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In this case can be useful even “vampire”. A great rhyme to the word “cry” – “flesh”. The poetic couple easy to form with the word “attack”. Other options will be discussed further.

Key combinations

rhymes with cryingA Decent rhyme for “cry” – “Oracle”. Suit us, and “faithful”. No less relevant in this case “dog”. The most common poetic pair is “cry – slush". It can be found in Pasternak. Or:

Why we are in the rainy season

So grashtitsa and want to cry?

If necessary, you can even draw "Slovak". Perhaps a combination of the noun “sign”. You can dedicate a poem to a conclusion, “marriage”. Perhaps our lyrical hero “stuck”.

If the story mention the child, it should be noted that he loves “kalyakat”. In historical work, it is appropriate to mention “Cossacks". To create a poetic pair will match the word “yeah”. You can also seek the assistance of "poseur". Not do we “tails”.

More rare variants

cry slushPossible rhyme for the word “cry” – “same”. If the work mentioned vehicles, we can help “anchor”. Another suitable rhyme for “cry” – “darkness”. Easily create a poetic pair with the help of a variant – “Barack". In some cases we can help even “thing”. Of the animals is the perfect “monkey”. You can resort to the “treats”.


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The Noun “Polish” it is also very appropriate. Good rhyme forms the word “pie”. The use of “zodiac” not less successfully. You can always mention “poles”. If you want a plant, we cannot do without “Mac”. Good use is option "two ways". When creating rhymes will help the word “onlookers”.

Another option – “animal”. If necessary, you can use the verb "tinkle". Poetic pair possible involving the words “shut”. In some cases, for rhyme can be mentioned “soldier”. You can also contact one of the following options: ‘Shpak”, “hack”, “the Hague”, “bully”, “saiga”, “ambiguous”, “certainly”, “grunt”.

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