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Time is cruel. Yesterday famous athletes are gradually fading into the shadows, giving way to the younger generation. One of the brightest representatives of the old guard is Walter Samuel.

Famous Argentine defender was born on 23 March 1978 in the town of Laborde. He was raised by his single mother. Fortunately, she had the good fortune to meet a decent man, and little Walter Lujan learned what a father's love. In gratitude, he took his stepfather's last name-Samuel. Parents supported his passion for football and tried to create all the necessary conditions.

Beginning of your professional career

Footballer Walter Samuel have embarked on the path of professional sports at 18 years old, signing his first contract with a “Newells old boys”. Playing for this team in the season of 1996-1997, showed such stunning results that the coach always put him in the starting XI for each match. Their ability to fight the ball player is greatly pleased fans and attracted the attention of elite clubs in Latin America.

Soon it drew the attention of the Argentine club «Boca juniors", which gave the defender the opportunity to sign a contract for the long game. He agreed without hesitation, I wanted to grow as a professional. From 1997 to 2000, he honestly played for his new club. Thanks to the good performances, he was in the opening and the first team. During these three years played more than 70 matches and scored 4 goals.

Player in a million

Walter Samuel

What could be the best proof of success in the football world than what you buy for 20 million euros? This is the sum of cost Walter Samuel club Italian «Roma». He became one of the most expensive Argentine transfer at that time. Cooperation with "Romans" lasted until 2004. In the first season the player was fixed on the spot of the defender, where he spent all 4 years. On behalf of the club performed at 120 matches and scored nine goals.


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Perhaps this contract would operate until today, but the footballer drew the attention of the famous Madrid «real».

The era of the “real”

football player Walter Samuel

He Officially became a player of the club on 2 July 2004. It was planned that the contract will be signed for 5 years, and Walter will be at number 19. By the way, this number was represented on his t-shirt to «Roma». Guide Madrid club is worried that the player will have to miss a workout because of the performances of the Argentine national team in the Copa America. But he got a good resolution to refuse to participate and with all diligence began his new job.

Strangely enough, but such a good start of cooperation has not brought the expected fruits. Was played only one season of 30 games and only two goals scored by Walter Samuel. “real” was furious. Paying for it about 25 million euros, the club were expecting that the defender will not only show unrivalled game, but will be able to set defensive techniques in the team. Not having received this, the leadership no regrets sold Argentine Milan «inter».

The Restoration of power in Milanese

Walter Samuel real

In 2005, the player will become a member of the club «inter». It did not take him much time to convince the new bosses in their high qualification. Head coach Mancini, fully trust the newcomer and put him in the starting team. It helped the team to gain confidence and lose the fear to rely on their colleagues. Everything went like clockwork, but the unexpected happened: the main defender injured. But what an example of courage and professionalism shown by all Walter Samuel! Photos and video of this heroic act of flying around the world. Despite the hellish pain, he brought the game to the end and left the field. Losing it, the team rapidly began to fall down in the rating table.

With the return of Argentine and the arrival of new coach Jose Mourinho «inter» slowly begins to rise from his knees. These two titans of football are developing a new strategy that helps to bring the team to the Champions League, where it missed only 3 goals. Fragments of the new defensive techniques are not looked at unless the lazy. Walter Samuel gave this club 9 years of his life, played more than 150 matches and has forgotten more than 10 goals.

In 2014, he left the team and the free agent moves in the Swiss club «Basel». Recently, the press received information that the player intends to retire, citing fatigue and age.


Walter Samuel photo


  • The Title of world champion.
  • Champion of Argentina.
  • Champion of Italy
  • Took the Supercup of Italy.
  • The Winner of the champion's League.


  • The Title of the best player of Serie A.

In a recent interview Walter Samuel said that looking forward to the 2018 world Cup. He said he understands the seriousness and complexity of the event, but believes that his team will succeed. He is the idol for many young athletes around the world.

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