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The Irbit fair for three centuries was second in importance and scope in Russia, second only to Nizhny Novgorod. The first mention of it belong to 30 years of the seventeenth century. Since that time, it was held annually until 1929. The revival of traditional fairs occurred in 2003. Now it is held every year in late August.

Irbit fair: history and modernity

Irbitsky fair

Officially, the first time a carnival festival on the river Irbit was carried out in 1643. Twelve years earlier, at the confluence of two rivers appeared Irbitskaya Sloboda. In the small settlement lived 31 peasant family. With its location on important trade routes, the settlement quickly grew, and small local Torzhok became the largest trading platform.

Baberowski tract, which was located at the Irbit fair was the major state artery connecting European Russia with Siberia. A gold mine for local traders and overseas merchants, who in large numbers flocked to the more unremarkable suburb.

In those days, only here you can buy precious Siberian furs, the finest Chinese silk and tea, the skins of lambs a special candle from Central Asia. The Moscow merchants brought jewelry and manufactured products of the Urals were transported metals.

In different periods of fair festivities lasted from two weeks to six weeks. Usually their hours fell in the autumn and winter months. Today the fair is only four days and transferred at the end of August.

“the Great tea route”

Irbitsky fair history

First of all, the Irbit fair was famous as the place where the buy and sell Siberian furs – an expensive item, extremely appreciated in Europe. However, in the darkness of history is lost another interesting fact: here in Irbit in the eighteenth century formed the first monopoly on the tea trade.

“the Great tea road”, held at Babinovskaya tract, made fair in the small town of monopoly in the distribution and pricing of Chinese “liquid gold".

Traditional device fair

Irbit fair since its establishment, demonstrating the wonders of high self-organization. At a General Council of merchants elected commissioners, each from their group or industry. The commissioners then formed a fair Committee and appointed its Chairman. The Committee was charged not only the decision of organizational and financial issues, but also policing, and the handling of controversial issues among merchants and between them and buyers.


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Over time, the fair has grown so much that it was attended not only independent merchants, and large government organizations, banks, transport, trading.

By the nineteenth century the fair of Irbit increased the international centre for the fur trade, and she was more like a commodity exchange than a classic fair Bazaar.


program Irbit fair

In the brightest event of the city is quite a different program. Irbit fair has long lost its significance as an important trade centre connecting the two parts of the world. Its revival – it is rather a tribute to tradition, the memory of the city's history. Today is a bright colorful event is more aimed at attracting tourists.

As before, here it is actively trade in the commodities of industrial production. However, the main emphasis is still on demonstrations of traditional crafts and sale of Handicrafts.

A fairytale

An Integral part of the trade fair, has long been a selling of the goods of national art craft. Masters of the Urals, were famous throughout Russia. We all remember the tales of Pavel Bazhov, in which he describes the art of the Urals stone cutters. Products from malachite and rock gems, processed accurate hand "mine foreman" valued overseas traders along with the Siberian furs and Chinese tea.

Say, what a fabulous Danila-master actually existed. It is believed that the prototype of it was the legendary Ural miner Danila Zverev.

Irbit fair: the city of artists and other entertainment

Irbitsky fair city of masters

The Carved bone and stone, filigree casting, artistic painting on metal products of the Ural lace and jewelers glorified Irbitskaya fair less fur and overseas products.

Today, as a hundred years ago, mastery of the Ural craftsmen and artists can boast of Irbit. The program Irbit fair every year provides for holding of workshops with a demonstration and sale of items of decorative-applied art. City of masters – is not only an exhibition platform, where buy and sell Souvenirs. Visiting it, plunge into the unique atmosphere of the art and craft of the old Urals.

Here, everyone can try yourself in the role of “mountain masters”, feel the charm of stone, look to the forge, with his own paint heavy tray and makehandmade basket made of birch bark. Will not leave anyone indifferent traditional costumes of the inhabitants of the Urals, and the opportunity to try them on will help to fully immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere.

Why go to Irbit

Irbitsky fair reviews

Of Course, the main event in the life of the city is the Irbit fair. Reviews about it are generally positive, though not complete, of course, without pads and inconveniences. Someone does not like crowds of tourists, someone turns up on your favorite products and Souvenirs, but overall impressions from the fair remain the most optimistic.

One day is hardly enough to see all that is planned and rich program will not be bored even for four days during the fair.

Furthermore, Irbit has other attractions whose history is also inextricably linked with major city action. If the fair did you enjoy that, you should look in Irbit historical-ethnographic Museum. One of the largest collections in Russia can boast of rare exhibits. A permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of Irbit fair.

program Irbit Irbit fair

For Lovers of vintage homes “history” will appreciate the building of Passage. “to Be fair and to visit at the Mall — it's like being in Rome and not to see the Pope” – eloquently about its importance for the city said the expression of “fair of Irbit sheet" of the nineteenth century. A huge structure built in the nineteenth century, was the center of life Irbit fair. The square stone trading rows was not inferior to the beauty and scale of the largest in Russia, Kostroma Bargain. Alas, now in their place a wasteland. Today the building Passage is used for its intended purpose: there is a lively trade, although, of course, without the former extent and splendor.

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