The boarding sabre. What is it?


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The article describes what cutlasses, what they do, what their differences from other sabers, and by whom they were used.

Ancient times


Nowadays, the inhabitants more or less developed countries have long been accustomed to the fact that if you really need the distance easy to overcome. Any of them can be quickly and even comfortably cross by plane, train or ship. But our ancestors did not have such technology, and for a long time the only means of communication between continents or coastal zone were the only vehicles.

To Use them people began in ancient times. Over time the design has changed for the better, which beneficially affected the speed, reliability and capacity. When shipbuilding developed to the desired level in the sea expanse is often began to break out of the battle, and for a long time the scourge of the seas and oceans were pirates. It proceeded until then while was not created special units to counter and naval fleets that were engaged in the protection of the peace courts or special hunt pirates. And probably the most favorite weapon of criminals were cutlasses. So what is it, what are they good for and how to apply? In this we will understand.


what is a boarding sabre

First let's deal with terminology. Sword – edged melee weapon with a long and curved blade. And cutting edge he has one, this is what distinguishes it from the sword. For example, Japanese katana – the sword, not the sword, as is commonly believed. The same applies to such weapons like cutlasses.


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The Board – this rapprochement between the two ships followed by fixing them relative to each other by ropes or other means and the clash of living forces command of both ships. Hence, there is the famous expression “to Board”, that is to capture someone else's ship and kill the crew. Boarding is rarely long, usually it is a fleeting encounter, where the course is almost any weapon.

The Most effective weapon was recognized right cutlasses. The reason for this served several factors. First, their size: in the commotion of the battle to wield the long blade is not always convenient, as too heavy, designed for open space. Second, the curved shape allowed them to strike deep and powerful chopping blows. And helped this massive weight of his sword. Thirdly, fought hand closed Garda and a special ledge that not only defended the limb of a pirate or a soldier, but also allowed them to deliver powerful blows in melee in the manner of brass knuckles.

For these reasons, such weapons quickly earned universal recognition. It was used as the pirates and the squads of the coast guard or army men. So now we know what a boarding sabre.

Other weapons

Russian short sword grappling

Of Course, one only sword weapons pirates and sailors in ancient times did not end. But if we consider it pirated, which is convenient during the battle, the capture of trading or other vessel, in addition to boarding sabres were also popular swords with a rapier. However, they preferred only those who are well able to handle them, as such weapons are not designed to chop, but only for stabbing, which is not always convenient in battle.

Were Popular and the usual daggers and Dirks. Well, in the Middle ages, when it was invented firearms from flint lock, the pirates are loved and pistols. However, only as weapons of last resort. Sometimes they share one or two shots, and then all switched to melee weapons.

Were Widespread and the usual daggers, long narrow blades are allowed to penetrate the opponents defenses and inflict deep wounds.

And by the way, Russian boarding short sword is often referred to as saber. This is partly true, as it has structural similarity with the latter. But still piracy in our area were distributed not so much as in other parts of the world.

The disappearance of the Board

cutlasses only apply

Gradually, the role of such attacks decreased and eventually dropped off to nothing. Caused this development of firearms – guns, repeating rifles and machine guns. And later came into use a special anti-ship weapons. And now to Board a ship that carries several machine guns or rocket launchers, it is simply impossible. However, in some remote parts of the world piracy exists to this day, for example in Somalia. But the Somali pirates never attack a well armed ship and opting for these purposes of trade, without means of protection. And this, though a stretch, but can be called by the Board.


Cutlasses are used only when the Board, when speed is important, the impact force and the short blade to maneuver. In ordinary time on land is more profitable to use long swords, rapiers, swords, or sabers.

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