Whether to wait for the money if your left palm itches?


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Itching – an unpleasant sensation, and when concerned about any part of the body, for example, itchy left palm, left leg or right eye, the person is usually shy, begins to remember how long he bathed. Some even get scared and thinking, not whether to turn to the doctor. But there is another approach – traditional, folk. It is a centuries-old belief that itching is a sign of impending events. What?

If the left palm itches – profit, perhaps, quite unexpected. These words we hear since childhood. Therefore, the attitude to such signs also often very serious. It has its own logic-we live in a rational world, where an important role plays the calculation and management. But still many of us, even successful businessmen or famous scientists, repeat after the ancestors: an itch right eyebrow – to a new meeting, the tip of the nose – to Sabantuy! This means that signs for many years, and they have survived more than one generation, just so stuck in our heads.

So, let's try to define what left palm itches, especially if the itching does not subside. The doctors can tell, it's all about vitamin deficiency, or that the body lacks some micronutrients, and therefore, itching – a natural reaction of the body to the problem. Maybe so, but a whole system of people's predictions and views offers us a different answer. After all, even in primitive times, people believed that the whole world is connected by invisible threads of attraction and repulsion, and those things which we now perceive as collective images have a soul and even the incarnation.


What itchy left eye Thursday: interpretation of omens

What itchy left eye Thursday: interpretation of omens

Signs – echoes of the past. For many centuries they have trusted and followed our ancestors. In our modern technical world, all the people themselves decide whether the true predictions, which are not signs, or maybe not. No sense of any discus...

When the left palm itches, or, on the contrary, the right, popular divination assume that the reason for the itching could be that someone or something is scratching the palm of his hand. For example, the right hand scratched by those who wish to meet with you or to say Hello, and your hand warns you about it. However, in this case, magical effects like itching you are completely independent. The meeting or the meeting will still be held. But in the case of the left hand not the case.

Of Course, what itchy left palm – this is a sure sign of warning that your hand cards future profits, in short, money. Perhaps someone decided to pay you back, or you will have a prize, and maybe you should buy a lottery ticket or look closely at what lies under his feet. But itchy left palm will turn a pleasant addition only if you the most profit lure. Do not take a prescribed ritual acts – it will go to another.

What to do when you have itchy left palm? First of all, to see clearly in the imagination that you have in the palm money. Palm open, to imagine that there are crisp bills, then bend the palm into a fist, as if you take the money. Fist definitely need to kiss, in token of welcome to profit not offended. After that hand with imaginary money you put into the pocket, release and vividly imagine how this money comfortably fit there. Now we can say that the future profit in your pocket.

Perhaps you are a rationalist and don't believe in luck? But the magic – not faith, it requires you to only represent and carry out ritual actions. I say to the atheists “thanks” and “thank God” as a way to Express yourself. Why not imagine how you put in the pocket money, because even psychoanalysts believe it is “a positive setting for success”? You do not lose anything, but the reward can be and get. May even find it fun. And suddenly, if you show respect for money, and they will respect you? According to statistics, up to 75 percent of such beliefs come true if the right procedures. Everything in our world is interconnected.

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