A Declaration of love to man: for and against


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Love… How many emotions and feelings caused by this word… Every moment spent on earth, every second – love. To mom, dad, children, grandma and grandpa, the sun, the sea, and indeed, to the whole world. However, as far as love inspires and brings happiness, so she hurts. Many suffer due to the fact that you can't tell your partner about your feelings. And, unfortunately, most often girls.

A Declaration of love to the man considered beneath our dignity. In fact, after heard so many sad stories we sometimes feel ashamed to confess his feelings to the beloved.  However, is it so? Because people, both men and women are different. It all depends on the character and morals of your choice. What do you do if you fell in love and don't know whether you reciprocate?

For starters, let's see what it is. If you don't know the person, saw him on the street a couple of times and liked its appearance, then the Declaration of love the man who you're not familiar, it seems a bit ridiculous, isn't it? In this case, the girl herself creates an image of a loved one, gives him the qualities that would like to see in your life, idealizes him. This usually happens with teenagers who create their own idol and worship it. And actually, this idol – the same person, like everyone else.

Well, if a love is planned for a familiar, then it is not difficult to find out from his friends if they meet you in return or not. If the answer is negative, then it is not worth while to admit to anyone in love. Try to draw the attention of the object of your dreams, make sure that it you are interested. Find out what he likes, do the same.  Perhaps your beloved enjoys books by some author, then read them and flash knowledge. It will raise you in his eyes. Well, if you are so affected that you can't wait and to attract his attention, then tell him about your feelings. Perhaps you will feel better, but make sure in advance that your choice will not be laughing at your confessions and will not hurt you.


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Although you can hide love for someone is not worth it however a Declaration of love to the man – a serious step, and you need to understand, evaluate whether it. Sometimes it is better to keep silent than to tell the truth and regret his entire life. Believe me, if male, will burn anyone's feelings, then he'll take the first step towards. Feminine wiles should manifest itself in other ways. You need to become indispensable to him – a close friend, companion, etc to start. And then slowly try to win his heart.

Remember, the guys build a Declaration of love to the girl. Flowers, soft toys, sweets. However, if the heart of a woman is not predisposed to it, then after all this wonder? Similarly is the case with men. If he don't love you, then love can not be.  Although only from the side it seems that it is easier for them to admit their feelings than us.

In fact, they rehearse a long explanation in  love the girl, consult with friends and running around the shops in search of the right flower or gift. The failure of men to fear more than anything else, because it lowers their self-esteem, however, at the same time, heard the girl's confession of love, they laugh, not realizing thereby how deeply hurt her.

So, if you boldly and firmly decided to come up with his Declaration of love to the man, then wait for the right occasion. For example, Valentine's day. Prepare a romantic dinner, candles, create the atmosphere. And don't forget the sexy dress. Come face the chosen one in a new guise. Or if the approach Tatiana's day, a love – most it. On this day everyone is celebrating, everyone is in a good mood. You may get lucky and you. Good luck!

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