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Vologda-largest city in Russia, situated on the banks of the same river. It occupies the 63rd place in terms of population. Vologda-the administrative center of the district. Here at a high level, developed scientific and cultural sphere.Vologda river

The City of Vologda at a glance

The City of Vologda stands on the river that bears the same name. From Moscow, he is only 450 miles away. The population for 2015 is about 310 thousand. The subordination of the city is the village Dairy, which is located on the left Bank of the river. It is just seven kilometers from the administrative center, which is the city of Vologda. The river passing through the territory of the localities is of great importance for this region. The total population of the district reaches nearly 320 thousand people. Vologda is a major transportation hub in the North-Western part of Russia.

A Little history

When was founded the city of Vologda, is not known. However, the official date is 1147 Its history dates c the arrival of the monk Gerasimos. According to sources, he built Trinity monastery on Kaisarova Creek, the mouth of which is Vologda (river).

The Town gradually developed. Many are inclined to believe that a river played an important role. During the reign of Ivan the terrible, he became the most important transit hub in trade relations with other countries.

Currently, this town is not very large (116-square-km) but it has a great importance for the region.what river in Vologda

What river is Vologda?

The River, where the city of Vologda, is truly amazing. It originates in a picturesque woodland area, located near the regional centre in North-West direction. Refers to the Dvina-Pechora basin district. Flows into the river Sukhona, which waters rushing through the Northern Dvina in the White sea. The name of this waterway – Vologda.


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To say Exactly what it comes the name of the river and what it means, impossible. But there are several theories. The Slavs claim that once on local area lived the people of Molotov. That's what he was called in ancient legends. They inhabited the coast of the Kubensky lake and the river.

Also has a right to exist and another version. It is associated with Finno-Ugric tribes. Their dialect “Volokh” means “forest river". This statement more accurately as we already know that the river in Vologda (name of waterway is the same) originates in a forest.river in Vologda title


The basin Area of the river little don't call – it exceeds three thousand square kilometers. The length of the stream – 155 km Major tributaries of Vologda are Vomiting that flows into its bed in the Northwest suburban area of the regional center, Oil and Sincosl. The traffic flow just to the East. However, within the city limits, it almost disappears. Here is mostly marshland, and quite extensive. After the confluence of Vomiting, Vologda becomes navigable. First ice appears in mid-November when there are mild frosts at the end of the month. The river opened in April, the high water lasts until may. Vologda – the river has a mixed feeding. As a rule, its waters are replenished by snowmelt, precipitation and inflows.


The Vologda River runs through the city, dividing it into two banks: right and left. The most beautiful promenade which is the pride of the entire district, is located right in the center. All tourists, guests and locals constantly visit this place to enjoy the scenic expanses. There is also the Vologda Kremlin.

The River Scrofula flows into the main artery of the city on the right side and, most unique, almost under a right angle. Thus it turns out that these streams divide the city into three parts.Vologda stands on the river

The Bridges over the river

An infrastructural landmark of the city of Vologda is the bridge. He built recently. Has an original name – “Bridge of the 800th anniversary of Vologda”. Its dimensions are impressive: wide it is more than 10 m, and its length – about 160 m. there are Also other bridges. Some are designed for the movement of transport, other – only for pedestrians. I would particularly like to highlight two bridges that are of historical value. It is Red and the Cathedral. They are still made of wood. During the passage of vessels on the river, you can observe how they are bred.

The river

Vologda – the river, which is the major economic part of not only regional city but the entire region. Its potential is actively used each year. Vologda HPP, built in 1953, is important for the whole city: it provides the energy system, river transport, water supply. In addition, hydropower officially recognized as a cultural heritage.

In Addition, the Vologda river is actively used for commercial and recreational fishing. Here catch salmon and white salmon (near the ducts of the Sukhona), also quite often catches big pike. In the upper reaches of the river there are perch, smelt, bream. In the lower reaches mostly fish for perch and roach.

Some part of fish stocks goes on sale directly to the city of Vologda and the other is imported to all regions of Russia.

In addition to commercial importance, the river carries sets of minerals. Basically here there are non-metallic sedimentary rocks. Marshland, which is located outside the city of Vologda, rich with huge reserves of peat. There are also deposits of clay of various kinds, limestone, dolomite. Some of these resources have not only great importance for the region and are the property of the Russian Federation.

on which river is Vologda


Considering what the river in the Vologda and what are its features, it can be argued that this waterway is important for the region and, of course, the transport route passing through the river. It is only navigable after the confluence with Tosny. Small plots were observed only in the Marina area, but work was done to deepen the channel. The only challenge to navigation is the constant fluctuation of level of the river Vologda. In the autumn it rises considerably, however, by the winter decreases again. The most critical indicators was recorded in March.


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