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Today, Pavel Pyatnitsky (biography, photo presented in the article) does not occupy important public positions, but is a media personality whose opinions are listened to. What about him?

Pavel Pyatnitsky, biography

Getting the path

Homeland a young man is the Novosibirsk region, the village is Happy. Date of birth – 3.02.1984 G. career Paul began with the regional newspaper "really rural", where the simple role of the correspondent has become a local celebrity. On account of his victory in the regional competition for young journalists (nomination «the Best interviews”). School years were proactive, participating in the formation of the Youth Parliament in the region, for which he received a commendation from the Governor.

What kind of education did Paul Pyatnitsky? Biography public figure in various sources presented in different ways. The hero of the article in an interview on radio «KP» confirmed the official version that has a higher legal education, graduated from paganistic FSB (Moscow). According to the encyclopedia of the candidates in the deputies from the party “homeland” was graduated from private University of TIAI (Tula) in 2016. the Beginning of a political career due to the entry into the liberal democratic party. What is achieved in this field Pyatnitsky, Pavel Igorevich?

Pyatnitsky, Pavel Igorevich, biography

Biography: movement "Civil rights”

Being at school a member of Vladimir Zhirinovsky's party, the young man first worked at the regional level, and then together with the Deputy from LDPR Loginov moved to Moscow. Until July 2011 he was engaged in different directions: headed the youth movement of the party, the public reception of the Chairman, and then – of the LDPR faction in the state Duma. Party members believe that Pavel Pyatnitsky, whose biography is filled with contradictions, left the political Union, not once in the electoral lists.

Working the last two years (2009–2011) in the Public Council at the interior Ministry, the ambitious leader paid great attention to contacts with the media. His performances and interviews have influenced the formation of public opinion on a number of pressing issues: strengthening the powers of the FSB and the interior Ministry, the free sale of rifles. In 2012 this allowed him to create a socio-political movement "Civil law" of a leader which he is. The Association joined the international community to “ASSIST”.

A Member of any party is today Pyatnitsky, Pavel Igorevich, whose biography is discussed in the article?


In January 2013, the politician returned to the liberal democratic party at the personal invitation of Zhirinovsky becoming the coordinator of the regional branch of the party (Moscow region). According to him, the party frames were already tight, so he is once again free floating. In 2016, took part in Federal elections. Novosibirsk cell party “homeland” has nominated him in the list of other candidates, but the state Duma did not become a success.

Pavel Pyatnitsky, biography, photo

Today, Pavel Pyatnitsky, whose biography is interesting in connection with his frequent appearances on television, is the Chairman of the PMC of the city of Moscow. The public burden involves verification by the public for the observance of human rights in the MLS and provide assistance to prisoners.

Many are wondering on what means living public figure. One time he did business with businessman Sergei Polonsky. Today around this many scandalous publications. Pyatnitsky claims that owns a small company dedicated to the internal connection in the conference rooms.

Family-oriented Pavel Pyatnitsky: a biography

His wife Xenia Timoshenko public figure met under interesting circumstances, which became known thanks to the transmission «Let them talk». Girl five years met with the civil spouse of Catherine Kravtsova (group “Arrows”), bears him a son Maxim. As a result of the scandal in February 2015, a man broke his former lover's nose and threatened him with a knife, leaving the cut marks on the arms and neck.

Pavel Pyatnitsky, biography, wife

The Hero of the article started Dating a beautiful brunette shortly before the tragic events. Defending the woman, Pavel Pyatnitsky (biography presented in the media) has made to the case under special control took the Prosecutor, and the offender was not indicted for beating, and attempted murder. Husband Kravtsova was sentenced to 7 years, and Timoshenko became the wife of the Pyatnitsky. According to him, in marriage they haddaughter.

Public figure, constantly leading the communication with subscribers in “the Periscope”, was married three times and has three children.

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