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Woodruff is a herbaceous perennial plant with a stalk of four faces. It has a sweet pleasant smell. This plant has a number of useful therapeutic properties. In various countries of Woodruff is considered a medicinal plant. Such countries include Austria, Bulgaria, UK, Hungary. Also, this plant is widely used in food production. Other names of Woodruff: madder fragrant, jasminek, incense, fragrant Astaire, whey grass, tar incense, fragrant bedstraw.

Description Woodruff

Bedstraw is a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the family Rubiaceae. The grass has branching rhizome and thin and naked and erect stems with four faces. Tall stems of about 10-40 inches, without branching. The leaves of its whorls. Lower leaves broadly lanceolate (to 6 whorl), acute and small, the upper-lanceolate, located about 8 in a whorl. The fruits of Woodruff dry and have a globular form not exceeding 3 mm in diameter. They are covered with bristles in the form of hooks. The flowers of the plant are small, usually white in color, and the right tubular-campanulate shape, and in addition, they are collected in corymbose paniculate inflorescence. Flowering fragrant bedstraw occurs in may and June, begins to bear fruit in July. Dry plant emits a subtle aroma of coumarin.

Habitat Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff can usually be seen in the forest-steppe and forest zone, located in the CIS countries, the Mediterranean, the European part of Russia (not the North), in the South of the Far East and Siberia, in the Caucasus. It grows in deciduous and mixed, as well as in damp and dark coniferous forests. As a rule, Woodruff grows on wet soil with humus, along rivers, in woods and ravines. A lot of it grows in beech forests and in mountainous areas up to middle mountain zone.Woodruff


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Collection and preparation

Collected and Harvested the plant from early may until the end of June. For harvesting it is used above-ground part, which are cut during flowering sweet Woodruff. Cut it close to the ground, and then grass collected in a bundle and carefully dried in a dark and dry place. Storage is in well-closed containers not more than 1 year.

Description fragrant and sweet Woodruff

The cleavers contains a lot of useful and effective substances: coumarin, a variety of tannins, flavonoids, various acids (tartaric, malic, catechol, oxalic, silicon), vitamin e and C.

Woodruff fragrant description compositionThe root of the plant is composed of anthraquinones (alizarin, rubiadin, purpurin) and coumarins. The leaves contain chlorogenic and phenol-carbonic acid, a variety of tannins, flavonoids, iridoids (dezazetiliruetsa), vitamin C and carotenoids.

Woodruff: the therapeutic properties and contraindications

Woodruff medicinal properties and contraindicationsThe plant is, as the therapeutic properties and contraindications. Sweet Woodruff is a plant used in traditional medicine. It is used in various skin diseases as wound healing and astringent, with a tannin. Anti-inflammatory effect of the active ingredient lactone asperuloside. It also performs the function of antispasmodic, effect on the smooth muscles. And coumarins that are included with plants that have a treatment of nervous diseases and these medications stop pain syndrome. Various extracts and tinctures from Woodruff (herbal medicines) expands the capillaries and increases the speed of blood circulation, they do not change blood viscosity.

Contraindications can serve as pregnancy and lactation. The plant is poisonous, so it is dangerous allergic reaction to it, and in addition, it can cause poisoning with its accompanying symptoms: headache, vomiting and dizziness.


Funds with fragrant Woodruff calm the nervous system, stimulate perspiration and urine output, improve metabolism, provide pain relief, heal wounds, eliminate seizures and tantrums, improve sleep and heart work. Decoctions and infusions are used in traditional medicine as a means with diuretic for inflammation of the urinary system, kidney stones, dropsy and zistopielit. Extracts from the root of the wort is usually taken in the treatment of seizures and also for toning the entire body. For prostatitis use of Woodruff in a mixture with other herbs.

grass sweet WoodruffIn some countries, the odorous Woodruff is used as a tool to improve circulation, and in addition, a slight staining of white leather.

This plant serves as food for farm animals. Dried flowers of the Woodruff are a great tool against moths.

The Use of sweet Woodruff in food production

Woodruff fragrant has a very important nutritional value. As this aromatic spicy herb that contains the bitter, coumarin and tannic components, it is used in order to give the original tasteculinary dishes. To find out what the taste is sweet Woodruff, you should try meals that contain it in their composition. The leaves of the plant is commonly added to fruit and vegetable salads, compotes of dried fruit and various sweet soups. Also it is used to flavour various drinks: soft drinks, teas, wines, liquor.how to taste sweet Woodruff

Also very connected the Woodruff and chocolate, as the plant is added to chocolate to give it an interesting and original taste. In France, Woodruff is used as an indispensable ingredient for champagne, Switzerland – Benedictine, and in America – unsurpassed wine punch that consists of a mixture of brandy, wine and Benedictine. Coffee substitute made from the roasted seeds of the plant. From the flowers, stems and seeds of the plant make milk-clotting enzyme. Even the grass sweet Woodruff is used in the perfume clothing and tobacco.

Woodruff chocolateIn Germany the herb sweet Woodruff is very popular as an ingredient in drink called Maibowle. Plant a while soaked in wine, also add the sugar, cognac and orange peel.

In the North of Europe adopted a Woodruff flavored with several types of smoked meats.


There are several recipes for infusion of the herb Woodruff.

1. You need to take one small spoon of crushed leaves of a plant and pour it in one Cup of hot boiled water, after you let the mixture sit for 3 hours, then carefully drain. Infusion is recommended to drink half a Cup 4 times a day.

2. In one glass of cold clean water to fill 2 small tablespoons finely chopped sweet Woodruff and let stand 4 hours, then strain. The composition should be taken 2 times a day for half a glass before meals or a Cup before bedtime.

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