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This actor can be called one of the most popular people in the world. But to the top it was very long, and the path was not easy. But today millions are crazy about its superlative games. Anthony Hopkins filmography spanning dozens of paintings quite worthy of the title classic and the legends of world cinema. Although he seems not quite happy with the result…

Early years of the star

The Actor Anthony Hopkins was born in 1937 on December 31, becoming the Christmas gift for their parents. His mother and father were ordinary Britons, who owned a small bakery in the town of Margam (Wales). They worked from morning till night, but still barely making ends meet. The family was considered a grandfather. He was a supporter of Patriarchal despotism and austerity in everything.Hopkins filmography

Little Anthony grew withdrawn and very lonely. As an adult, recalled how he often hid in the farthest corner of the school yard and dreamed of becoming invisible so nobody paid attention to him. And wanted to get into this mysterious and seemingly unapproachable world of show business. At his age all boys attracted the cinema. True, not everyone can boast of such a brilliant career.

Could think of young Anthony Hopkins, whose films after several decades will become the leaders of the views that he himself will ever take a place among the stars? Probably not. But, probably, had a presentiment of his fate. Because immediately after school, hurried to leave, though the native, but quite hopeless town. And did not hesitate to stand on the path of dreams.

Study and first acting steps

Anthony Hopkins filmography which today is striking in its vastness, in 18 years was a typical small boy, though gifted. At school the boy showed a talent for music and acting, parodying the teachers. But such as it is – hundreds of them! Nevertheless, the native of Wales was able to go to the Cardiff theatre-College of music.Anthony Hopkins movies

From the very first days of school Hopkins transformed. Wherever happened to him unsociable and morose! Feeling in his element, young Anthony became the soul of the company and the audience favorite. There's also – in College, – he first appeared on theater stages and in earnest “sick” the acting. He studied brilliantly, which gave him the scholarship.


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The Golden age was interrupted by service in the army. After her Hopkins continued to learn the wisdom of the profession at the Royal Academy of dramatic art. He has also played in one, then to another troupe, where he gladly accepted. At first it was only on the province but in the end it came down to the National theatre, which at that time was led by Maestro Olivier Lawrence.

Anthony Hopkins felt on stage like a fish in water. He was so used to their roles that could really beat partner on stage. This caused the dissatisfaction of the Directors, but the audience, naturally, was delighted. Colleagues joked, they say well that Anthony was not given into the hands of the gun battle, otherwise would have shot someone on stage playing the role.Thriller, with Anthony Hopkins

Care of the theatre

The role of Anthony Hopkins even At the dawn of his career was outstanding and memorable. The work of Laurence Olivier went like clockwork. Critics have often spoke about the young actor positively than negatively, the audience was grateful…

But soon the Hopkins decides to theatre to say goodbye. Too slow, and the stretched, floppy seemed to him such a life. First, the long period of rehearsals, and then – still longer present at the scene of the same play…

In a movie that remained true dream Anthony, everything was completely different: I otsnyala – and new shooting. So – no stops and breaks.

After another major argument with Olivier Hopkins away from his theater and knocking at the world of cinema. In the future, he still had to cross the threshold of the theater more than once, but this activity ceased to be in his life the main one.the role of Anthony Hopkins

Film Debut

In 1967, Anthony Hopkins managed to play in a short picture of the “White van". But the real debut in the movie we can assume his role of king Richard the Lionheart in the melodrama “the lion in Winter". The shoot took place in 1968. the Picture was a great success. Liked by critics and the Hopkins. Filmography actor started successfully.

Next came the film adaptation of various classical plays and also work in the miniseries “QBVII” that brought Hopkins ' popularity among American viewers.

