What dreams snowdrop? The interpretation of dreams


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This discreet and early spring is traditionally considered the flower in the dream the symbol of romance and tenderness, sublimity and sentimentality. Therefore, the person asking about what dreaming snowdrop, most likely, will soon seriously fall in love and experience romantic feelings (in that case, if he or she still don't exist in this magical state).what dreams snowdrop

Basic interpretation

Many dream interpretation books say that if you see a flower in a dream means that in real life in love. Also, this vision can be directly related to what happened in the recent past: an unexpected and enjoyable. Flowers generally – a gentle and pleasant dream after waking up, leaving sweet memories and positive impressions. But what is having a snowdrop, depends on the actions of the man himself, are produced during sleep. Or from the actions of participants in the events.

Which means?

In Addition to what you dream of Lily of the valley, may be the prelude to success in life's Affairs or business, victory in your personal life. In some dream books, if you had this flower, soon will travel, short but full of impressions and emotions.what dream snowdrops

What have snowdrops?

  • If the person in the dream collects snowdrops, it will soon be expected profit in business. Or not connected with the Affairs of a long-awaited event.
  • If presented during sleep snowdrops, then in private life is expected in a very short time pleasant.
  • If you receive a flower or bouquet of flowers data, it is a tempting offer, which in any case should not refuse.
  • If a man had a glade of snowdrops, it is coming good and successful life span, when you can enjoy sentimental, romantic mood, to plunge into pleasant memories and to reflect on life's journey.
  • If dreams still unopened snowdrops, then don't miss your chance which provides you with destiny: it's time decisions and spending your potential. But withered snowdrops can be interpreted as a mark of missed opportunities and unfulfilled hopes. But in the end, if a single flower is fresh, the situation usually can be corrected if to make some effort.

It has Long been something that is having a snowdrop, was interpreted in many famous sleeper. So, in the collection of the poet Aesop (famous for his fables), for example, this flower, seen in a dream means renewal and resurrection. And if the person breaks it, on the contrary, he tries to hide and suppress their tender feelings.

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