Electromagnetic bomb: the principle of operation and protection


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We know From history that the most popular in all the wars was a weapon of mass destruction of mankind. So it was in the last century. With the passage of time when carrying out wars main achievement was not the inhabitants and territory, and economies. That is why in this century of great value is the electromagnetic bomb.

In modern warfare most of the operations performed robotic systems: drones, self-propelled automated installation, etc. With the help of such technology it is possible to perform reconnaissance, sabotage and defensive operations without loss of personnel.

electromagnetic bomb

The modernization of weapons gives the enemy a number of problems, because the calculation of the location of the enemy takes time. The invention of new technologies allows to neutralize the electronic and robotic equipment at a distance.

The Principle of electromagnetic bomb is based on nuclear weapons. Affecting factor is the electromagnetic pulse, which in a short period causes failure of all equipment in the district.

Radiation charge is directional, and the speed distribution in 40 thousand times the velocity head of a ballistic missile.

An Important feature is to run: because the radiation cannot bend, to bring the bomb should only with open positions. This feature creates a lot of problems in the fight against the enemy, because the disguise of weapons in an open area - not an easy task.

The First invention and the possibility of their application in the modern world

The Main design requirement of modern bombs is to ensure the formation of spherical shock wave in the explosion. A good example is the nuclear charge, the design of which consisted of a plutonium ball and 32 charges of various forms (12 pentagonal and 20 hexagonal). The difficulty in achieving the required parameters were ruptured at the time of detonation and dispersion. This discrepancy was one millionth of a second. To compensate for the time and start used an electronic device weighing about 200 pounds.


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One of the first known devices, which powered the weapon, is the generator of Sakharov. The design of the latter consists of a ring and a copper coil. Without such a generator it is impossible to launch an electromagnetic bomb. The principle of the invention Sakharov follows: detonators, podrywaja simultaneously initiate detonation, which is sent to the axis. At the same time there is a discharge of the capacitor and the magnetic field is formed in the inner part of the coil. Due to the overpressure of the shock wave formed closed box inside the fixture.

electromagnetic pulse bomb effects

As the time of action is limited, the inside of the generator formed a current that stopped the process of energy emission. This reason led to the unsuitability of use of the invention Sakharov for radiation of electromagnetic energy. Despite this fact, the device can be used for peaceful purposes – to generate pulse currents.

Task and principle of operation of modern instruments from the point of view of science

From the descriptions of the studies are to understand that when you run the new generation weapons, you receive a powerful shock wave, which has a high frequency and huge power. When will it detonate an electromagnetic bomb, the consequences will be the following: microprocessor technology (small appliances, computer, etc.) cease to function or stop working. The same goes for power lines, television and radio stations. The aircraft also will be able to function under the influence of rays.

The Health of living beings in danger: if in the body there are various pacemakers or metal implants, the chances of survival after impact is reduced.

The Components of the bomb are:

  • Resonator of cylindrical shape. The material should have high electrical conductivity.
  • The Detonator, which makes the device in action.
  • Explosive.

the principle of electromagnetic bombs

When you detonate is a compression of the cavity. Simultaneously, the cylinder diameter is reduced several times. The electromagnetic field due to the inability to expand, acquires a higher oscillation frequency. After a few seconds an explosion occurs and the waves are striking the zone.

The Increased power and the defeat of modern technology

In order to increase lethality, which brings the electromagnetic bomb, you should increase the power of affecting the target.

This effect is achieved in a few steps:

  1. First of all, maximising the duration of radiation and high power. To do this, use a more powerful generator, which provides the transformation of energy into electromagnetic with greater efficiency.
  2. To strike the enemy a severe blow, it is necessary to ensure complete absorption of the waves by objects (i.e., to deliver as many “weapon” to the enemy). For such purposes, use of the antenna. Also effective is the proximity of the bomb to the target.

how to construct electromagnetic bomb

The affected Area depends on how the electromagnetic pulse bomb. For example, a microwave is designed for small areas. Used the latter for the destruction of valuable information in the virtual libraries of the enemy. Microwave bombs work on two principles:

  1. Sweep. The diversity of the generated frequencies allows “get” in almost any desired channel information.
  2. With the polarization of the radiation gun. In the case of using a linear emissions, the implementation in the base loses half of the efficiency. If we are talking about circular polarization, appear brand new and full of potential for destruction of the object.

Methods and techniques of defense against the effects of weapons of new generation

Experts have developed ways to protect systems from the effects of destructive weapons.

  1. Across the network. Since the principle of electromagnetic bombs is based on the destructive radiation of energy on the food network servers, plates, feeders are installed protection devices. To control the connection of unauthorized devices used by the analyzers. To prevent the introduction, also restrict access to different elements (such as power boards).
  2. On the drive lines. To protect the supply lines used security devices. Before installing the drive units, the minimum degree of protection against impulses. To prevent the invasion should limit access to the equipment. It is forbidden to place devices outside of the feature.
  3. Over the air. The main “enemy” of the modern world and technology is the electromagnetic bomb. The principle of operation and protection of the shielding found to be quite effective. The basic principles of such actions are: installation by several borders protection from damaging frequencies, the use of fiber-optic communication channels, the elimination of parasitic communications equipment.

Development of the domestic defense industry

The Worldwide attention received by the Russian complex “Pack-E” for more than 15 years ago. The installation is on chassis MAZ-543. Total weight-5 tons. The goals for the defeat are both ground and aircraft (including guided munition). The range – up to 14 km.

USA or Russia whose electromagnetic bomb

Among the small-sized jammers are the most reliable RP-377. Such devices can eliminate the GPS signals. Thanks to its compact invention makes possible the application of substantial harm to enemy vehicles, despite the fact that the range of the lesion is much smaller than the electromagnetic bomb. Russia has developed a RP-377 with the following settings:

  • Weight – 50 kg (excluding batteries).
  • Voltage – from 23 to 29.7 V.
  • Power output – 130 watts.
  • Range jamming (frequency) – from 20 to 1000 MHz.
  • The Total current consumption – 25, A.
  • Temperature Range-from -40 to +50OC.

Some non-secret inventions and missile defense is “Sniper-M», «And-140/64” and “GW". Such devices are based on car trailers. Their purpose is to protect systems (digital, electronic) for different purposes: military, civil, special.

The Suppression of enemy equipment new set

In modern warfare, the main value is the economy of the enemy. So the military developed weapons not of mass destruction, and “humane”. The latter is a device that does not harm the life, but only blocks some of its aspects. Despite “humanity”, are of the opinion that worse than a nuclear bomb electromagnetic weapons "Alabuga". This system, like most others, works on the pulse generator. The main objective is to defeat the equipment of the enemy troops.

Run the generator occurs at a height of over 200 meters, the radius of – about 3.5 kilometers. Based on these parameters, it becomes clear that a new generation of missiles is sufficient to neutralize a major...

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