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For more than 25 years in professional sport is Katya Gamova, her biography is full of UPS and grandiose victories. She has achieved incredible results, bright and a talented athlete forever made his name in the history of Russian volleyball.

Katya Gamova – not just an outstanding Russian volleyball player, she is the symbol of all of our volleyball, the idol of millions and a role model. This bright, beautiful girl is an honored master of sports of the Russian Federation, it was declared the best athlete of the country, it became a torchbearer for the Universiade, and lit the flame at the opening ceremony.

Ekaterina Gamova – the star of our volleyball

Reporters call her Catherine the great for great and stunning success and victory, the fans gave her another nickname – Game Over, because Kate can one powerful blow to decide the outcome of the game with the most difficult and dangerous opponent, as it was in the victorious world Cup finals in 2006 and 2010.

Katya Gamova

At the European Championships in Brussels, when the Russian team stopped one step away from victory and won the bronze, the experts unequivocally agreed that Katya Gamova-volleyball player number one the entire tournament. Among the finalists from Serbia and Italy was not a single athlete, its superior in individual skills.

In 2006, Gamow was awarded the prize «For merit» I degree. This award is given to only the most outstanding athletes. In addition, Gamow had won the prize “Glory” in the category ‘will to win”, “Silver DOE”, which is awarded by the Federation of sports journalists of Russia, repeatedly became the best in tournaments of different caliber.


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Early career - Chelyabinsk

The Education of little Katie worked for two women-mother Irina and her sister Love. Father champion refused to raise a daughter, when she was still in the hospital, but because girl since the childhood had to be strong and Mature for her age. In 10 years chose volleyball Katya Gamova, parents (or rather, mom and aunt) I supported her in it. Gamow from an early age showed his explosive nature and perseverance. A section of volleyball brought her aunt, a former professional volleyball player. And although initially she was also involved in basketball and handball, a love of volleyball still won.

Katya Gamova parents

His first title, the Cup of Russia, Katya Gamova has won in 16 years as part of the Chelyabinsk «Avtodor-METAR”. This club opened the young athlete road to the sport and is able to see her talent and potential. She signed a contract with a ‘METAR" at the age of just 14 years and spent the first 4 years of his career.

Transfer to Yekaterinburg and output to a new level

In 1998 Gamow left his hometown, taking advantage of the opportunity to play for one of the best volleyball clubs in the country – “Uralochka”. Led a team of famous Russian coach Nikolai Karpol, who a few years later, once again will coach Gamova, but in the main team of the country – in the Russian team.

Playing for the child ‘Uralochka” “UTB", Katya easily attracted the attention of specialists and demonstrated its great potential offensively. In the composition “Uraltransbank” she became the silver medalist of Russian championship, then the team only in the finals in the equal fight lost to "Uralochka", and is unique to the volleyball event.

Katya Gamova biography

Two years Later, in 2000, Gamow moved to the main team. Along with “Uralochka” and Kacholam she became the repeated winner of the championship, twice winner of the Champions League. Talking about Gamova, she has become one of the leaders of the team and rising star of Russian sports.

Career Development club

In 2004, Gamova has accepted a new challenge – she has terminated the contract with ekaterinburgski club and moved to Moscow to play for «Dynamo» (Moscow). The new team three more times Kate has won the title of champion of Russia.

Wanting to try their hand abroad, give a new round of his career, after five years of playing for the Moscow team, Gamow moved to Istanbul. For “cistern” Kate spent the 2009-2010 season , with the team showing incredible results. Catherine became the winner of the Volleyball League of Turkey, reached the final of the Champions League, scored the most points in the League Four. It is amazing that for almost the entire season in the domestic championship the team has not been defeated, and the unbeaten run was 39 matches.

Triumphant homecoming

Despite massive success, just a year later, Gamow returned to Russia, this time signing a contract with Kazan «Dynamo». Perhaps it is Gamova club career reached its climax: in the first season she won the Cup and Russian League and in every tournament she was recognized as the best among the players. In 2014, she finally yielded to international club competitions – for the first time in his career, Gamow won in international club competitions: the Champions League and the world championship among clubs. In addition to the gold medal, Kate was awarded the prize as the most important player of each of those tournaments.

Katya Gamova volleyball player

Career in Russian national team

For the national team, Katya has always played with full dedication, giving the game all the forces and emotions. The brightest example is one of the most beautiful and dramatic games of the national team of Russia in volleyball, when the final of the Olympic games 2004 in Athens, our girls lost to the Chinese. Katya brought the team in that game, 33 points became the most productive player of the Olympic tournament, the main attacking force and the team leader, but it was not enough. Despite all the efforts made by Katya Gamova, photos with her genuine tears of disappointment spread all over the world. Unfortunately, the Olympics have so far not yielded to the Russian team.

Katya Gamova photo

The first world Cup in 1998 it took Nikolai Karpol, giving the talented young athlete to experience in the role of assistant coach. A year later, Gamow, as a player, won the gold medal in the European championship. After the arrival of the Italian technician Kaprary in 2005, Kate becomes a key player on the team, and a year later, the Russian team finally wins the world Cup. In 2010, the first team of the country will be able to repeat this success, and Gamow will receive more than one award as the best player of the tournament.

Physical characteristics champion

Katya Gamova growth

The Game Katya Gamova is equally good in defense and in attack. She puts the block, destroying the most powerful attacks, and her attack cut the opponents defense and get the scores. Such power has an ulterior motive Katya Gamova, height is 202 cm, and the height of the attack and block – more than three meters. Unique physique girls, along with the talent and ability to instantly read the game and make Gamova is one of the best athletes of his time. And slender long legs girl almost become her signature.

Out of the game: personal life

Katya Gamova – not just the athlete of world level, she is a real sports star, bright and beautiful girl. Thanks to the remarkable game it is well know in many countries of the world, Kate often participate in various shooting for glossy magazines, starred in advertising. During one such filming, she met her future husband, the son of film Director Svetlana Druzhinina, Michael Mueseum. Michael has directed such famous paintings as the “deer Hunting”, “cheating”, “MT”.

Katya Gamova & Michael Mukasey

Katya Gamova & Michael Mukasey got married in 2012, the wedding took place in an atmosphere of secrecy: the pair refused to sell photos and other media reporters. However, the pages of magazines regularly are full of pictures of this bright, beautiful and high pair: 202 cm – such growth has Katya Gamova, her husband below her only a few inches. This pair is one of the most prominent and beautiful tandems in Russian sports.

Gamow today

The Season of 2015-2016 for Katie was a real challenge: an old leg injury again declared itself. Katya Gamova can't play at full strength and had the coach's decision to skip the Russian Cup final 2015. The season started late, the preparatory process was forced and therefore lubricated. Unfortunately, the best volleyball player in the country is now not in the best shape, but the doctors, like myself, Kate, is optimistic. Gamow is gradually recovering and gaining a form that is ready to take part in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. These games will be the fifth in the athlete's life, and perhaps in Brazil Kate will be able to win the prize, which was life – Golden Oli...

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