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Autumn fair is a magical event, where you can find homemade cakes, unimaginably beautiful crafts, vibrant dance numbers and the theme song. The script fall fair will create a special event for children, starting from preschool and ending with the graduates.the script fall fair

School performance

Autumn fair at school - a fascinating celebration that unites the elementary and high school. Each is engaged in design, production comes up with interesting and original dishes to surprise the teachers and their classmates. The script fall fair at the school consists of several main points:

  • Preparing for the holiday. To make the event Grand, it is best to use the Assembly hall or long hall on the first floor. For registration need a lot of tables - one for each class.
  • In the center of the room necessary to spread out a rug to use it for performances. The celebration in the auditorium will greatly simplify this task.
  • The Start of the holiday - the collection classes in the room waiting for the presentation by leading the scenario.
  • In between competitions, dances and songs students can go in Assembly hall and corridor, sampling treats and buying crafts.

The Beginning of the celebration

The Script fall fair begins with the appearance on stage of two of the leading guy and girl. They are dressed in themed costumes that can be embellished with gold oak leaves and artificial berries.autumn fair at school

Leading No. 1: "Dear guests! Officially declare that the autumn fair is open! This year you will find a fascinating program, fragrant pies and contests according to the best traditions".

Leading No. 2: "Look how the sun shines brightly! In such a warm day we will read a rich harvest and to celebrate the holiday the same as in Russia!".

Leading No. 1: "Noisy fair welcomes you to our school Bazaar! Nuts, crafts, fruit baskets - treat yourself and enjoy the natural gifts."


On stage to leading runs Golden-haired girl of 9-10 years (in fancy dress). The scenario of the autumn fair, the little girl holds out a fruit basket that tied the papers.

Leading No. 2: "we are having a wonderful Fall and announced that it was time to begin the celebration!"

Girl: "the Rules are simple: I draw one fruit and declare statements. Today you will be surprised, because I have prepared for you a real noisy festival. Are you ready?"crafts for the autumn fair

Leading help hall, encouraging students with the words "ready, Ready!". Then curly baby gets the first fruit, and declares: "the Parade skoromnov!".

According to the scenario of the autumn fair on the scene Scaramouche in Russian folk costumes. One the lute, another the flute, and the third dressed as a bear. They begin with merry music to dance and sing the autumn ditties. For example:


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Koromah No. 1: "In autumn we will meet you and your crops".

Koromah No. 2: "Say together with you: Autumn, you're beautiful, gold!".

Break fun fair

After the speech, leading to announce that officially opened the autumn fair. The idea is simple: as soon as the program ends, turn on cheerful music, ran out onto the stage a few clowns: someone turns the Hoop, dance with ribbons, and someone shows pantomime. At this time, children from all classes can go on fairground stalls, sampling the treats or buy crafts.

The autumn of the fair is an amazing event, because here the children can share their artistic talents and to share their skilled crafts. As a rule, do not sell handmade items. It can be pies, homemade jam, clay pots, amber beads, ikebana.decoration fall fair

Not to offend children, you can give tokens which they can spend on the acquisition of free crafts. For example, tokens are Golden in color and with a number of schools. Will be issued at the entrance to the Assembly hall and only 3 pieces per student.

Contests - best part

Autumn fair for kids, held in the school or kindergarten, will be remembered for years to come. After all, if done right, you can arrange a fun, safe and exciting.

Contest # 1. the Take your. At the draw are selected by three volunteers per team. To be fair, try to find opponents of the same age, so there was no advantage and advantage. The room set a large bowl of water down there and clean the apples. The goal of each player is to catch the Apple with their teeth without using her hands for one minute. The winner is the team that gathered the most fruit.

# 2. Race. you do not need a team, because every man for himself. Give each participant one bag. Line up the children in a row and tell them to put bags on my feet. The winner is the participant who will slip faster than anyone on two legs to the finish line.the script fall fair in the garden

There is another interesting contest that will appeal to children of all ages. It is held during the festival. Each class should have its own tree out of paper and foam, is attached to the tent. For the whole of the autumn fair needs to find the leaves painted with the original logo, which are attached subsequently to the tree. The prize is awarded to the class that all the event attracted a greater number of leaves. You can get them also for competitions and for participation in the dance show.

How to decorate an Assembly hall

The Design of autumn fairs should be themed. Agree that the snowflakes will cause confusion in children, because everyone knows that autumn is the Golden season of the year, featuring a bright and unimaginable colors. To simplify the task in the design of autumn fair, you can entrust the creation of jewelry all classes. For example, many kids of elementary school in class work doing the original forgery. They can create up to 10 leaves or make a beautiful rain of flowers.

Original ways of decorating:

  1. Herbarium - budget option. Collect twigs of red ash, fallen colored leaves is quite exciting. Moreover, they can be stuck to any fabric and the rope, and then to get the whole Assembly hall. If the room has columns, you can make incredible patterns of birds from the leaves. It is important not to use dry equipment - there is a risk that they will shatter before the start of the celebration. On each table you can create a unique arrangement of flowers and beautiful branches. It is not forbidden to use artificial flowers so you can keep the equipment until next year.autumn fair of ideas
  2. Of an Application. Use the templates to cut out colored leaves. They can be knit in a single garment, to create a unique autumn rain. Hang decoration along the wall in the double-sided tape, and if possible, to heighten the effect, you can paint the application of fluorescent paint silver, gold color.
  3. Braided pieces of twine. Looks original dishes which is wrapped with brown twine. In the course you can use everything: bottles, and junk jars, and glasses.
  4. Wreaths of dried flowers. But the holiday is seen as more effectively, you can create a letter that would broadcast that all children are present at the autumn fair.

What to wear to the event

No Matter how written the script fall fair: party in the preparatory group or Grand celebration in school. Participants must be dressed appropriately:

  • Do Not choose grey suits. It is a bright celebration, and not dull and boring event.
  • Decorate a dress or t-shirt leaves theme flowers. You can use artificial plants, painted in the color you want at home. To give children an incentive to dress up, arrange a competition for the best costume. Let the pupils during the event to vote, and in the end fall fair presenters will summarize the results. The winners will receive prizes and certificates.
  • Allow the girls to use bright makeup. If the scenario of the autumn fair is held in the kindergarten, the girls can be butterflies and the boys pumpkins or fruit baskets.the autumn fair

Handmade Crafts

Crafts for the autumn fair can be used completely original. For example, in breaks between competitions the kids can visit the exhibition area where students hang their themed paintings of leaves, pasta or grains.

  1. A Vivid portrait. Draw the outline of a female face. Complete picture of the leaves, gluing them to the place where they were supposed to be curls.autumn fair for kids
  2. Animals. Autumn leaves - a real godsend for the needle and handicraftsmen. Of them you can create image of any bird or animal. Sufficient only to use colored paper and glue together with flowers and leaves.
  3. Leaf. And again the bright and colorful leaves. Select the most dense, beautiful and attractive detail...

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