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On the Russian bus market wafted change for the better - it's slowing down, and in may sales even managed to show a marked increase. And even though stability is still far from the crisis have already won the domestic producers, which strengthened the position and pushed foreign competitors.

“Volgabas” gets to the market leaders

The Best result belongs to “the Volgabas” under the leadership of Alexey Bakulin - by the end of may 2016, its market share has grown in multiples and are very close to the top three.

Ambitions Alexey Bakulin

The General Director of group of companies «Volgabas” Alex Bakulin has set itself the ambitious goal is to produce 500 buses a year. Despite the difficult market situation, the company is systematically implementing the planned: if 2014 was released the 162 bus in 2015 –  238 and in the first half of 2016 - 196 units.

Every year the geography of deliveries, OOO GK «Volgabas” is increasing and in some cities they do dominate. For example, in St. Petersburg runs for 500 Volga buses, and delivery prepare 70 pieces.

The Company is actively implementing a program of import substitution. More recently, trim materials, seat, glass, doors and other components were supplied from Turkey and Western Europe. Today, almost all the details of the “Volgabasin" made in Russia - with the exception of the engines.

“Bus engines really sore subject for our industry, – said the General Director of OOO GK «Volgabas” Alex Bakulin. - put a Gas engine only a few companies, MAP, Mercedes, YUCHAI. We tried everything and came to the conclusion that the Yuchai engine is best suited for use in Russia” (informazia Http://

One of the trumps of the company is a bet on an unconventional fuel types and innovation. Only half of the models in the lineup «Volgabas” works on gasoline and diesel, the rest on gas fuel. And Alexey Bakulin intends to develop this area - the company continues development of buses on alternative fuels, and we are talking not only about gas.

“Volgabas” adds speed

In 2015 the Past year has been difficult for the industry - according to its results were sold only 8.88 thousand buses (-23,5%). Of the 16 producers of this transport growth was only two - Bashkir plant NEFAZ and “Volgabas”. And if the first failed this year to significantly strengthen its positions, the Volga, the manufacturer continues to gain momentum at an accelerated pace.

This year the situation is less stressful, but the running processes of redistribution of market share between domestic producers do not stop. So, continues to lose customers longstanding leader GROOVE. In 2015, its sales fell by 23.6% in January-may this year and by another 14% (data «Avtostat info”). As a result, the share of “the Pavlovsk bus” on the market by June 1, decreased from 49.6% (previous year) to 44.4% .

The Second place Lyase, which took in may to 20.6% of the market, third — NefAZ, the share of which declined slightly (to 10.9%) compared to what it was last year.

However, “bronze” with the Bashkir plant is ready to bet the company Alexey Bakulin, which is clearly ahead of competitors. Volzhskaya Kompaniya today shows an impressive leap in the market among domestic producers. If in may of last year its market share was a modest 0.2%, in the year - 8,1%.

In January-may the company sold 135 buses (+84,9%) - helped delivery “Volgabas” in Orenburg, Togliatti, Moscow, the native of Volzhsk, Volgograd and other regions.

“Volgabas” - the bus of the future

“Volgabas” - the bus of the future

Experts predict that this year the sales volume of buses will not change, will amount to 8.7 million units. However, this is subject to the continued boost from the state - because this year, as in the past, the key growth driver will remain the municipal and state orders. And here in the company of Alexei Bakulin good prospects - “Volgabas” is involved (and unsuccessfully) all tenders that are advertised on the supply of buses in Russia.

Part of the rising popularity of the Volga buses in the regions — the effect of customer focus of the company. “Company “Volgabas” responds promptly to requests of drivers and passengers, - says Alexey Bakulin. – last year we put the Volgograd region has a low entry buses. Pensioners complained about the extra step in the cabin. The Governor supported passengers, extra funding. And this year, the plant supplied the region with a fully low floor buses”.

In addition, the company Alexei Bakulin “Volgabas” is an active participant of the state program on stimulation of demand for gas buses. This year, the Ministry renewed its action, which creates a good basis for sales gas line of the company.

While “Volgabas” is confident fourth place in the market, however, does not intend to stop there. The CEO of the company Alexey Bakulin is betting on such a popular current domestic innovation recently, he presented the first Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, then President Vladimir Putin drone chassisthe basis of which it is planned to create a number of models of transport.

According to Alexey Bakulin, “Volgabas” does not create a driverless bus. “We don't want to go down a path that has been passed in different countries. Our task – the first to release a bus in an urban environment,” he stressed.

It is possible that the new unmanned Shuttle buses will transport guests of the world Cup in 2018 after a couple of years. But even if it is, beyond any expectation, will not happen, the Volga, the company has already made a serious bid for the lead. Given its strategy, a significant innovation base and strong growth, getting into the top three of players is only a matter of time.

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