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Not all dreams bright and colorful, there are those that want to quickly forget. One such night visions-the drowned man. It always portends trouble? In this article we shall understand what have drowned.

Looking for the drowned

If you dream you saw the drowned man, then, according to most dream interpretation books, anything wrong, it doesn't look promising. It should be noted that this vision puts an end to difficult period in your life. The main thing in this situation - not to lose faith, and you must succeed.

what dream drowned

Also, such a dream could mean that you are surrounded by many hypocrites.

What a dream drowned in the water who cries? This suggests that by some freak accident you have lost a lot of money. Also, this dream says that you will sympathize with someone who lost his job.

Sex characteristics of the drowned man

If you are watching in dreams get the body of the drowned woman, soon expect new developments.

From the water found the body of a young girl? Your personal life will get new paint.

what dreams drowned in water

Why dream of the drowned man-a man who is unfamiliar to you? This suggests that in the near future in your life happens for a pleasant change, they will be so unexpected that you try to even resist them.

If the drowned man was familiar to you in the near future, expect very important news.

In a dream you saw a drowned relative? This means that in this man's life came a difficult period. He urgently need your help.

What if a young girl had that drowned her lover? It means misery, grief and sadness.

What dreams of the drowned-children?

Such dream means that your family is cursed or damage. If time does not take any action, suffer to a greater extent can your child.

If in real life you have suffered such grief in reality, try to remember that tells you drowned child. After all, most departed loved ones appear in our dreams to warn us about something.


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The position of the floater

If the drowned washed ashore over, your life will change dramatically. The changes were so fast that you will simply cease to control them. It should be noted that it is not necessary to oppose changes, because after them, your life will be much richer and better.

What a dream drowned in the water that you are trying to revive all the forces? This dream has several interpretations. In the first case it means your coldness to the second half. In the second – your direct involvement in the life of the person you will help. Afterwards, he will thank you for saving the situation. In the third – you return what was once lost in a freak accident.

what dream many drowned

If you observe the floater from the side, your friends will soon betray you.

The Body ucophage, which is lying on the shore, marks a new stage in your life. This can be a new job or changing introduction. For men this dream is interpreted differently. His house will soon be a hostess who will keep the home fires burning.


If fishing on a hook you come across a drowned man, soon you will take the place of his friend.

If you bought a book or a newspaper which has a story about dead in the water spaces, so your colleagues or friends will make fun of you.

What dreams of the drowned, whom you met on the street? This means an unexpected meeting with a man who found you never thought I'd see.

If the floater - the dreamer

If you dream you saw ucophage in their own form, it says that you are to blame for their difficulties. Also, this dream can mean a loss or a betrayal.

what dreams drowned man

You can see how the sink, then soon you will be a misfortune or incident. If you managed to get out, that all will end well.

What a dream, where you are sucked into a swamp or quagmire? This means that in real life you have to spend money on some kind of celebration or feast.

If you dream you are drowning and cry out for help, in real life, you will find unexpected success. Especially if the dreamer is a woman. If she had, drowning her husband, soon revealed his love affair with another.

What have drowned that pull you along? This means that your inner circle really wishes you the worst.

what dreams drowned

Also the interpretation of such dream can be interpreted differently. If you see yourself drowning, it could mean serious problems with the lungs or respiratory system. We recommend you to consult the doctor.

What have a lot of floaters? If you dream you see around you swim drowned people, soon you have any festive event that you will spend a large amount of money.

What if swim drowned unexpectedly revived? This means that a dying patient will soon recover. It can also say that you finally becameto reflect upon its existence. If you want to change jobs or open your own business, it would be a great idea, because waking up in your dream drowned shows that began a new phase in your life that will pull you out of the mundane and the everyday hustle and bustle.

I Hope the question as to how many drowned, you will not have. Most importantly in this case - to remember a dream a dead man does not always mean that your life comes a black stripe. Pleasant dreams!

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