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This model simply adores the editors of Vogue Italia, her role of androgen crazy editors and photographers from around the world, Katy Perry invites her in your clips. You are talking about? Of course, the unique Erika Linder! We offer you to get acquainted with this stunning girl.


Eric was born in 1990 in a small rural village not far from Stockholm. Childhood years were spent surrounded by domestic animals – cows and horses. Eric now recalls with pleasure the time and says – her childhood with mother was measured and is just wonderful. By the way, the girl has a twin sister, to which Eric Linder always felt more of a brother than a sister. From early childhood she was obsessed with the art world: she wrote poetry, played the guitar, drums and piano.

Model Erika Linder

Creative careers

When the girl was barely 14 years old, she received an invitation from scouts. At the concert in Sweden they just approached her and asked if Erika wants to be a model. Then she said no, because in life she had other plans: Linder studied law, learned English, played football. Six years later, the scouts repeated the attempt. This time the girl agreed. And so began the biography of Erika Linder. The model is in an interview has repeatedly confessed: she agreed for only one reason – she too wanted to travel around the world!

The First year was incredibly difficult, because by the standards of the modeling business Eric started late – 21. Perseverance and determination can only envy – she has varied, pushed myself and was able to become a professional model. Today the girl has partnered with fashion house Louis Vuitton, the Swedish company JC Jeans. Besides, she – the famous Scandinavian model Agency MIKAs.


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Perhaps the most famous photo shoot of the model is its appearance in the form of a young Leonardo DiCaprio. These images made an impression on all without an exception of representatives of the fashion industry, especially in Tom Ford. Shortly after this photo shoot he made with Erica contract, and today she continues to appear on the runway of his fashion house.

Erika Linder: the biography

Clothing Line and house in the village

Now Eric Linder lives in Los Angeles. Previously, she was an active user of different social networks, particularly Instagram. The model admits she often published a selfie, but now does not. And yet, says Eric, sometimes she just wants to simply throw away all your gadgets.

For a Long time, Linder dreamed of creating his own clothing line – of course, unisex. This dream came true when the Los Angeles arrived. He talked about wanting to build your business and invited Eric to be his face. Together they created a few images, hoodies, shirts and beanies. Today, these things are produced in Sweden, Hong Kong and Australia.

Erika Linder: personal life

When reporters questioned Eric Linder about her future plans, she says she wants to star in movies and make music. But usually adds that in fact her biggest dream-to live with dogs in a cozy house, located in the Swedish village.

Personal life

Personal life Erika Linder particularly interested in her fans. It looks like the girl is not quite usual. The model is not married, she is also no. Because the image of men, which this model embodies all too often worldwide, it is often attributed to homosexuality. In recent years, increasingly there is information about the relationship of Erica Tamra and I are Noticin. The girls are not confirmed. Moreover, Linder says – she just has no time for personal life.

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