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Family Strizhenova is one of the most revealing in the world of show business. Famous parents are always discussed in the press only with the positive side. Their beautiful girls also did not remain without attention. And what interesting is happening in the lives of children of famous personalities, discussed in this article.


In the family Stroganovyh included four. Mom, dad and two daughters. Strizhenov today, the standard of the ideal family.

  1. Papa Sasha – 48-year-old actor. Tries his hand at directing and writing scripts. At the time he graduated from the School-Studio of MKHAT. Works in the theater of Anton Chekhov. Also actively works on television. His filmography includes twenty paintings of different genres. The most striking of them are ‘Counsellor’, ‘Love”, “Drunk firm”.
  2. Mom Kate – sorokadevjatiletnego Russian actress and TV presenter. Since 1991 Catherine has been providing “Good morning”. On account of its more than twenty roles in the movie. Now Catherine is involved in a number of television programs such as ‘them and us” and “Time will tell”.
  3. Daughter Nastya – was educated in the UK. Media is actively discussing what the eldest daughter Stroganovyh successfully married a financier and now lives with him in new York.
  4. Daughter Sasha – schoolgirl class with the mathematical-economic bias. Despite her young age, the daughter Stroganovyh very popular in social networks. The girl is only 17 years old. Her Hobbies include gymnastics and dancing, also the daughter of Stroganovyh repeatedly shone in the movie.

daughter stroganovyh

History love

The Relationship between Catherine and Alexander, as in the story of the great Shakespeare was born at a very young age. Now it seems impossible, but when you first meet fourteen-year-old Kate had not even noticed the boy Sasha, who also did not gasped in his chest. Their first meeting took place at the working site of the film “Leader”, where two teenagers played a major role. After a short period of time between a guy and a girl have any sympathy. Alexander began to look beautiful for the beloved, to bestow her with flowers and compliments. After four years of relationship the couple tied the knot. A year later, the family of young actors daughter, Anastasia. Daughter Stroganovyh Alexander was born only 12 years after the birth of the sisters. Popularity and the world the love of the audience came to the couple after the appearance of the spouses on television in the role of presenters. At that time they were the first couple that came together in the air. After a while their love seems to be only getting stronger. Catherine shines on the screen, and he is more focused on voice-over work. A loving husband always finds a place in his paintings for my dear wife. According to the spouses at the time of marriage they were convinced that I want to live my life together. Many years have passed, and their desire only got stronger.


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daughter strijenova photo

The Fruit of love-Anastasia

The First Stroganovyh daughter, Anastasia, was born in 1988. Parents were very happy and tried to envelop native creation with love, attention and care. As for wealth, here the daughter Stroganovyh (photo below) received the best of everything.

daughter stroganovyh married photo

After graduating from high school, the parents sent the daughter to study in USA and then in Britain. Parents gave their daughter a prestigious education. They also believe in the success of her career. New York opened for girls not only career prospects but also gave real love. In 2008, Anastasia has met a good guy, and now even highly paid financier Peter Gerashchenko. The relationship between the lovers developed very nicely. Parents supported the Union. As a result, 9 Aug 2013 Stroganovyh daughter got married. Photos from the event posted on. The event was very touching and luxurious. Young married in the Church of the blessed virgin. Moved, newly-married couples on the white "Rolls-Royce". The celebration was held in the lakeside restaurant.

daughter stroganovyh age

The Fruit of love – Alexander

Stroganovyh Second daughter was born in 2000. Despite dreams of a pair of the boy fate gave them a second daughter. The name she was given in honour of Pope-Alexander. Parents from an early age taught the girl to work. At the age of three, Alexandra began gymnastics Irina Wiener. Then Sasha was fond of dancing in the ballet show “death spiral”. A girl in films and works as a model for all shows.

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