What to expect if you saw dead in your dream?


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A Dream the deceased will not harm only under the condition that it is quiet while doing nothing. If the dead person in your dream decided to carry on - it will result in worries and trouble.

The Dead man in the dream was in your home – means danger and possible obstacles in achieving goals. Even worse, if the dead man decided to talk to you. Then I probably expect trouble.

To Kiss or to hug the dead in a dream – to trouble and anxiety. If such a dream was a sick person, he would die. But if you kissed the dead man on the forehead (as it should be when parting with the deceased), then anything bad that dream doesn't turn.

If you see a stranger dead in the moment you thought about any case, means that the case is – a fool's errand that will never lead to anything. If this dream of love, so the relationships are irreparable difficulty.

If you saw a lot of dead people in a dream, but not frightened, wait for a major success and profits in business.

If the stranger died, you will be able to overcome obstacles on your life path. In addition, this dream portends good news for you.

If you dreamed a dream that your friend or friend died or killed, it portends separation from this person, spiritual experiences and troubles. If killed in the dream the enemy, it is victory of life over him.

If the deceased, at whose funeral were you, warns you of danger, then listen to his advice. Soon after waking do not take important decisions, don't go on the road and do not sign any documents. This can result in serious risk to your life.


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If the dead person in the dream came and was silent, then, wishes of wealth and happiness.

If you see a deceased person who was during the life of the envious and the covetous, means that your enemies are plotting evil plans.

If you dream about living one who previously died, wait for invitations to any celebration.

Wearing a dead man himself – to the despair, sadness, sorrow, and sometimes death.

Lying with the dead in a dream means that now is the logical conclusion to all pre-existing relationships with him. This dream says that the soul you release nearest and dearest. And separation it is necessary for you. If you don't break now, in the future it will only get worse.

Lie down in the sleep between the two dead-to-severe disease.

Laughing dead in a dream – to receive good news from relatives or from a friend.

If the deceased is sad, you should know that your enemies are plotting.

If you came late grandmother in a dream, it means he wants to protect you from possible misfortune.

To Move the dead – means that you spend a lot of time empty cases, in vain spending forces. Sometimes such a dream indicates an accidental death.

The Very bad dream in which you give the dead man's clothes or money. This is either a serious illness or your own death or the death of a loved one.

If you put on the dead clothes in a dream, you need to pay attention to their health.

The Dead man in the dream visits with food – to the wealth and well-being.

The Dead walked into your house and started to fix the bed, a sign of forthcoming disease.

Sleep of the dead may also portend the illness of your close friend or relative.

If in the dream you see dead and buried by all the rules itself is to a major life change for the better. This dream may also mean receiving a large inheritance, health and longevity. However there will be many envious and obvious enemies.

If in the dream you alive buried in the earth, to misery, worries and anxieties.

To dream of the dead alive you expect obstacles and losses. For lovers this dream can mean a new wave of strong feelings.

If the deceased is calling you in your dream, it means that either you'll die or will die the same death that the person calling you. Similar to the sleep of your relatives or friends – affliction and severe illness in their life.

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