The Thorny path to the top of kinoolimp

Living in the USA, a native of Wales begins systematically conquer kinoolimp. It was not easy for him… Anthony Hopkins movies which came out one after the other, could not achieve real fame. Among his works of this period include the film “Young Winston” (1972), action “the Bridge in the distance" of the 1974 release, “horror” “Audrey rose”, released in 1977, drama “Magic” and the Comedy “seasons” (1978 and 1980 respectively).starring Anthony Hopkins

Then there was the role of Hitler in the “Bunker” and Bruno Hauptmann in “the Lindbergh Kidnapping”, for which Hopkins even got the prestigious award. But international success was still far away.


It is Difficult to imagine that Anthony Hopkins filmography which is full of images reserved and strong-willed “superhuman”, could be dependent on such a trivial thing as alcohol. But, unfortunately, this fact in the biography of the actor took place.

Razdolnaya Bohemian life with almost daily partying and drinking almost got grandson a stern supporter of Domostroy into the abyss. Under "the umbrella" of the green dragon was a good half of the seventies. But Hopkins just changed his mind and took himself in hand, realizing that the main purpose of his life in such “company” it didn't reach. Alcohol was finished, and began a new phase of the conquest of mount Olympus.

Anthony Hopkins: filmography. Best movies

Hopkins “sample” 80s called and held quite a successful actor. After the unusual film, released in 1980, “the elephant Man" of the actor woke up famous. And then each new job was only secured success. “Othello”, “Peter and Paul’, ‘I and Mussolini: the decline and fall of Il Duce”, “the Choir of the afflicted", "Married man" and other paintings evoked critical acclaim and public recognition. Starring Anthony Hopkins made him more and more recognizable in America and abroad. Gradually formed the image of the artist: cold-blooded, phlegmatic man with hard eyes and a sharp mind.Anthony Hopkins

This image was a good fit for the characters and the psychological drama, and historical and military films, and for fighters.

But “delicious” of all was the Thriller with Anthony Hopkins. And one of them brought him a crazy popularity truly and permanently elevated to the rank of classics. Of course, talking about the Oscar-winning “the Silence of the lambs" and the role of Hannibal Lecter – cruel serial killer that eats his victims… This image is literally “ripped” planet. In 1991, Hopkins finally got on the coveted Olympus.

And, in principle, to this very day abideth on him. Not to say that following the ‘Silence…” films were able to surpass this hit, but failed and they also will not name. The best role Anthony Hopkins – and the role of the theologian in the “Realm of shadows”, and characters from the films “the End of Harvard”, “Zorro", ‘legends of the fall”, “At the end of the day”, “On edge”, “Mission impossible 2”, “Live Picasso”, and the role in “Red dragon” and “Hannibal” which is a continuation of the history of the legendary maniac, a cannibal, and others. For many of them the actor received a prestigious international award.

Other role Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins best films with the participation of which is still not go on TV and win new viewers, left a mark not only as an actor. He dabbled in directing, taking off three paintings, and in the scenario case (“Whirlwind”). And for the best producer work on the film “Bobby” even won an award. But in none of these roles, Hopkins is not seriously entrenched, and will remain in the memories of millions all the same as a brilliant actor.

Personal life

The First time Anthony Hopkins got married in the mid 60s Norwegian actress Petronella Barker. In 1968 the couple had a daughter Abigail, who later followed in the footsteps of his father. Unfortunately, this marriage ended in 1972 because of heavy drinking, Anthony.Anthony Hopkins best movies

Second wife celebrities was Jennifer Lynton, with whom Hopkins met on the set of one of the films where she was the assistant Director. The Union lasted nearly 30 years, stood in the ocean of dirty rumors and gossip, but also did not last in the life of a star.

In 2003, Hopkins concluded a new marriage – the Columbian Stella Arroyave. At the time of the wedding the groom was 65 years, and the bride - 46.

Anthony Hopkins biography Which can be coveted by many, however not quite happy with the way he lived life. Once he said that, in retrospect, doesn't understand what it's all about… Say, did a dozen high-profile films and prestigious awards – all that can be achieved??? In his words glided desire to walk a different path. But, unfortunately or fortunately, the tide is not turning, and the world can enjoy a brilliant game, a consummate actor.

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