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Dario Argento-the Director, whose name is known to every fan of movies belonging to horror genre. It is rightly called the founder of the unique style Giallo, features of which are seen in many cult terrible films. The first horror film, shot by the master in 1970, gave him public recognition. What horror created by the master, is to look first?

The First success of Dario Argento

Even 46 years later, the picture “the Bird with the crystal plumage" makes the audience shiver at the view. The film Dario Argento can be recommended to anyone who wants to get acquainted with the classics of the Giallo. Thriller, augmented by the detective notes, is fascinating due to the unpredictability of the plot, the oppressive atmosphere, supported by competent soundtrack. Based on the work of the “Screaming Mimi”, written by Frederic brown.

Argento, Dario

In the center of the events of the first film Dario Argento is an American writer, trapped by fate in Italy with his girlfriend-the model. Sam suddenly turns into an eyewitness of the massacres, what prevents him to leave the United States. Intending to accelerate his departure, the young people independently begin to investigate.

Iconic films directed by

The Brainchild of Dario Argento are a lot of bright paintings belonging to the Jalla. Among them, not to mention such a horrible tape as "Suspiria", released in 1977. She allowed the master to prove himself not only as a talented Director, but also screenwriter. The very first shot promises the audience a world full of mysterious puzzles. The plot is interesting, the constant sharp turns.


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demons Dario Argento

“Demons” Dario Argento – another picture, which became a contribution to the Treasury of the popularity of the famous Director. Just after the appearance on the screens of the cult horror film in 1985, the master has an army of imitators. As the name implies, the main evil in the film become demons, the invasion of which mankind is promised by Nostradamus.

The Best pictures of the 70's

In Addition to “Suspiria” there are other fascinating horror films of Dario Argento that was released in this period. Fans of the genre have to see the picture “Blood red", filmed in 1975. The plot is a humble music teacher who fails to rescue the medium from the predicted death. The main character decides to find the mysterious killer alone. After watching the film the audience won't be able to listen to baby lullabies and look at toys.

masters of horror Dario Argento

Noteworthy and painting “Four flies on grey velvet”, released in 1971. The story begins with the fact that the drummer of a rock band disturb anonymous calls.

Terrible 80s horror

The 80-ies also gave the audience fascinating films of Dario Argento. The list opens ribbon ‘Shivers’, the protagonist of which is again the author of the novels who find themselves in transit in Italy. His trip coincides with a wave of bloody crimes affecting the city. Suddenly, the writer realizes that the killer acts exactly like a character in his new book. Critics gave the picture the title of one of the bloodiest works of the master.

horror movies of Dario Argento

Viewers who want to see the beautiful work of the Director, is to focus on the film “Terror at the Opera”, released in 1987. The main heroine of the picture becomes a young Opera singer, which had the good fortune to replace the victim of a car accident will. However, the girl will know that the fatal crash was not accidental.

Notable work of the 90s

Dario Argento has not ceased to delight fans of action-Packed paintings in the 90-ies. The proof of this is the film ‘the Stendhal Syndrome’, released in 1996. Anna – a young policewoman and a subject of ‘the Stendhal syndrome’. Illness forces girl to take to heart the plots of works of fiction. Her weakness cleverly uses maniac who decided to play with it.

the films of Dario Argento a list

Fans of the Giallo genre may like tape and “Trauma”, released in 1993. The parents of the main character dead at the hands of insane maniac, cutting off victims ' heads. She decides to find the perpetrator on their own, starting to suspect your psychiatrist.

Interesting series

The Director successfully takes not only movies but and television projects, evidence of which can serve as the series "Masters of horror”. Dario Argento participated in the filming of several episodes of telenovela, which was shown in 2007-2009. The project is a TV series “confusing”. Scenes at its creation is not only borrowed from famous stories in the style of horror, but in some cases were developed from scratch. The series has many similarities to the popular TV show “Tales from the crypt", so it probably will appeal to his fans. Filmed and other famous Directors.

More view

Critics argue that all the best works of Dario Argento date back to the last century. However, this is not a reason to give up watching more “fresh” works by the master. For example, it is possible to pay attention to cause “Without sleep”, released in 2001. The small town is shaken by waves of ruthless killings. Residents suspect that the cause is the return of a serial killer, nicknamed the Dwarf. Almost two decades ago, the culprit disappeared, but evidence at the crime scenes point to his return. To oppose him, forced the Commissioner to resign for failing to solve a murder many years ago.

So look the most fascinating horror films, created by the famous Director all the years of his creative activity.


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