How to achieve a guy for a serious relationship


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It so Happens that I see HIM, and his heart stops for a moment, and the mind begins to pack suitcases. From this moment the female head lives and reigns with only one thought: “How to achieve a guy?” to Hope that he will turn his first attention to them the interested person stupid, because he could do it before, but if this happiness did not happen, then you need to take the initiative into their own hands. Even some 30 years ago to come first to any guy was not well. Today, women are actively involved and do not intend to so easily let go of his potential happiness just because of dubious moral norms do not allow her to make the first move. So how to get a guy who really liked it?

To choose the tactics of how to Woo a guy, you need to decide for what purposes it will then be necessary. Creating a strong relationship with any man, and easy non-committal flirting continued in a horizontal position - two completely different objectives that require radically different approaches. So for the first option will have to work hard and show all their imagination.

Young people are ready to be with a girl who is natural in all things. The fact that this naturalness of men and women absolutely understand in different ways. So for guys it is mandatory that their girl needs to look great regardless of the situation, and anywhere you could proudly introduce to your friends. While a lot of makeup and dresses men annoying. The main thing for them – is well-groomed girls. In other words, her natural beauty brought to such a state that she wakes up beautiful. This is the aerobatics that is not available to every girl. Be attractive just the first step on the way of his conquest, so as to achieve the guy, only the girl that he is visually pleasing.


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The Next step in the capture of the fortress called “big” is finding common interests and mutual friends, in which company could meet. It can be a football fan and spend hours discussing their favorite team. In this scenario, girls need to know at least some basic stuff from this topic that it could easily appeal. The main mistake of all the girls at this stage: in-depth study of interest to the male threads and the subsequent presentation of all the facts. Such female behaviour makes a man into a dead end, and he begins to feel stupid, because the woman in his field knows better than himself. No guy will not tolerate women's superiority over the other. So, how to achieve a guy?

Any man willing to listen to compliments in his address for hours, even if it is flattery, even if she's not as thin and beautiful as we would like. Do not think that the boys will take all the praise in his address as he wants that woman. Here it is necessary to show imagination and making a compliment to his object of conquest, you need to focus on its real merits. For example, to speak too lean man, his muscles playing in the sun would be foolish and cruel. But praise the young man for what he has helped in some question, so how could the other be appropriate and effective. A beautiful woman is something to talk about and which also will always appreciate it, hardly remain without attention from interested guy.

But it also happens that no matter how the girl tried, but the expected result can not achieve. The question arises: “whether to pursue a guy who does not react to you?” the Answer is likely: No. Such situations are quite normal. Just had no attraction to the girl, and this feeling is to create and maintain artificially for a long time is almost impossible. Then you just need to accept the idea that this hero of another novel and with an open heart and a big smile to go in search of the new Prince.

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