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Anna Sulima - member of the project "Supermodel in Ukrainian 2": pretty slender girl, which has become incredibly popular and won a lot of fans because of this show.

Anna is a little upset because of the low stature (172 cm), calls himself a dwarf, dissatisfied with their face. But she has a great figure, artistry and flexibility. But most importantly - it has character.

She recognized the voice hoarsely, straightness, behavior - open and hard, perseverance, strong character, many say, "arrogant", "rude", Yes, but it is none the pool does not perish with their stubbornness! In the project, Anya has become one of the top five models.

Anna Sulima show supermodel in Ukrainian

Kryvyi Rih

Today she's 21, a biography of Anna Sulima began in the city of Krivoy Rog, on 3 February 1997. Ambitious the girl was close to the city, though she's not bored, starred in commercials, was a model of underwear, led online-the project “TP-show”, but dreamed about fame, and not only in his homeland.


She does not hide anything: become a presenter - her desire as to join the film and in the advertising business. Places to go, just to reach the maximum. She believes in herself and believes that all the prerequisites to achieve the objectives it has.

Anna Sulima photo

She just loves to challenge yourself, achieve your goals, to fight and win. Yeah, she wants fame, money, career. Photo by Anna Sulima ubiquitous on the Internet. It is important the ultimate goal - no one to depend on!

Become a recognizable and popular is, of course, good. But Anya wants to be very happy not only in work but in love and for his purpose, ready to deal. She has a boyfriend, but as a public figure, his private life, the girl shut down. According to her, she always achieves the goals.


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Anna Sulima wants to work in television, past experience as a model in the underwear and shooting the video clips were not in vain. She is able advantageously to present themselves and nothing will stop a strong-willed chin, a hard look, great posture. She feels like a fish in water in front of the camera, not afraid of anything on the set.

"Supermodel in Ukrainian"

the participant of the show supermodel in Ukrainian 2

Anna Sulima is a rising star. She began to learn on the street. Anya remembers that once, while walking along Khreshchatyk with friends, met a group of guys who threatened to "put on her damage" for which Anna allegedly kicked one of the participants. Was not myself, but what to do - the costs of the profession.

Anna says that she is a very open person, without unnecessary complexes about the separation of people into "stars" and ordinary people.

There were pleasant emotions - Sulima recalls with a smile about the girl Alina, who sent her a package of treats, Souvenirs and with 1 dollar, "razzhivitsya."

Here's the career woman - Anna refuses from lucrative foreign contracts

participant show supermodel Anna Sulima

Supermodel Anna Sulima't imagine stereotypical, despises lies and toadying, hates hypocrisy. She's telling the truth. Anya is afraid of insanely high speed, rats and cockroaches. Has not mastered a bike or scooter or something like that. She admitted that filming the show. And added that at a speed of 110 km/h on the backseat of her car sick. Anna Sulima, probably a bit disingenuous – not if she wants to earn more money, will refuse to travel on a great car. And if it is her car, do you refuse? Hardly!

The Project ended, Anna did not win, but admitted that one of her small dreams was realized - she was able to try yourself in the role of designer. Today she is captivated by the clothes and images, all the energy it spends on this job, it is not up to the podium.

Anna Sulima admits that currently she has more than a dozen job offers abroad, but again, frankly, that is not morally ripe for such contracts. She is now only in the head design. Anya, would it not be then too late, when the offers end?

In addition, Anya is deeply immersed in social networking, blogging, fond of dancing and... Andrew.


He helps Anna to the Guest with social networks. Member of the project “Half” Andrey Martynenko, with its almost 800 thousand subscribers on the popular resource on the Internet, has for Anna is not only the working interest, and I think it's mutual.

Their friendship and Alliance is getting stronger every day, who knows, maybe old acquaintance will grow into a strong Union. Anna says that she was not ready for a relationship for a long time, but now things are different.

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