Vishuddha (chakra): is responsible for what, how to open how to develop and restore


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Each person receives what radiates. Any problems on the spiritual level is reflected in reality. Illness, difficulties in career and personal life - a consequence of the violation of energy processes. There are seven major chakras are the centers through which life energy circulates. Their cleansing and balancing will help to improve the quality of life in General.

Further details about the fifth energy center, which is an interesting name - Vishuddha-chakra. Responsible for what this centre, what are the signs of contamination and what to do for purification and development? All these questions will help the individual to regain balance and improve their own quality of life.

Vishuddha chakra

5 chakra (Vishuddha): brief description of the essence

The Name comes from a combination of two words from the ancient language of Sanskrit: "vish" means "dirt" and "Sudha" - purification. One of the main functions of this centre is the purification of the physical body and energy space.

The Fifth chakra (Vishuddha) – the energy center, which is located in the cervical spine, in the region of the thyroid gland. People who can see the spiritual structure of the astral body, describe this center as the ellipsoidal vortex sky-blue color, angled 30 degrees from 7 vertebra to the chin. Size ranges from 5 to 25 cm, depending on the level of spiritual maturity and development of creativity.

Manifestation of the fifth center

With regard to the level of the physical body, the role of the center: it controls the function of the thyroid gland and the immune system. But not only that "busy" Vishuddha (chakra). She is responsible for what in spirituality, higher planes, and appear as deep-seated problems associated with this energy center is a more complex question, as the sphere of influence of Vishuddha is very high. But if the short answer, this chakra is responsible for creativity, quality of communication with other people, the ability to Express yourself and hear your inner voice.


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Vishuddha chakra how to develop

Signs of an unbalanced fifth chakra

The Person experiences a fear of public speaking, because he was unable to cope with the onslaught of the audience. Besides, it can be difficult when trying to openly Express their own opinions. The need for self-expression manifests itself in the form of non-conformism, that is, the attempt to counter public order, social system and the opinion of others. Instead of sharing their beliefs and attitudes, aggressive person begins to perceive and challenge any point of view. This attitude to life can have a negative impact not only on the energy structure, but also on physical health. Psychosomatic diseases of the thyroid gland are the result of unspoken resentment, anger and hatred. The habit of using foul language and condemn also indicates problems at the level of the fifth chakra.

The Problem of expression

Another problem related to the disruption of a fifth centre – it is the inability to Express themselves. People prefer to remain silent instead of sharing their own opinions, because he feared the reactions of others or the impact that may have on them his statements. You may feel that his ideas are not of interest. Certainly, gaining the ability to think independently is an important step on the path of spiritual development. But to become truly free, you need to learn how to share ideas with the world. Vishuddha - the chakra that opens the way to freedom and manifestation of limitless potential.

how to restore chakra Vishuddha

The Expression can be expressed not only verbally, but also in creative approach in everything.

Signs of blocking chakra manifesting on the physical plane

On an emotional level, problems with the fifth chakra, often expressed by tearfulness, resentment, a sense of uselessness and injustice of others.

Since ancient times, spiritual masters of the East say that all physical illnesses are the result of problems on the subtle (spiritual energy). Because traditional medicine often turns powerless, and attempts to cure the person does not bring good results.

With regard to the fifth chakra, with its pollution primarily affected the thyroid gland. Can also cause problems with the digestive and immune systems, respiratory disease, stuttering and confused speech, excessive use of alcohol and drugs.

Causes of disruption of the fifth chakra

One of the most frequent causes of impaired energy metabolism on the level of the fifth center is the fear to Express their opinion, feeling of anxiety, feeling guilty in front of others. Another indicator - the desire to hold back and not Express their point of view. Undercurrent of resentment, fear, and anger do not go unnoticed. Such negative thoughts about their own right to speak entail serious consequences on the energy and on the physical level.

Balance the fifth chakra

To achieve a high level of development of a fifth centre promotes the acquisition of new knowledge through new opportunities to look differently at life. Disappears all that is entailed negative consequences: restrictions that fetter the mind, and the desire to cling to a particular point of view for the sake of maintaining their own egos. It is important to change the world, to realize their right to Express opinions and stop being afraid of the confrontation of other people's beliefs. But this process should take place harmoniously. The highest level of development of a fifth centre – freedom, creativity, the ability to think independently, going beyond social conditioning, calm perception of a different world.

opening the chakras Vishuddha

The opening of the Vishuddha chakra will lead to significant changes in all spheres of life. In addition to endless new ideas and lightness, changes occur in relationships with people. Others will begin to treat you with respect. The fifth energy center is associated with the collective mind, so the purification and development of this chakra will help to establish a connection with the outside world. Will be able to develop self-confidence.

Another ability that opens is intuition. Blocks of the fifth center prevent to hear your inner voice, and purification will allow you to rediscover the amazing ability to understand what is happening at a deep level, to Orient in difficult situations. Man acquires the ability to remain calm and make decisions without succumbing to impulses and emotional outbursts. If there are any negative emotions (envy, anger or resentment), he manages to rise above it. Opens the ability to see situations from the perspective of the observer. Disappear fear and anxiety about the future.

Vishuddha (chakra): how to develop?

Awareness is the first step towards its solution. Then you need to take action and clear the energy centers.

How to open vishudha-chakra? The basic steps are as follows:

  • Breathing exercises.
  • Yoga and other spiritual practices.
  • Citometria (contemplation, or visualization in blue).
  • The Revision of their own beliefs, liberation from stereotypes.
  • The art Class.
  • The Development of communication skills.

the fifth chakra Vishuddha

The harmonization of the chakras through breathing exercises

One of the most important principles that harmonise the energy centres is a quiet, measured breath. It is important to focus on the rhythm and try to make more deep and slow breaths. Gradually, the level of anxiety and excitement will decline. Tension and worries will be replaced by a state of peace. You can also imagine how the breath of pure light enters into the body and exhalation from the body of all negative energy and illness. Visualization, supported by the feeling, very effective.

There is such a thing as cukrovou breath. Technique is similar to the previous one. But when you inhale you need to imagine that pure blue glow comes through the thyroid gland, filling the center and cleaning it, and exhale out all negativity as dark spots. The brighter will be able to visualize the process of purification, the more effective will be meditation.

Thanks to the regular implementation of breathing exercises, all centers will be balanced, including Vishuddha (chakra). Cleaning will help get rid of the blocks and alien power.

Contemplation and visualization

Vishudha ù a chakra that has a sky-blue glow. To enhance the fifth centre is useful to contemplate the color. If it is not possible to spend time in nature on a clear Sunny day and meditate, while enjoying the azure sky, you can find alternate options: blue sheet of drawing paper, painting. People with a good imagination can visualize a heavenly shade with his eyes closed. During this meditation it is important to get rid of all extraneous thoughts, to turn off the internal dialogue, but without strain and effort. You just need to concentrate on the subject of contemplation and quiet breathing.

Vishuddha chakra is responsible for what

More serious exercises should be done under the guidance of a spiritual mentor. ...

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