How to excite my husband, having lived together for many years?


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After living together for many years, the couple are moving to a completely new level of relations. Their passion cools, and they begin to move away from each other. Does not help neither seductive lingerie or a new hairstyle. A woman raises the question: "How to arouse the husband?"

Stimulating environmentFirst of all, you must have wit and cunning. If you begin to openly molest his wife, he is afraid of your perseverance. Try not to pay her husband any attention. You can try to make him jealous. Pretend send or receive SMS from lover. Of course, not the fact that it will work.

A Great way to renew passion – to come along on vacation. The only condition-to travel without children.

The Woman needs to follow not only the appearance, but also to be able to change their habits and behavior. Because every man wants something new. For once in your life let yourself ambiguous jokes. Your looseness will increase his interest. The main thing - accurately kidding.

How to excite her husbandI do Not know how to arouse the husband? Browse together in erotic films and magazines. It will help a man to get aroused. Being in a party, tell your husband's ear that I forgot to put on panties. His attention to you immediately increases.

When your husband will be at work, send him a message that literally got a burning desire to make love. Don't forget to mention that you are wearing only a short black negligee and stiletto heels. Surely he's excited to come home.

If your husband spends all his free time at the computer, just walk up to him and start to gently kiss his stomach, going down to the area below the navel. Believe me, he will not be able to continue to play computer games.

Make your spouse surprises. For example, prepare him dinner by candlelight. The main condition – exciting environment. On the table have to be seafood, avocados, eggs, bananas, mango, almonds and honey. These products will help to awaken desire. Don't forget a bottle of wine or champagne. You must be irresistible: pre-take a bath with sea salt, make a mask, pedicure, manicure and make sure you use perfume. Turn on slow music, dim the lights and invite your wife to dance. The friction during the dance is also considered a reliable agent.

Husband wife excitesOften praise your husband and cheer for him. Because for men this is very important! Just ask the wife to open a tight lid on the jar or zip the dress. So he can demonstrate his care and power.

To understand how to bring a husband, you should be excited. A passionate woman can not behave like a log.

The Husband stimulates the wife if she knows what affection he likes most and does not refuse them. You must become an expert in matters of love, to explore your body and your men have to Express my admiration for your favorite.

I Think that now you are fully armed with knowledge on how to excite her husband. It remains only to apply them in practice. I wish you luck and love!

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