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Boys and girls differ from each other not only on a physiological level, but also on the behavior and inner feelings. Girls sometimes need to know what the man thinks, what he likes and what-not, how to approach him. When a guy really likes a woman comes up with many ways on how to become closer to him and share his interests, so facts about guys will help in the study of the opposite sex.facts about guys

Facts about physiology

In the first place is to pay attention to the physiology of men. Scientists have proved that women and men think differently. Men mostly use the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for quick decision-making. Women also use the right half of the brain responsible for emotions and creative thinking. That is why girls are more emotional than logical.

The Left hemisphere of the brain is also responsible for analysis of the situation in General. There are many interesting facts about guys that will be informative not only girls but also by boys:

  • Sweat glands in men 1.5 times more than women, because the male body load is always more;
  • Women breathe with the chest, men used for this purpose, the stomach;
  • To be left-handed – to feel special, especially if you're a woman, because men who write with the left hand meet more often;
  • As the male body experiences a greater amount of stress and anxiety, and sexuality in men can remain at the peak for decades.

Some facts about guys for girls

Before you start a long and serious relationship, for girls it is best to know with whom it will deal. And although these facts about guys are not precise characteristics of each of them, yet all men having something in common.


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The First thing you need to remember to a girl for future relations, – that's what almost all guys don't know what a hint is, do not know how to hint, they are straightforward, though in this sometimes cruel. Besides that a man is not himself hints, he still doesn't like it when he hints about something his girlfriend. Want to see what he'll bring to the party? Ask directly and adjust his choice, otherwise you can get a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.interesting facts about boys

Also every man values above all else the girl will praise and support in all circumstances. Flattery-it is the best tool ladies in order to get what she wants. Helps flattery and nice words about the sexual experience of men. A few words about what it is wonderful is having sex and you can ask me anything you want.

But all the facts about your favorite guy is not such need, as that a man must be a leader in the relationship. Yes, girls also have the character, they also want to lead, and in some couples it happens, but a true woman will be able to operate quietly. When a man is in a relationship in the first place, he feels oppressed and cannot reach their full potential, can not realize themselves in life. The woman also happens to be home, but it is better to achieve their goals through affection, and not of pressure and quarrels.

Each of the boys individually, but…

Before you start a relationship, of course, is to get the facts about guys, but don't take them to heart. Each person is different, many men like different girls, and do they differ.interesting facts about boys

If you like someone of the guys, you should take the initiative to go first, because many of them will appreciate this heroic act. Those girls who are already in a relationship, do not be afraid that the guy will tell everyone about your privacy and about what happens in the bedroom. Men rarely talk to friends on such topics.

Inveterate bachelor – it is a threat to all the guys. It is interesting that most of them said that to marry after 28 years or not to marry at all. Part of the thinking in this line of guys married under 25 years, the other part to 26 years old lives with his parents.

The Most interesting facts about guys

Many men – natural born cooks. They rarely cooked, but tasty. As the man in cooking is concentrated on one thing instead of thinking in parallel about the cleaning and washing, and the dishes are interesting and unusual. It is a pity that they are prepared only in exceptional cases. But if a man cooks for a woman, it means that she means something to him.facts about your favorite boyfriend

When Dating guys better get someone's phone number than leave your. Rest assured, if the guy said he would call back and he really wants it, he'll call in any case will not forget and will not lose the phone number. If he doesn't call, then he doesn't need it.

Also many guys skillfully hiding their emotions. They will never cry in public. Many girls think that guys never cry. But no, turns out they just hide what they feel, they cry alone. Also poor expression of feelings refers to the fact that guys rarely speak about love to girls. Usually they will not extend words of affection.


Few people know, but initially, heels were worn by a man. During the middle ages in Mongolia shoes with heels shod riders in order not to slip from the saddle. The same applies to female elk. In the middle Ages men wore stockings of skins of moose, from which came the name “leggings”.

And although it seems that the fashion is aimed at women, men also love beautiful and respectable things, but don't always admit it. Also are they attracted to women who are well dressed and groomed. More of the female body they may bring only underwear that sits on this body.

Sport and health

Many girls facts about guys will be useful for creation of image and self-care. They say that men are more important the beauty of a female face than body, but this does not mean that we should cease to care for themselves. But if you see a man of a sports Constitution who daily visit the gym, know that such representatives of the stronger sex often short relationships, because they are more in love with himself than anyone.facts about guys for girls

Informed means warned. With facts about men you can win any man's heart.


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