A wedding in the Maldives official and symbolic: organization, cost, reviews


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Endless blue sky, a little podernuta patches of clouds, rests on the horizon in the azure expanse of the sea. He dressed in white stands on the shore and waiting for the one, and sea foam drifting in a sea of rose petals from his bouquet… She's in the air, like a cloud, the robe goes to meet him, and the wind rushing through her lovely hair… In this solemn day, witnessing ordinances, the two lovers will be a fiery sunset and the surf and nothing can stop their infinite like the sky, happiness…

Romance on the shores of the Indian ocean

More and more young couples moving away from the trivial wedding ceremonies, preferring a romantic adventure, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. a wedding in the MaldivesToday, the specialized agencies offer the most diverse places on the planet, where the couple can marry according to the classical or special scenario. A wedding in the Maldives is very popular among young romantic couples, especially among diving enthusiasts.

Located in the warm waters of the Indian ocean, the Maldives seemed to be designed in order to enjoy life, forget about everyday hassle and bustle. The unforgettable natural landscapes, the vastness of the ocean, a wonderfully mild climate, the hospitality of the host party leaves a delightful experience that will be a great start to family life. The organization of the wedding in this Paradise is increasingly gaining popularity among celebrities and not only. Recent wedding Temnikovo in the Maldives has caused great public interest and stirred up a wave of interest in thousands of Russian brides and grooms who want to make the festive day of the birth family a memorable one.


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Issue Price

You don't have to think that a wedding in the Maldives – it is something very expensive and exotic. The cost of a modest ceremony is about $ 700, which is comparable to the celebration in the homeland average. Let this be a short official part on the beach with a professional photographer, but how many wonderful hours there waiting for the lovers in this Paradise! Of course, for all additional merchandise, services, and other points in your journey you will have to pay separately.

The wedding will be such as will allow the imagination of the organizers and budget of the newlyweds. There are several options for hosting special parts: from budget to obscenely expensive. In any case, the best dividends from this event will be an unforgettable experience and incredibly beautiful pictures of the happiest moments of your family life.


Caressing the foot warm sand, delicate fragrance of exotic flowers decorating the triumphal arch, the exciting bursts of the ocean and mesmerizing sounds of national music. a wedding in the Maldives valueThis beach wedding in the Maldives is the most easy to organize, inexpensive and very popular among honeymooners. The cost of this event, which is $ 700, includes colourful flowers arch, professional photo session, services, master of ceremony, champagne for the bride and groom. Want to add some color? You can hold the ceremony at sunset. At this time, the half the sky lights up with an indescribably beautiful light, melt in the ocean of the sun, and the hearts of the young are overflowing with romantic feelings for each other.

Wedding on the island

Want to feel like pioneers of untouched nature, leave their traces on the white sand beach of a desert island, to enjoy each other away from boiling key tourist bustle - you can choose exit the ceremony on one of the Islands of the Maldives ridge. a wedding in the Maldives reviewsFans of scenic spots and memorable images of this ceremony will cost you about $ 2,000. A wedding in the Maldives with departure on a desert island is a complete package of services also includes transportation of the newlyweds, all members of the celebration and decorations to the scene, photo shoot, reception with cake and champagne, as well as a nice bonus – visit a Spa for couples.

Wedding idea

Underwater wedding in the Maldives, the cost of which starts from $ 1,500, will be enjoyed by lovers of diving. how much is a wedding in the MaldivesMore original the ceremony is difficult to imagine. The bride and groom, dressed in festive costumes appropriate to the occasion and kitted out with scuba diving, recite the pledge of allegiance in the Kingdom of Poseidon. For those who are not trained in the art of diving, but certainly want to marry in such an extreme way, offers professional instructors, which rules out any risks. After an unforgettable ceremony with a photo session of the newly spouses expect catamarans or boats and a traditional buffet with sparkling wine and cake.

Wedding in a fancy hotel

For those couples that are hesitant to dive into the warm waves of the Indian ocean with scuba diving but want to look at sea creatures in closer, there is an extraordinary opportunity to spend an unforgettable ceremony in the underwater restaurant in the Maldives. official wedding in the MaldivesAn Unusual hall located at a depth of five metres and the panoramic view allows the bride and groom to witness the underwater beauty and silent inhabitants of the ocean. This kind of wedding in the Maldives reviews is the most admiring. Those who managed to marry in this way, note the unusual and exciting sensation that overwhelms the soul: the solemnity of the moment and the breathtaking marine beauty will impress even the most discerning travelers.

Special offer – underwater honeymoon Suite. To spend your wedding night in the society of marine life – a feeling of exotic. Apartments are in great demand. Therefore, to book the room under water in advance, and the price starts from $ 2000. Dinner on the depth of the ocean will cost a couple at an average of 150-250 units. Ceremony in an underwater restaurant can cost the newlyweds $ 1,000, depending on the scenario of the celebration.

Wedding on a yacht

Want another unusual and impressive version of the conclusion of the Union of the happy couple? For those who want to experience the speed, feel the wind in your hair, taste of salt spray on the lips of his beloved, and contemplate the vastness of the ocean in all its glory, there is a special offer – marriage ceremony on a luxury yacht with a cozy cabin. Wedding on the Maldives, such a plan will cost the newlyweds of $ 5,000. wedding planning in the MaldivesIt's expensive, but the feeling of unity with the ocean is just fantastic, and the bride and groom with open arms at the stern of the yacht will be the pearl of the family album. Marine speed boat-class-available on the day. The programme traditionally includes a day skiing on the ocean and the wedding ceremony at sunset.

Endless Possibilities

As a rule, to question the newlyweds about how much is a wedding in the Maldives, staff from specialized agencies enigmatic smile and reply that the price of the event is limited to the needs and opportunities of the bride and groom. In addition to the standard package of the wedding, you can choose any of the items bonus benefits. For an additional fee, you can use the services of professional stylists, makeup artists, florists, cooks, musicians, writers. This whole creative team is able to develop and implement a unique project wedding, memories of which couple with the awe will take home.

The Image of the bride and groom

The clothing of the newlyweds can be in the traditional island style, or such as they wish. Simply no restrictions. However, we recommend that the bride choose dresses in the Greek style, cropped and airy models of flowy. Groom clothing should be as comfortable as possible, but in harmony with the outfit of the future spouse. Costume optional, but dressy shirt light colors made of natural fabrics paired with boxy trousers to match will serve as the perfect ammunition for the solemn occasion. a wedding in the Maldives official and symbolicGoing to a beach wedding, you can neglect the shoes, but the decoration of flowers – it is the indispensable attribute of the Maldives, giving a special flavor to the image of the newlyweds.

Wedding in the Maldives: a formal and symbolic

For All lovers wishing to contact knot for life in the Maldives, you should know very important fact. A marriage ceremony, regardless of the venue, have a symbolic nature. Official wedding in the Maldives is impossible, because this island state is not supported by the relevant Hague agreement enabling foreign citizens to get married without legalization. And nearest Consulate of the Russian Federation is only in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the formal marriage will have to reach at home.

To organize a symbolic wedding in the Maldives, the newlyweds only need passports to confirm identity. At the end of the ceremony, the couple vide...

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