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Wedding ceremony - an ancient custom. For centuries the marriage ceremony has acquired new beliefs. You can not take the signs for the wedding seriously, but still, and suddenly there is some truth to that? No wonder that for centuries the signs are transmitted to new generations.

A Month of celebration and time of year were always taken into account when assigning the date of the wedding and still a couple, choosing her study of signs for the wedding for months.

Jan. Is considered as inauspicious month for weddings. According to legends, the marriage in January, short-lived.

Feb. The complete opposite of Jan. The marriage in February, promises a happy family life of the newlyweds.

March. Wedding this month, predicts the move to distant places and separation from their homeland.

APR. Marriage will be full of emotion! Disputes and conciliation, hatred and love. The married life will not be boring! But, at the same time, it will bring the family instability. 

May. This month is considered the most unfavorable for marriage. 

June. This is the most favorable period. Young foreshadowed cheerful, lighthearted, long, and most importantly a happy family life.

July. Omens at the wedding of this month promise a life in black and white. There will be disappointments, and incredible happiness.

Aug. The harmonious family based on mutual respect not only between spouses but also between children and grandchildren, are created this month.

September. Calm and stable life without bright emotions.

Oct. Previously, not everyone decided on a wedding in October. Life will be hard and full of difficulties. Many tests will drop out to the family.

Nov. The newlyweds are waiting for prosperity and well-being. The house - a full bowl.

Dec. The family will not be highly rich in financial terms, but it will be a different wealth - love and understanding spouse.

Wedding traditions and superstitions permeate and the day of the wedding and can predict the future life of the newlyweds. 

Bad signs for the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the bride pricked his finger, then the marriage will be quarrels and scandals.

Dropped veil or ornament of hair her husband to spend the family budget.

The Groom stepped in a puddle - not to avoid the family drinking.

Lose the glove from the wedding dress or the mirror to break - the misfortune will occur.

To See the wedding day funeral procession to trouble.

Hear the bells - to the outrageous family life.

 omens for the wedding.

The Bride from morning sneezes, then the marriage will be happy.

The Bride is crying - the family happiness.

The family was secured, the bride and groom sit at a table on the fur coat.

After the ceremony the young look together in a mirror. It will bring good luck to the new family.

The First glasses of champagne are divided into happiness.

Rain on wedding day is a very good Preta. The married life will be long and happy.

The day of the wedding the couple break the Cup, and together, holding hands, stepping over the pieces. So they step over all the major and minor quarrels.

The Night before the wedding, the future spouses is carried out in different houses.

The wedding day the mother gives the bride a family heirloom that will preserve and protect the happiness of his daughter.

There are signs relating to guests at the wedding ceremony. Probably the most famous of them - the girl who caught the bride's bouquet will get married soon.

If at least one of the witnesses in the divorce - for an early separation.

If the witnesses - a married couple, it leads to the separation of the newlyweds.

It is Impossible to measure the bride's veil, the girl can stay without a husband.

This is only a small part will associated with the wedding and marriage. Whether you want to believe them? Everyone answers this question yourself. Most importantly, the bride and groom really loved each other and cherished their relationship. 

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