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The Feud – it is widespread in the speech of the word, it is used by many, but have you ever wondered what it means? What specific relations can be called hostile? As opposed to the concept of friendship and enmity? All you will be able to learn from this article.

The meaning of the word

this is a feud

So, you first need to talk about that in a global sense the word means. It is unambiguous, therefore, it is unlikely that you will have problems with its use in speech. Enmity – mutual dislike or even hatred that exists between two people, groups or any other animate objects or their associations. However, it is understood that this is only the definition of the word. In fact, hostility – is more than just a confrontation between two parties.

Broad term

friendship and enmity

Hostility – mutual dislike, about this you already know, but in reality it is impossible to describe this concept in few words. The fact that there are different levels of negative relations between two people or groups. And hatred is one of the highest levels. Moreover, enmity – something that requires action. If two people hate each other, they can do it in silence, deep in his soul, without taking any action. However, the feud – it's a process. If you quarrel, it means that between the two of you be any reciprocal actions, are you doing any steps to get ahead of your enemy to defeat him, defeat and so on. Of course, there is a latent hostility, in which the opponents fail to acknowledge that fight among themselves, but behind the scenes I do it just to cause some damage to the enemy. However, action is still present, though are hidden.


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Comparison of enmity and friendship

Now you know that the hostility – acrimony, which manifests itself in fact, that is in the form of any action each of the warring parties. However, if you still do not understand the term until the end, it is best to bring him in comparison with friendship, so you don't confuse it with hatred, anger and other similar concepts. So, friendship is a relationship between two people in which they feel for each other mutual sympathy, find between something in common and constantly showing their location on the case. Enmity is the antithesis of friendship, respectively, the two sides also share common feelings, the name of which is hate and dislike. In addition, the hostility constantly manifested in reality, as you might understand.

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