the temple finally was rebuilt in eighteen hundred and tenth year. Now the temple complex includes the Altar of the crucifixion atop Golgotha, and a rotunda with a large dome and the Edicule chapel, which was erected on the site of the burial of Christ, the underground temple of the Finding of Viviparous cross, Cathedral Church of the Jerusalem Church, the Katholikon, few limits and a temple of the Holy equal to the apostles Helena. Still worth a pic...

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