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Biography of Velimir Khlebnikov is striking and surprising, because as one man could for his short life to literally change history. Now this poet and writer speak, write books, make movies. And only a small fraction of people know the true biography of Velimir Khlebnikov. Let's find out what Russian leader has earned so much attention and recognition from his fans.Velimir Khlebnikov biography

The Beginning of a journey (childhood)

Biography of Velimir Khlebnikov contains many surprising facts, and one of them is his name. In fact, a poet named Viktor Vladimirovich Khlebnikov, but the figure often use the well-known alias - Velimir. Also a novelist and wrote under the name "E. Luneva".

Biography of Velimir Khlebnikov began in 1885 (November 9), when the future great poet was born in a family of scientists. His father was an ornithologist, and his mother studied and taught history. His homeland is Maloderbetovskiy ulus (Astrakhan province), but now the land included in the territory of Kalmykia.

It's amazing, but the future novelist and poet originally graduated from physical-mathematical faculty, but in parallel Velimir created small pieces. So, as a 19-year-old student he sent to publish one of his works to the publisher, which was supervised under the auspices of Maxim Gorky. However, the first attempt was not successful. This biography of Velimir Khlebnikov did not end, but rather began to gain a strange turn.a brief biography of Velimir Khlebnikov

The College years

To write a brief biography of Velimir Khlebnikov is almost impossible, because it is a truly remarkable man. It seemed he always tried to succeed, but always chose the wrong path. So, in 1904, the figure continued her studies at the physics and mathematics faculty, and four years later decided to become a philologist and historian in one person. However could not continue the training and after three years filed for dismissal.


During training, Viktor was fond of ornithology, and his father, Vladimir Alekseevich. In 1903 the figure was able to visit Dagestan, and two years later was sent to the Northern Urals. Probably the regular expedition and the education his father had developed at the poet's attraction to the writer's craft, because even before the first play, he made a lot of notes that touched not only birds, but also psychology, biology, philosophy, ethics. We can say that the first publications in the biography of Velimir Khlebnikov was an article about ornithology.

Symbolism as the beginning of a creative journey

If you tell a short biography of Velimir Khlebnikov, we can see that the poet was a complex and difficult fate. As a 22-year-old boy, the future writer joined the circle of the symbolists. Symbolism - the direction in art, which often used a certain symbolism, which lends a certain mystique in literature or painting.

Viktor was fond of paganism and the Russian culture, why is often used descriptions or details in his writings. The young activist was able to meet with Sergei Gorodetsky and Alexander Blok. We can say that the writer was inspired from symbolism from both the particular directions in art, why the created works, where often mentioned fictional pagan deity, which in the original had never existed.Velimir Khlebnikov brief biography

Creativity in the biography of Velimir Khlebnikov plays a significant role, because the novelist in his works clearly mentions Slavic mythology. This is indicated by his works such as "a Proclamation of the students of the Slavs". But if the symbolism is not eradicated in the Russian Empire, pan-Slavism, which encouraged people to military action in troubled times, could be punished in relation to the poet. This ideology has affected the biography and works of Velimir Khlebnikov, called forcibly to unite all the Slavs in Eastern Europe.

Love and desire for symbolism has never left the Russian leader, but sometimes his interest was diverted to Oriental religion. Subsequently, it played a big role and after a series of popular works such as "the Menagerie", Viktor began to study Sanskrit (the ancient language of India) and joined the faculty of Eastern languages.

The Creative path

The Bright event in the biography of Velimir Khlebnikov was a visit to the apartment of Vyacheslav Ivanov, where he made an event that made literally the alias of the figure. Then Victor Vladimirovich visited the famous "Tower" in St. Petersburg, where lived the poet V. Ivanov. This historic site was going unique personality, such as Kornei Chukovsky, Alexander Blok, Nikolai Gumilev, Sergey Gorodetsky, Anna Akhmatova, Asya Turgenev. It was in this apartment for all future poets and writers, circus performers and artists, musicians and scientists was christened Victor famous throughout Russia alias - Velimir.

Contact with outstanding personalities and began to create unusual and creative biography of the poet Velimir Khlebnikov. The Tower worker met with Mayakovsky and Burlyuk, and then with them, published the poetry collection "Zadok the judges". Unlike poets, Victor Vladimirovich could not get used to the idea that he dubbed the futurist, so he created a new word - "butylene", which translated to a personal poetic language and meant "the future".Velimir Khlebnikov biography with photos

Another unusual fact in the brief biography of Velimir Khlebnikov: a worker was seriously fond of creating new words, and some of them came to new generation in the 21st century. For example, the word "airplane" is owned by Viktor Vladimirovich.

Hard times

Interesting fact from the biography of Velimir Khlebnikov: Russian poet and novelist was a real rebel, which affected his way of life. Even at the height of his career the man was forced to wander in cold rooms, eating cheap cereals and stale bread. He lived only on the money received from their parents. Sometimes Khlebnikov gave history lessons or have placed their papers in journals, but this salary is not even enough to somehow adjust its way of life and live like everyone else. These difficult periods are often recorded in poems and articles Victor Vladimirovich.

