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Director Dinara Asanova was only forty-two when she died. She did not remove what I wanted. Before she can raise her only child. But despite this, her films are very tough, and now excite the minds. Still they cause fierce debate. By and large, it was a kind of cut of the feelings of that generation. She was truly unique in those days, internal independence. Maybe that is why she left my life too early. A list of movies Dinara Asanova not as great as her when I wanted, but every picture, definitely worthy of attention. We will discuss the most important of her work and talk about how life is Dinara Assanova.

Dinara Asanova

Military child

Dinara Asanova was born in mid-autumn 1942 in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. In the same year in the house Asanovich came to funerals for her father. The mother of the future Director worked as a weaver, and therefore the education of girls began to grandmother. It was from her little Dinara was able to learn how to communicate with different people.

Despite the fact that it was considered a wallflower, she was able to find a common language with their peers from the school yard and company. She was a passionate girl. She along with all played football, painted posters for the local theater and even managed to organize a library in the yard. And a new book to read only after I retell the story of the earlier work.

In addition, she staged the so-called “the lessons of joy”. She was the organizer of the “game to school”. Dinara was a little girl “teacher” and thereby instilled in his children a thirst for knowledge.


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In the walls of the Institute of Cinematography

When Dinara Asanova, biography which was very simple, received a Ged, her mother hoped that her daughter, as she will begin to work for the textile company. But she tried to find any work in the Studio «Kyrgyzfilm”. She was doing props and even took part in the filming process of the movie “Heat”. The film was Larisa Shepitko. She also acted in the movie called “Girl from the Tien Shan".

The Kyrgyz film Studio recommended her to enter the film Institute. Thus, Dinara went to the capital. Unfortunately, this year and in the next future Director are unable to go to College. And only on the third time she still was a student. She studied at the directing Department. And her teachers were great Mikhail Romm and G. Stolper. On the course she was studying with Stanislav Govorukhin and Sergey Solovyov.

The Group was very strong and tough. Was constantly fighting for leadership. But Dinara is specifically excluded, neither from the noisy student fun. It was surrounded by a favorite 60's B. Okudzhava and B. Akhmadulina, the poet.

Then sounded for her first and very alarming bell – there was cardiac arrest. Fortunately, her friends in the Dorm were to call an ambulance.

the films of Dinara Asanova

Directorial debut

After graduating, Asanov went to live in the Northern capital. As Director, she debuted in the 1970s. In fact, it was a thesis. She chose a work of the famous Russian writer Valentin Rasputin. It's called ‘Rudolph’. This book talked about the complicated relationship between teenage girls and adult men. Unfortunately, a great game Yuri Vizbor and the extraordinary opening of the main theme did not save the movie from the opals. Lead “banjo” and accused the Director of the imitation of Nabokov “lo”. In addition, for five years, she was forbidden even to make movies.

Despite this, the Director Dinara Asanova believed that forced pause has become a very fruitful and important period of her life. In the end, it was these times she was married. Her lover was Nicholas Yudin. He worked schedule. In 1971 the couple first child was born-a son. Its called the Anwar. Subsequently, for an only child, she began to write stories and designed them into a homemade book. By the way, in the future, Anwar has repeatedly appeared in the tapes mom.

son Dinara Assanova


Unemployment asanovoy ended earlier than expected. At the Studio under new management, and the Director still allowed to work.

As a result, In 1974, filmography Dinara Assanova has added the long-awaited ribbon “Not have a headache from woodpecker”. In plot outline of the film - growing up an ordinary boy. He is passionate about jazz, which she loved Dinard. The ribbon is totally empty educational rhetoric, but unexpectedly reveals the theme of loneliness in adolescence. The main character is experiencing the pangs of first love and trying to find myself. By and large, these ideas were developed in another work asanovoy. This iconic picture was called “the Key is not transferable". The film provoked a lively discussion. A little later he received the prestigious award.

Dinara Asanova filmography

Hard times

In 1977, was released another film directed. In fact, it was a state order, which supported the anti-alcohol campaign the Soviet Union. In this dark and pessimistic film titled “Trouble” Asanova told the story of the moral degradation of a certain Vyacheslav Kulagin. He was influenced by friends-alcoholics. As a result, this work was met more than cool.

Two years later to Dinard asked for the help of her friend Victor Aristov. He was a writer. He asked her to have shown "thumbnail" script "his Wife was gone”. Initially it was planned that work will Aristov. But it so happened that she had to make this film. Originally the film involved Vladimir Vysotsky. However, a classmate asanovoy Stanislav Govorukhin was able to entice the bard and actor in your movie. It was called “the meeting Place cannot be changed”. Then Dinara was forced to adopt the role of Valery Priemyhova, with whom she tied the long years of joint work and friendship.

For dinars stepped truly hard times. Her recent paintings, namely “Useless” and “What would you choose?”, has been very successful. From the obvious creative crisis it could save a miracle. And it is a miracle, in fact, happened. She resumed creative relationship with Yuri Klepikov. He was a writer and worked in his time on the film asanovoy. They started to shoot a new ribbon. And it was called “Boys”.

Director Dinara Asanova


The Film was released in 1983. it is about life in a camp for troubled Teens. And on the set was involved in the work of the children themselves from the institution. Note that the work on the tape changed and the actors themselves. They gained their some inner freedom. Among other things, to the last Asanov tried to follow their fate.

Anyway, 2 years later this work has received another award. However, the Dinara didn't already know.

In 1984, she filmed another movie, which was called “Sweetheart, darling, beloved, the only". By the way, the picture is very intimate. Almost all the action was happening in the cabin of the vehicle. Of course, the tape sounded jazz music.

In the same year, she released her next job – television show “Children of strife”. He continued the theme of intergenerational relationships. Her work has once again raised the question of divorce in families with children.

biography Dinara Assanova

Latest work

In 1985 Asanova was preparing to begin filming a new movie. Its working title was “Stranger”. They say she had a premonition of his death. In any case, she was suddenly able to distribute all debts. In addition, in the future, she was going to film the book of Andrei Platonov “Gian”. Also Dinara Asanova movies which quickly found its audience, wanted to continue the work in helping the maladjusted children and orphans. And in some more specific form.

But in the same year she died. As in the dormitory, her heart stopped. It was found in a hotel in his chair.

the films of Dinara Asanova list


When Asanova died, her son was only thirteen years old. Now he was starting a new life without his beloved mom. First son Dinara Assanova went to relatives, and when grown up returned to his father in the Northern capital. He found himself in his profession and began to live on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. He lived an inconspicuous and quiet life…


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