Associations with autumn: falling leaves, mushrooms, rain, birds, flying South for the winter


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A year has four seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn. The change of seasons depends on the Sun's height above the ground and the angle of incidence and reflection of the solar rays.

Fall... Favorite time of year for artists and poets. Association with the fall everyone has their own.

Lexical meaning of the word "autumn"

To Begin with, let us examine the lexical value of this conjures up wonderful images of a noun.

Association autumn

Autumn –

  • Time of the year, coming after a hot summer and a preceding icy winter. the Soon will come the autumn, you need to get ready for school.
  • A Mature age person. the The Autumn of his life, Anna Vassilyevna met in absolute solitude.

Morphological characteristics

With regard to morphological characteristics, autumn – it's an inanimate common noun feminine noun, 3rd declination.

  • Nominative:The canopy came as a surprise, but yesterday was a bright summer, but today September.
  • Genitive: Urgently find Barbara Ivanov, as you can start the ball Fall without Autumn?
  • The Dative case: Surprisingly, the autumn road service came fully armed.
  • Accusative case: I love autumn the way only a true poet is able to love her!
  • The Instrumental case: The Birds are scared of the coming autumn.
  • Prepositional case: About autumn written a great many songs, poems, written pieces.

Combination with adjectives

Imagine that we are writers or poets. What are the adjectives we'd use to describe autumn? the Noise of the autumn rain

  • Incredible: This year there's an incredible fall, it Was summer-hot and green.
  • Sad: Don't want to start this dull autumn.
  • Infinite: What kind of endless autumn, soon to be snow!
  • Wonderful: Marvelous in the autumn of 1997 I met your father.
  • Hungry: Hungry, evil, ruthless autumn will not regret no animals, no birds, no small insects.
  • Last: "In the last autumn, no word, no sound, the last song crumbled in the summer" (Yuri Shevchuk).
  • - The Never autumn was not so long-awaited, in November – our wedding.
  • Hospitable was Hospitable, generous autumn brought their gifts: grain, apples, watermelons.
  • Mysterious: The story described the unusual, mysterious fall.
  • Swift: Spirited steed was swept by a rapid fall, followed by a long cold winter.
  • Brilliant: Appeared On the scene of a brilliant Autumn.
  • Dark: Bleak autumn don't have to wait long.
  • Magic: The Storyteller told the children about the magic of autumn and her little forest friends.

Combination with verbs

It would Seem that he could do a dead fall? To prevent excessive repetition of the word "fall" further in the text we replaced it with a "*".the yellow leaf


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  • Come, come, begin: Tired of summer, most would have come *.
  • Becomes: * was very unfriendly and cold.
  • End: * ended prematurely.
  • Kill: * kill your indifference.
  • Test: * experienced wildlife of strength.
  • Whisper: * gently whispered to the birds, flying South: "don't leave, stay with me a little longer."
  • Chase, chase: * drove insects deep under ground.
  • Sleep: * lulled by a monotonous rain.
  • Bring: * brought slush and mud.
  • Wash: * the rains washed away all the past hardships and even the memory of them.
  • More beautiful: And * all the prettier, does not want to give beauty to the bad weather and winds.
  • Surrender: * not yet surrendered to the winner-winter.
  • Rattle: * rattled by thunderstorms.
  • Paint color: * painted the landscape bright, rich colors.

Changes in the nature

Of Course, autumn – not just a noun. This is a big deal.

As we mentioned, autumn – a transitional season from summer to winter. autumn mushrooms

The Sun rises much later, not as bright and hot, rises not so high and early in the summer. Temperature of air, soil and water falls. The noise of the autumn rain, sing in songs and poems, happy only in the case if you are in a warm apartment, because they become cold and unpleasant light. A late fall and is rain replaced the wet, corrosive snow. Of the heavy rain the soil becomes too wet and with the onset of cold begins to freeze.


Autumn palette is associated, on the one hand, with the time of harvest (all shades of yellow, orange, red, warm brown) on the other – with bad weather and bad weather (gray, black, purple, dirty blue).

Yellow leaves

The Changes in nature that are known to occur from year to year, affect the life of plants.

Wither the flowers and grass, the leaves turn yellow, red or brown and fall to the ground. This phenomenon, which is the main Association with the fall is called falling leaves. Freed from his outfit absolutely all deciduous trees.

Do you Know why fall is the falling leaves? In plants, there is always the movement of juice, and in the cold it is much slower. By the way,fallen leaves are poisonous, animals are aware of this and not eating them.

Aging beauty

The Association with fall is always beauty, but the beauty of Mature and by the end of autumn – everlasting. In the literal and figurative sense. Bright colors: dark green, red, Burgundy, orange, terracotta, yellow, purple – replaced by dull gray, brown and black.

Migratory birds

Flying South for the birds – another sign of autumn. Birds are hungry, because becomes smaller fruits and seeds, also insects. Bird flying SouthThe First flying Swifts and swallows. Birds gathering in flocks and fly away to warmer climes, are called migratory. Winter remains only omnivorous birds. And they try to settle near human habitation.

Animals getting ready for winter

The bitter cold, the threat of famine looming on wild animals. They will not be deceived by the external beauty. Instinct calls them to prepare for winter. Squirrels, beavers and mice do yourself reserves for the winter. And, for example, the bear put on a thick layer of fat, which also makes it a kind of larder, and placed in den to sleep for the whole winter.

Wolves, foxes and rabbits find food in winter, but they fade, changing summer coat for a warmer, Packed with air fluff.

Fish go deep under the water. Frogs, toads and snakes hibernate.

Autumn people

That, except for rain and cold weather makes a person fall? Mushrooms, berries – a favorite form of so-called hunting of many people.

Association fall

Let's try to compose the associative chain, beginning with autumn: autumn-rain-falling leaves – ground – winter – work – supply – protein – mushrooms-berries – flowers – santbrink – September – school – student – teacher – book – tree – Bush – orange – orange – red – beautiful.

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