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In order to create a warm home atmosphere and comfort, should pay attention not only to the finishing of floors and walls, but also to choose the right interior doors. Domestic manufacturers offer products of equal quality to imported products and thus significantly different in pricing. Door Dorian has taken a worthy place among competitors. Let us consider the company's products, its distinctive features and benefits.

About company

The Door system – one of the most important elements of the interior. Modern models vary in material, quality, design and other parameters. Moreover on the market are well represented imported and domestic products. Therefore, when choosing doors for homes and apartments, many difficulties arise.

door dorian

In recent years, popularity began to use the door, Dorian. The company is known since 2008 and has been producing its products using components from Italy. Assembly design is carried out on the production. Products can be purchased in advance. The deadline door within 2-4 weeks. The manufacturer offers as interior and entrance doors.

Company Benefits

In the manufacture of its products the company uses only proven materials. The different kinds of wood (oak, birch, maple) is considered the most safe and meets all environmental standards. All components are supplied to the production from Italy. Each door unit is subject to compulsory quality control.

Does natural solid wood for jewelry making The company Dorian? Doors of solid wood are the most durable, reliable and expensive. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of this product. Each door is treated with the composition based on the Italian polyurethane lacquer, which is water repellent and does not contain harmful substances. the


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Significant advantages of the company are:

  • High quality products;
  • Different types of cover paintings (cortex, veneer, stain, gloss);
  • The ability to manufacture doors according to individual sizes;
  • Design with an Italian slant;
  • A selection of cheap models;
  • Wide range;
  • Various mechanisms of opening doors (Roto-door, “owner”, hinged and sliding doors).

Classic lineup

Doors Dorian have a common distinctive feature – one-piece design, in which there is no division into frames and canvas. Complementing the integrity of concealed hinges Kubica and convenient magnetic locks. With the latter you silently close the door.

dorian dveri

Model range offered by the manufacturer, is divided into several design directions. Classic represented by the line of Barolo. All the elements positions are made exclusively from the array of valuable breeds of trees-alder and oak. Buyer available in various colors of products: white, cognac, walnut, honey, malachite, dark walnut.

The Versaille Collection – the true Italian luxury with elements of antiquity. At the buyer's doors can be painted in any color. White classics is available in several model series: Verona, Opera, Belvedere, Visconti.


The Style of the doors “modern” characterized by smooth contours and no sharp lines. These products look elegant and fit into any interior. Mandatory element in the interior doors modern from the company Dorian – glass inserts. While the glass itself can have different shades, patterns.

door dorian reviews

The Door in the style of “modern” represented by the following collections:

  • Forte – as the lining of paintings is usually a natural veneer. Door Dorian Forte coated cortex and acrylate characterized by high durability and practicality.
  • Saslerno – articles of this collection were clear geometric shapes. Glass inserts are produced from different types of glass.
  • Eterna – the range is characterized by an unusual triangular profile, that will be the highlight of the interior.
  • Onda – the characteristic peculiarities are convex profiles and smooth lines. This allows you to create the illusion of a traveling wave.
  • Alberto – all doors in this series have a veneer of natural (oak) veneer made according to the type of brushing.

Neoclassical style

One of the elite jerseys are considered the interior doors in the neoclassical style. In their manufacture are used only natural materials, and finishing details are strictly on the lines. These doors are ideal for rooms with high ceilings.

interior doors dorian

Neoclassic Dorian from the company represented by such collections as Colore Avenue, Galla. Doors are finished in oak veneer, while combining classics and modern.


Whether to purchase the door, Dorian? Reviews the manufacturer is highly controversial. Some buyers were satisfied with the quality of service, competence of managers, provided assistance in the selection of doors and the product itself. Others leave completely negative reviews, compliance with terms of manufacturing and faulty products.

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