Dream interpretation: the funeral of what dream?


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Unfortunately, in my night dreams people see not only the things they nice. Had a funeral? Dream interpretation will help you understand the reasons why it happened. The important role played by the details that you must remember.

Funeral: dream Miller

What prediction does Gustave Miller? What events does the man of his dreams? The funeral can dreamed for many different reasons. If in your dreams sleep were present at the burial of a relative, the reality of it will change. To attend the funeral happened on a Sunny day? This story foretells the happiness that will soon enter the house of the dreamer. If the weather was gloomy, it was raining, the person does not expect anything good. He soon gets the bad news, learns about the illness of a loved one or their own. The likely decline in business.

funeral of dreams

What other options considering the dream? The funeral of a stranger where is the sleep, the promise of conflict. Spoiled the relationship of the dreamer with someone from the inner circle. The funeral of a child predict peace in the family and quarrels with friends. Sad news I have to get someone in their dreams hears in the dream a funeral knell. Call yourself a bell – to fail in an important matter or ill.

The Funeral of a stranger

What have the funeral of a stranger? Dream foretells to the dreamer a conflict with humans, which play an important role in his life. Also this story may warn that someone is experiencing to the sleeping hostility.

To Observe the burial of a stranger – sometimes like a dream promises the black stripes in life. In the next few days should be very careful. From communicating with strangers and almost strangers it is better to refuse. Also, do not trust those who became a friend of the dreamer recently.


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Rich and Poor funerals

What other stories examines dream interpretation? The funeral of a stranger, which are richly and magnificently appear in night dreams can't be good. The reputation of sleeping will soon be irreparably damaged. This may be a result of both enemy action and the fatal mistakes of the dreamer. To restore the shattered confidence the person will be difficult, so this kind of situation it is better to try to prevent. For this you need to tread carefully, avoid hasty words and actions.

see the funeral in my dream

The Opposite situation is also considering the downers. Another funeral which are very modest and poor, the sleeping promise of success. Soon people will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, all the problems, poisoning his life, will be left behind. In the past, remain and financial difficulties. Salvation might be a new position, a salary increase, an alternative source of income.

If you bury a family member

That means seeing the funeral? Dream interpretation considers other subjects, for example, burial of a relative. In this case, sleeping is nothing to worry about. The person for whose funeral he had witnessed in their dreams, recover from disease, find happiness. This is true, if the ceremony is held in a Sunny day.

cry at funerals

Unfortunately, the funeral of a relative in rainy day dreams can't be good. Such are the dreams of the promise of the sleeper bad news that it will soon receive from this person. Also, the dreamer can learn about his illness. Why not ask about the health of a loved one, not to show him attention? It is possible that he needs help, which is able to provide the dreamer.

The Funeral of a child

What other secrets it reveals the dream? What have the funeral of a child? If we are talking about toddler sleep does not know, this story promises to him conflicts with the immediate environment. Most likely the initiator of the quarrel will be the man himself. You should be careful in expressing their emotions, to follow the words and actions. Relationship with someone important could permanently be damaged by the conflict.

had a funeral, coffin

What other predictions does dream interpretation? The funeral of your own son or daughter – a story that is able to drive the shivers. Fortunately, such dreams are predicting the peace in the family. If the dreamer has a bad relationship with your child, they will soon get better.

If you bury a friend or girlfriend

What can dreamed the funeral of a friend or girlfriend? This story is a dreamer promises to change life for the better. Black stripe will be replaced by white, the problems will remain in the past. Also a dream can predict the improvement of relations with the person for whose funeral was watched by hibernate.

To Bring to a friend wreath – this story also promises a dreamer, nothing wrong with that. In the next few days the hero of night dreams give him a gift or make a surprise. Perhaps joint pleasant pastime and rest.

Funeral procession

What else there is interpretation of dreams about the funeral? Dream interpretation considers the option of a long and gloomy funeral procession, where people are watching from the sidelines. People dressed in black clothes, wreaths and coffins – this story does not predict anything good. In the life of the dreamer will come a black stripe, which he needs to overcome. Sleep will require restraint and patience, they will help him to solve all the problems. You also need to believe in their own strength, because then the black bar will change to white.

had an accident

To Observe the grieving people – what does that mean? Oddly enough, this story promises a dreamer the change of life for the better. Events that cause the sleeper to sweat, will have a favorable outcome. There will come a period of calm and peace, than definitely you should use for self-development.

In your dreams sleeping can not only see the funeral of the person. Dream interpretation considers the option of tolling. If he comes from far away, it can be considered a warning. Soon the dreamer will experience a shock, from which it will be hard to recover from. Also high chance of receiving news that will cause a person to experience sadness.

Crying at a funeral

In their dreams people can not only watch the funeral in the dream. Dream interpretation considers a different story – human involvement in the funeral procession. Suppose that a sleep filled with tears, and he manages to calm down and pull myself together. Such dreams indicate the willingness of a person to change.

watching the funeral in my dream

Soon the dreamer will finally leave the past behind. He admitted in his new life the people and events that will bring him benefit. Also people may start thinking about changing jobs, moving to a new residence. Why not implement the most daring of its plans, if it's favorable time.

Accept condolences

Suppose a man had a death of someone from relatives or friends. In this case, in his dreams he could accept condolences from the participants of the funeral procession. Surprisingly, this story promises a dreamer part in a major party, which makes it the perfect time. You will be the center of attention of the crowd, will catch yourself admiring glances.

Wear a wreath or a coffin

What else can we learn from dreams about the funeral? If a person dreamed that he bears a wreath, in real life, he should deal with his attachment to the existing external conditions. From time to time for the dreamer to forget about the rules of conduct, to surrender to the will of their true desires, to act in accordance with the dictates of the heart, not mind.

To Help carry the coffin – to participate in an undesirable event. The need to do it weighs a dreamer. However, to find a way out of the situation as he could get.

what dream's funeral

Beat the bell, to sing

What else can a dreamer do at the funeral? For example, the people often dreaming that they are sounding the funeral bells. This story does not Bode well. Sleeping in advance to prepare for possible obstacles to the goal. We can not exclude the fact that he is not able to achieve what wants. It depends on how the person is able to resist difficulties.

Singing at the funeral of dreams to disappointment, sadness. Sleep has long dwells in a bad mood. He risks to plunge into the abyss of depression from which you will not be able to escape unscathed. You should gather all your strength into a fist and begin to struggle with their own inner demons, until ...

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