Despite this, according to a brief biography of Velimir Khlebnikov, we can say that people have always been loyal to its interests and not influenced. For this he could thank his rebelliousness and desire to constantly evolve, to experiment. His life is reminiscent of the fate of the hero of Jack London's book, "Martin Eden", only the desire Velimir was caused by a love of creating new words, the philosophical reflection, but not to the woman.Velimir Khlebnikov biography interesting facts of life

Unusual facts and events

Interesting facts from the biography and life of Velimir Khlebnikov will help the reader to know the character of the Russian figure and his life. For example, due to the fact that the poet often moved from one housing to another, a manuscript during a move it was lost. Despite his desire for creativity and love to records, Victor Vladimirovich to the Bank their work, why it is still unknown how much has actually been created of poems and plays.

About distraction and negligence friends say figure, remembering one case of life: during the next expedition Velimir had to light a fire in the desert on a cold night where there was not a single tree or Bush. To stay warm, the writer coolly began to burn his work.

Other interesting facts:

  • Viktor Vladimirovich was not of this world. If his craving for mysticism and myths can be understood, then how to explain the nickname, which gave himself a poet? He often called his person is a Martian, and later, when he began to study Sanskrit, was called a yogi.
  • This is truly a unique person, some in Russia are very few. The Outlook figure is so broad that it includes such disciplines as chemistry, biology and mathematics. In parallel, Khlebnikov was fascinated by the Japanese language, studied in detail the writings of Plato and Spinoza, tried to become a musician.
  • If to speak briefly about the biography and works of Velimir Khlebnikov, this person had fireproof the passion of adventure and travel. He was attracted by the Caucasus, Baku, North Iran. Over the shoulders of the writer, paving the way for Caspian steppes and Persia.

Strange behavior figure

Still debate about mental health Khlebnikov. Some have argued that the young novelist obsessed with their own interests, and justify his strange, sudakskoe behavior. Someone, on the contrary, said that this man is just a kind of, why he was able to create a truly masterpiece of work.

He Described the figure: "It was impractical, but it was burning with creativity. Was ready to sacrifice the last pants for the creation of new work." Indeed, many noted that they were entered into a stupor sudden appearance of the poet in burlap instead of pants, and sometimes in his underwear. He had practically no money for new clothes, so all the things were worn, holes, and the fabric looked like it washed the floors. Some people were so surprised that they pity the writer sewed things from old curtains. This act did Rita Wright, who could not observe the hard life of Khlebnikov.


Biography of Velimir Khlebnikov (photo of the writer submitted the article) shows that he was endowed with exceptional mental abilities, as well as a rebellious spirit and an absolute indifference to any moral foundations. This man has always been self-absorbed, was in constant thought. Sometimes said so that had to come close to Velimir, in order to hear anything from his speech.biography of Velimir Khlebnikov

Despite all the weirdness, Victor V. was created so talented and eloquent lines that many experienced poets and prose writers could envy. No one knew what was causing the Russian leader. Perhaps his failure or inability to know the truth. Unfortunately, the entire career of Velimir came in the Civil war, which led to even more chaos in the state.

All his life, despite poverty, writer, ornithologist, scholar and historian in one person tried to create a new discipline, which will connect mathematics with history, linguistics, poetry. At first glance, such a task cannot be performed, but Velimir Khlebnikov believed in his dream, and so I try to always travel at the first opportunity, to communicate with such unique and interesting people, to study the history of their state and give predictions for the future.

Parting with the author

In the last years of his life Viktor traveled. Itwe have visited in Persia and Baku. In parallel, the figure had created a manuscript, preparing one of the biggest books in my life "Board of destiny". In the end, it was supposed to be a philosophical treatise, or a book with reflections of the author. Just over two years, Velimir produced such famous poems as "Chair Checks" and "Night before the Soviets", article on radio and obituaries dedicated to Gumilev and Blok.

At the end of 1921, the writer went to Moscow, and then went back to Petersburg. There he was short-lived and six months later for unknown reasons moved to Khlebnikov (village). His friends noted that during this period the appearance of the author has changed: he grew thin, lost weight, became pale, like a shadow. When Velimir Khlebnikov reached the village, his condition was already unstable. Surrounding thought leader is suffering with tuberculosis, because he had no appetite, but was attended by a constant cough. A few weeks later began to refuse his feet, and the doctor decided that the affected nerves of the lower extremities.

Subsequently, Viktor Vladimirovich began a psychological disorder, and the symptoms resembled classic dementia: memory loss were filled with false memories, began to experience confusion and hallucinations. But what is dementia appears with the young people who just turned 36 years? The writer raved about all his friends want to steal his manuscript of poems, reflections and plays. To ensure proper treatment in the village was no one, so over time the figure began to swell, the limbs began to get bedsores. The author has not lasted until the end of June, and died the 22nd of June in 1922.Velimir Khlebnikov biography interesting facts

Summing up

Those who were acquainted with Velimir Khlebnikov argue that this is no ordinary person and there are very few in the world. He dreamed of his desire to write, why he created hundreds of poems that then he himself burned. It was a man, whose pen was born masterpieces, although he Velimir about it sometimes didn't. Interesting fact, but the writer always kept the most valuable work in the pillow, because, moving, always had to take. But Viktor managed to lose the manuscript.

His unconventional behavior was studied in the capital and St. Petersburg psychiatrists, it was considered, Russian figure only in such way, rejected from service in the army. Has repeatedly acknowledged that he was mentally ill and fell under the study, but serious treatment is not subjected to never.

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