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All parents should know what to name the child, preferably the name of the Saint whose day of remembrance next to the birthday of the baby. If these names do not suit them, you can choose any other date later. Every year on 15 October nameday of several men and two women. From this list, you can try to choose a suitable name.

Whose October 15 birthday male?

This date - day of memory of many Christian ascetics:

  • Andrew of Constantinople, Holy fool for Christ's sake;
  • Boris and Vasily – Kazan martyrs;
  • George of mount Athos, Martyr;
  • Dimitri, James, John, – of the martyrs of Kazan;
  • Cyprian (Capriana) – of the Martyr;
  • Michael, Peter, Silvana, Stephen – the Kazan martyrs;
  • Theodore Gavra, Theodore Kazan – of the martyrs.

On the same day, October 15, the name day is celebrated the women called Anna and Justina (Ustinja). Throughout his life the Holy with these names carried the faith in the Lord.

Blessed Andrew of Constantinople

This man lived in Constantinople (Constantinople) in the X century. Once the prophetic dream saw Andrew angel, who sent him to fight the “black soldiers” opposed to the Christian faith. This young man was dressed in rags and became a fool. He begged, which was then given to the poor, suffered beatings, ridicule, bullying.

October 15 namedaysFor his humility blessed Andrew soon received the gift of perspicacity. Throughout his life he converted to the Christian faith of many wicked people. Thus he saved them from spiritual death. In 936 the blessed Andrew of Constantinople died.


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Birthday October 15 men's celebrate all who are called. On this day the Church honors the blessed Andrew.

Kazan martyrs

Immediately after the feast of the Holy virgin October 15 is the commemoration day of the Kazan martyrs Boris, Basil, Dimitri, James, John, Michael, Peter, Sylvanus, Stephen, Theodore.

Information about their life remained a bit. We only know that the Orthodox Slavs and Tatars in Kazan became martyrs at the hands of the hagarenes. There were records that his suffering and death, they took in the years 1552-1553.

More information is available about the life of three Kazan martyrs: John, Stephen, and Peter. All of them were martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ.

birthday 15 Oct maleJohn was hacked with swords because did not want to worship Mohammed. But the Lord spared him, and the suffering of the Martyr soon learned all the believers. With deadly wounds he could reach the Russians living in Kazan. John spent the whole night praying, and on the morning of 24 January, a sunrise, reposed in the Lord.

Peter and Stephen were Tatars living in Kazan. At the time they abandoned Islam and turned to the Orthodox faith. Stephen, who suffered for more than twenty years the relaxation of the feet after baptism healed. But as soon as the Russian army left Kazan, the Tatars hacked the Martyr to pieces, swept his body, and the house ransacked. Peter was beaten to death by his relatives after he learned that he went to the Orthodox faith.

All the martyrs are remembered by the Church on 15 October. The name day of Peter and Stephen have another on March 24. The day of memory of Martyr John has also been on January 24.

Birthday 15 Oct female. Anna and Ustinja

Princess Anna of Kashin was born in 1280. She was the wife of the Prince of Tver Mikhail Yaroslavich. After her husband was brutally tortured to death in the Horde in 1318, she leaves Sophia in the Tver monastery. Here the Princess is tonsured a nun with the name Euphrosyne. After a while she moved to the Kashin Dormition monastery. Euphrosyne is attained in the monastic name of Anna. Here she lived until death. To the Lord the nun Anna moved 2 (15) Oct 1368.

birthday 15 Oct womensMartyress Justina for his life drew to an Orthodox belief of many pagans. Among them were Cyprian, who previously gave himself into the power of the devil. In the year 304, when the Roman Emperor Diocletian committed mass persecution and execution of Christians, Justina and Cyprian were martyred. The Church remembers them on 15 October. Name day on this day celebrating women, named Ostinati, and men, whose name is Coprinae.

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