What is freedom in modern society


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For millennia, since long as there have been bans, power and morality, there is the concept of freedom. Some people define it as the absence of the above factors. Others like the power of man over his actions, provided that they do not harm other people. Still others believe that freedom is a subjective concept and depends on the aspirations of each individual.

So what is freedom? Try to understand.

what is freedom

Freedom in philosophy is defined as the state in which it can self-determine their life path, their goals, opinions and resources. That is, in fact, this concept brings together all the judgements above. Freedom of every person depends on the degree of acceptance of them as values. That is why we see so many different approaches to its understanding and fulfillment. And so all the people have different understandings of what freedom is.

freedom philosophy

To distinguish between two freedoms: positive and negative. The second involves the independence of the individual from any external or internal manifestations that impede its implementation. Receive it possibly by eliminating them. Positive freedom is attained through spiritual development and the attainment of inner harmony. Some philosophers believe that it is impossible to achieve this freedom without going through the desire for the negative. This separation did not contradict the integrity of the concept. On the contrary, it helps to expand our idea of what freedom is.

concept of freedom

The freedom of the individual is directly related to the freedom of creativity, because the latter is a natural consequence and expression of the first. So many writers and artists, not received in due time, the possibility to create their works because of the bans of censorship, was adjusted against the government. But it is necessary to distinguish between freedom of expression and not to confuse it with the freedom of aggression. The ban on the latter is not a restriction of the personality. On the contrary, it is designed to protect its freedom. Such prohibitions will exist as long as you do not go into the human consciousness as a natural necessity.


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Currently, people are increasingly looking for freedom not from external factors, and within themselves. Modern man has become a new understanding of what freedom is. And he's trying to reach it through inner harmony, self-determination and expression in the areas available to him. This view is close to the notion of positive liberty, but contains within itself the echoes of the negative. It was formed in connection with the weakening of social inhibitions. So now comes to the fore inner freedom - the achievement of wholeness of the personality and ability of expression.

Now, almost each generation forms a new view on what freedom is. And not to say that some of them are wrong. After all, everyone is free to give his own answer to this question and to give this word close to him value. For someone freedom is the opportunity to Express their opinion, for someone- the absence of a ban on creativity, for some people, harmony with the surrounding world... But in any case, it plays an important role for every individual and society as a whole.

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