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Meaning of the name Tikhon is a destiny or a case. That is its translation from the Greek language. About its origin is composed of a legend according to which in a rather "hairy" days, there was a goddess of fortune, called Tyche. Her name was translated as "chance", "lottery", "good luck." After some time it transformed into a male version - FR. meaning of the name TikhonAccording to legend, its owners life will have good luck in business! In this article we are with you, dear friends, more find out what the name Tikhon.

Secret name

The Boys called Techonomy, stand out among other independence, self-control and such a rare human trait as good-natured. It should be noted that the meaning of the name Tikhon, in contrast to other names, rarely changes with age. If in childhood the child was a living devil, a pirate and a robber, and adult life promises him an adventure. His fantasies turn into reality.

Positive and negative value of the name Tikhon

Probably not a secret that any name, like the man himself, has two sides of the coin. Here is the name Tikhon is characterized by both positive and negative properties.

Good qualitieswhat is the name of Tikhon

To the good personal qualities Tikhon can be attributed to his modesty (both external and internal), his prudence and calm. With such a "kit" it costs nothing to disarm any (even very aggressive) uncontrollable thugs.


Alas, despite these positive qualities, the meaning of the name Tikhon has dark side of the coin. For example, his constant and excessive isolation in itself, and incomprehensible distraction and detachment often prevent him to focus on something very important... the absorption in itself often plays a cruel joke on the poor Tikhon: he becomes a hostage to unpleasant situations. In addition, he was not even able to notice the obvious and most simple crucial signs that warn him of the danger.


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Professional activities

The Value name indicates Tikhon exact science. It is no secret that these young people can become great scientists, the "lights" of science: historians, philosophers. And all this thanks to the irrepressible thirst for knowledge. He always get to the truth, to the essence of a phenomenon. Tikhon valueTikhon is very diligent approach to their work. It is quite long lasting on a specific professional field, because you never set a goal to change my life radically. Despite this, successful in every sense of the word will help him to become... a legacy! Here's a he - Tikhon!

Name Value in the family

If we talk about family life, Tikhon, he do not like to show their feelings and emotions in people. Tikhon always prefers to remain in the shadows. That is why a wife himself, he takes an imperious and strong woman, able to fully appreciate his rich inner world. Tikhon hopes that someday it will help him become more relaxed.

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