What a dream girlfriend. What a dream ex-girlfriend. In the dream, to see a friend, what does that mean?


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Dreams – this is not always the response of our subconscious to the events that took place during the day. Sometimes it is a manifestation of some Sorgenfrei, that is, foresight of the future. Night dreams can warn about the dangers or, on the contrary, to be harbingers of something good. Therefore, never fading interest to different kinds of interpretations of certain stories. For example, what dream girl? Of course, the interpretation in this case will largely depend on exactly how events unfolded.

General interpretation

what dream girlDreams with friends does not always predict the events associated with this particular person. In this case most often refers to just the closest person. That is, the dream foretells of events, perhaps with someone from your family or actually friends. There is a second version of the explanation of what a dream girlfriend. Perhaps the dream foreshadows some of the events associated with a person of the same name.

The Importance of the emotional component

To properly interpret this dream, it is important to pay attention to all the details of the “story”, especially important. Remember how it looked like your girlfriend: what was she wearing, what was she doing and told you? Important here is not so much the specifics, as your personal attitude to all this. To accurately determine what a dream girlfriend, you need to pay attention primarily on your own emotions. If the actions, appearance or words this person has caused you rejection, you can definitely interpret this dream as portending some sort of trouble.what dream about ex-girlfriend


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Pay attention to the mood of the friends in the dream. If she was happy or had fun, this substantial change in life. Sad friend – big trouble. A dream in which she hurt you, advises to pay more attention to family and friends. Fight with girlfriend says that you have secret foe, and fight – the infeasibility of the main dream of your life for a long time.

Why dream about a friend of the girl or woman

The Young women and girls girlfriends having mostly to gossip. Also, some interpreters believe that “the plot" heralds the beginning of a new romantic relationship. If the friend in the dream has not participated in any significant events, and just slipped "in passing" is to shopping or to the hairdresser.

in the dream to see a friendIf a friend had a man

Men girlfriend having mainly to date or even engaged. Sometimes it can also be adventurous to romantic adventure. However, this sleep – it is a harbinger of what may, for the pleasure will have to pay some nasty disease. So to be promiscuous should be treated in this case with great caution.

Pregnant girlfriend

A Dream in which you see your best friend pregnant, says that she is most likely currently extremely need your participation and help. A girl or woman in a position – evidence that it is under some strong influence, that is to fit a false ideal.

Also be dreaming girlfriend pregnant – is to problems in your personal life. Most likely, you will quarrel with her lover or husband. Such a dream may, among other things, to Herald and exacerbation of different kinds of chronic diseases. You should pay more attention to their health.what dreams dead friend

If seen in a dream pregnant girlfriend in reality is indeed “situation”, this vision suggests that it will have an easy birth. Can you call her and to please be good news.

It is Very bad if a pregnant friend in a dream sees a man. Bachelor this heralds the collapse of plans and bankruptcy. Married same – illness of his wife.

Why dream ex-girlfriend

A Dream in which the protagonist is an ex-friend for gossip and problems in his personal life. The emotional component of the plot in this case is also very important. However, the interpretation in this case is fundamentally different from the explanation of the dream about the friend with whom you have a relationship at the moment. That is, in the case if you talk quietly in your sleep with your ex good friend, is in trouble. Conversely, a quarrel is a good sign. It is even possible that you and this friend to make peace.

Of Course, thinking about what dream about ex-girlfriend, you should pay attention to what value you attach yourself. Perhaps such a story does not mean and does not portend anything at all. In this case, if a special experience that dream you had not.

Old friend

If you dream you saw a man who was friends with many years ago, but I have never met, it says, rather, the desire is still to see. Also may soon receive news from him. Another answer to the question of what dreams old friend, is, as in the two previous cases, gossips and scandals. But this explanation is only valid when your attitude – it's not just nostalgia and pleasant memories, butsurviving the emotional component, in which a woman perceived as a rival.

what dreams old friendDead friend

Now let's see what dream deceased friend. Most often, these story alerts you to the possibility of serious trials in life. Also, this dream may indicate that you need the support of loved ones and at the same time, they help you get. If the dead friend was dissatisfied with something or upset, this could spell all kinds of trouble and quarrels with relatives. Be sure to listen to the advice given to her. It is usually very good help in real life. And, of course, the dead friend, like all the dead, may be a dream just to change the weather.

Thus, to see a friend in a dream – this is likely to trouble in his personal life and gossip. However, perhaps you are just not given your loved one enough attention, and you should meet and just to chat over a Cup of tea or coffee.

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