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Dr. Malysheva Tatiana – a remarkable personality, very interesting and unusual. She in all respects is an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest qualification, she is also an experienced specialist in ultrasound diagnostics. For more than twenty years, is a naturopathic physician. For over 30 years having worked in the St. Petersburg hospital, she left the health care system, founded his own center “Revival”, where he is engaged in preparing couples for natural childbirth. In addition, Malysheva Tatiana advises everyone regarding health, nutrition, cleansing the body. She for many years to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and promotes it everywhere.Malysheva Tatiana

Tatyana Malysheva: a biography

She was Born in 1949 in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). From childhood she was a very kind and caring girl. Already since middle school and decided that I should become a doctor, he became interested in chemistry, biology and physics. In 1966 the first time he entered the First medical Institute. I. P. Pavlov in Leningrad, studied just fine, and the teachers said she was a doctor from God.

In 1974, she graduated from the Institute and from that moment began her medical practice for 32 years, she worked in various hospitals of the Northern capital and the region as a obstetrician-gynecologist. 12 years after the start of the work, in connection with the development of ultrasound radiology, she took courses and became, along with the midwife to do an ultrasound diagnosis of pregnant women. At the time this science seemed magical, but in his heart Tatiana was happening something inexplicable, it was always tormented by the question whether not harmful ultrasounds for mothers and children.Malysheva Tatiana

Alternative medicine

In the late ' 80s boom of various nonconventional methods of treatment, and then Malysheva Tatiana became interested in alternative medicine. It attracted people, especially Eastern, diagnostic (beseparate) techniques, as well as treatment without the use of medicines, in particular homeopathy. After all, what produced the chemical industry, could have an adverse effect on the fetus, which was what she wanted at all costs to avoid.


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Delving into the ancient teachings, T. A. Malyshev realized that almost all pregnancy complications can be cured using knowledge of herbal medicines and following the rules of a healthy lifestyle. And in order to avoid birth complications, for childbirth need to prepare in advance for the entire pregnancy.

Tatiana Malysheva

Establishment of a centre for “Rebirth”

The Main purpose of creating your own centre for Malysheva Tatiana was the revival of the tradition of natural childbirth. They should not take place in a hospital setting, because pregnancy and childbirth is not a disease. In her center was different. Later, however, she decided to do it another way – the rebirth of the soul and of human spirituality. According to her teachings, techniques modern technocratic system of obstetrics destroy spirituality.

For and against pregnant ultrasound

Malysheva Tatiana – a doctor, an obstetrician-gynecologist, as already noted, for many years engaged in ultrasonic diagnostics. Throughout her career, she had different attitudes to this technique. It was always tormented by the question, and not harmful ultrasound the emerging fetus. However, all scientific journals have written about the fact that this procedure is absolutely harmless. And she calmed down for a while and delved deep into the new features of the device ECHO.

Then, in the field of her interests was perinatal psychology, and she began to observe how the unborn child reacts to ULTRASONIC examination. She noticed that the baby was sometimes closed handle head and sometimes if he wanted a pen to push the sensor or to hide in a corner. These discoveries, made during the observations, haunted Malysheva Tatiana. Then she began with great care to assign the ultrasound for pregnant women.

Not worth it to spend up to 12 weeks, as it was in this period laid important organs of the fetus. By the way, she says that young and perfectly healthy women committed do not have to undergo the ultrasound because before it was invented, gave birth to women without it.

V. A. Malyshev

Tips of the obstetrician-gynecologist Tatiana Malysheva

According to a famous doctor, the key to a healthy pregnancy is compliance with 3 items, namely:

  • Regular (twice a week) to visit the baths throughout pregnancy;
  • Healthy food;
  • Sport activities (running in the morning and active charging at least 2 times per week, duration of one class – 45 minutes).

The Reviews indicate that they are effective.

Tip number 1: physical activity

You can Run during pregnancy, as this activity is useful for the cardiovascular system and prevent the development of varicose veins, get rid of cramps. If the move becomes more difficult, you still have to run slowly, barely moving his feet. In addition, the future mom needs to do fitness for pregnant women. Hermake it easy to give away.

Tip number 2: what to do for thrush

If during pregnancy the woman has the unfortunate problem that it does not necessarily treated by with drugstore candles or vaginal tablets. Best buy propolis ointment homeopathic. You can also make a decoction of calendula, celandine and chamomile (equal parts) and gently douche and wash them. Only in the most severe cases you need to use nystatin candle purchased at a pharmacy.

Malysheva Tatiana obstetrician gynecologist

Tip number 3: plant food

According to the ideas Malysheva, pregnant do not have to consume animal food during pregnancy. She may be a vegan, especially if its in infancy to two and a half years fed breast milk. This means that her body is able to heal itself, therefore, products of animal origin, including dairy, she doesn't need. But if the grandmother of the baby is recognized that very long to breast-feed her daughter, then pregnant in this case necessarily need to eat eggs and dairy products, especially cottage cheese throughout pregnancy.

By the Way, pregnant women are not recommended to do cleansing enemas, in any case it is not necessary to starve. It should be understood that this is primarily going to hurt the baby, because he constantly needs food to develop. And cleanse the body eating right, not consuming synthetic foods using more vegetables and fruits.

Tip number 4: education

There is a book - “How to raise a happy child" (by Jean Liedloff). So, this Handbook for parents is a must-read for every family, which soon should appear in the child.Tips obstetrician gynecologist Tatiana Malysheva

Tip number 5: sources of additional power

As you know, most gynecologists prescribed to pregnant women vitamins. However, Tatiana Malysheva recommends replacing synthetic vitamin complexes in herbal teas. A very useful collection of chamomile, Hypericum, yarrow. This tea should be drunk one Cup thrice a day, and half an hour before meals. And yet we should not forget that most vegetables, especially if they are grown in natural conditions in the village in the garden, in the greenhouse, contain a lot of vitamins. By the way, Tatiana Malysheva appoints his pregnant also Supplements that, in her opinion, much more effective than synthetic vitamins.

Tip number 6: a thorough teat preparation

Tatiana Malysheva believes that the mother needs before the birth to prepare your Breasts for nursing. While it offers a number of ways, for example, put a bra in a linen cloth to her nipples were calloused and not cracked after baby will suckle, or to wash her with a loofah while bathing. To nipples are ready for breastfeeding, you can still RUB them with ice cubes, frozen is better herbal tinctures. And after giving birth, new moms need to drink a tincture of nettle, to normalize the flow of milk in the gland. You can drink a decoction of rose hips, it is also very useful for normal lactation.

Tip number 7: the nakedness

If possible, the pregnant is very useful to walk around the apartment completely naked, not wear underwear. Air baths harden the skin and body in General. They can also be taken outdoors, and it is possible to sunbathe only in the morning or evening, closer to sunset. So pregnant you can even relax near the water: seas, rivers and lakes make both air and sun, breathing fresh, oxygen-enriched air.

Tip number 8: water

Water – this force is life. Of course, that the woman during pregnancy should consume water in sufficient quantity, not less than three liters. Can it add a few drops of lemon. The teas, juices, coffee and other drinks don't count.

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