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As soon As spring warms the sun, can be seen fluttering over the grass butterflies. These are the most beautiful insects on Earth, there is a huge variety of species. They are day and night, big and small, they differ in life expectancy and food. The first appears in the spring butterfly gonepteryx. She's one of the few that can survive winter.

There are butterflies ugly and pale, but there is such beauty that the eyes do not tear. Their color they get due to the location and different shades of tiny scales that cover their wings. Because of this they become slippery, which helps the butterflies to escape from their enemies. And the last of these beauties lot, not only birds love to eat them.

Therefore, some butterflies have protective coloring, for example, merging with the bark of a tree. Others are protected, on the contrary, bright color, colored spots, similar to eyes. Such beauties are subjected to the danger of being caught by a man.

butterflies of RussiaButterflies of Russia is very beautiful and diverse: peacock, swallowtail, purpurina, fritillary, perelivania, Admiral - these names given to them in connection with the peculiarities of the colouring and structure of the wings. Some got their name from what they feed their caterpillars: urticaria, cabbage, malenica and hosteda plum.

In General, butterflies, like all insects, benefit those that pollinate plants, live butterfliesAre food for birds and even help fight weeds.

But many lay their eggs on cultivated plants, and the hatched caterpillars cause great damage to agriculture. These include butterfly cabbage butterfly. In itself it brings no harm as it feeds on nectar, but the larvae live on cabbage and able to turn heads in a Lacy skeleton.


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One of the most common – butterfly gonepteryx. It belongs to the family of pierids. However, males have yellow-green in color, females - white with a greenish tint. They have a special form of the wings, definitely one orange spot on each. Due to the special structure of the insect is practically merges with the plants.butterfly gonepteryx

Eggs butterfly gonepteryx lays one on the leaves zhostera ions or buckthorn. Their larvae can only eat these plants. So this butterfly is also called the brimstones. She feeds on nectar and carries pollen, pollinating plants. Of course, it also needs water. Butterflies drink the dew, or sucking the moisture out of the ground. To do this, they have a long proboscis.

Caterpillar their inconspicuous, green in color, they are well hidden from enemies. After hatching from the pupa the butterfly gonepteryx the rest of the summer it feeds on nectar and store up strength for the winter. To winter, she's looking for an evergreen shrub, usually an old ivy. All summer hatches only one generation of these insects.

People have Long been attracted to the beauty of butterflies. The ancient Greeks called them the walking flowers. People are always collecting, pinning these beauties to pin to album leaves. But recently, the popular live butterflies. Exhibitions in which people admire not only their beauty but also their flight.

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