The state and Church relationship


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In the course of history different was the relationship between secular authorities and representatives of the faith. The state and the Church in turn had been at a different stage of influence on public opinion and the leadership of the country as a whole. If you look at the history, we verify that initially the state, as such, was not. The family was the unit of society and existed then only a Patriarchal tribal community. By the Providence of God, and in connection with complex ties to the local community, the state gradually began to take shape after Joseph's brothers go to Egypt during the time of the Judges. 

Different act the state and the Church. The relationship between them caused by their different natures. If the Church is created by God, and its purpose is to save people for eternal life, the government created the people, not without the Providence of God and its aim is to care for the earthly welfare of the people. That is, the visible difference between these two agencies, also traced their obvious similarity - they are both called to serve for the benefit of people. But the Church in no case should not take over state duties dealing with sin on the methods of violence, coercion or constraint. Similarly, the state should not interfere with the work of the Church, his care to observe respect for the laws of the Church and help in questions of moral development of the population. 

The Relations between the state and the Church in the middle ages was designed so that the Church occupied a leading position over state power. And, moreover, this applies not only to Christianity, the same thing happened in Islam and in Buddhism. The Church participated in legislative and judicial activities, largely bringing the influence of religious ideals and principles in the state management policy. Politics within the Church and interchurch including often changed the whole course of history States. One has only to remember the Crusades; the split of the Church, which led in turn to political and legal divisions in Europe. 


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In Soviet times, the persecution of the Church, the state didn't need a competitor in the struggle for influence on the consciousness of the masses, it wanted sole power. The state and the Church at that time completely separated on different sides of the barricades. The new state did not want to divide spheres of influence, did not want to have a Church near by, as a spiritual and moral control of their actions and measures. Such control could become a litmus test that would show the true face and actions of the ruling power, and who needed it? It was more profitable to declare religion the opium of the people, to destroy churches and lead all sorts of persecution against followers of the faith. 

By and large, the state and the Church should be complementary, as they both seek to make people welcome and take care of them. The Church – the spiritual component of society, and how society can be separated from the state? And how can the Church influence the moral development of man, being away from society, without affecting its development and controlling spiritual purity of power? Besides, if the government is forcing believers to act contrary to the commandments of God to sinful actions, the Church should be to protect his flock, enter into negotiations with the current government or, if necessary, to appeal to world public opinion. 

When you consider that the state and the Church are called to bear good to people, then they have common areas of cooperation.  This applies to such areas as peacemaking, mercy, preservation of moral, spiritual and cultural education, preservation and development of cultural heritage, family support, care of prisoners. To avoid confusion between the spheres of activity and not allow the ecclesiastical authorities to the secular character of the clergy are prohibited to participate in governance, that they constantly were in the performance of his direct religious duties.

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