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In his night dreams people often see something that surprises them and scares. What have sharks? Promise these predatory fish happiness or misfortune? The answers to these questions can be found in the dream books. A person needs only to remember their vision in great detail.

What dream shark: dream Miller

What to say about all this, Gustav Miller? Bad or good prediction makes him a sleeper? What dreams shark? Predatory fish warns the sleeping that he had dangerous enemies. In the near future should be careful to avoid rash words and actions. Opponents will not fail to use the weakness of the dreamer against him.

shark jumps out of the water

Night dreams, which featured the shark attack, promise failure. Trouble, rolling in one after another, cause a person to fall into despair. To find a way out of a difficult situation will only be the case if sleep to cope with their emotions.

What have sharks in the sea? This story warns of the machinations of enemies. While the man quietly enjoying life, his enemies are not asleep. To kill the predatory fish or to see her dead – to win over enemies. The black bar will be left behind, life will be peaceful and prosperous.

Dream interpretation of Cleopatra

What is the interpretation offers this guide to the world of dreams? What have sharks? If the person hunting them, in reality he will not give his enemies the opportunity to harm. The attack of predatory fish trouble. What prudence did not show the dreamer, it will not help him to be saved from impending disaster.


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shark dream woman

Dreaming kill sharks? Waking of sleeping life will disappear people, communication that does not bring him joy. Dead prey fish symbolizes prosperity on the personal front. The lone person seeing such a dream, will soon meet your soulmate. The lover he promises a strong Union.

What dreams shark in the water? This suggests that the enemies are waiting for the right moment to attack. Person harms of excessive candor. First and foremost, caution should be exercised in conversations with new acquaintances.

In the aquarium in the bathroom

I had a shark in the aquarium? Sleeping there is no cause for alarm. He was waiting for positive emotions, fun, joy. The aquarium, in which swims a predatory fish, is broken? This story brings change in the business sector, which may be positive or negative.

shark mouth in your sleep

A Dream in which a small shark splashing in the bathroom, talking about the superiority of sleeping over rivals. People will come first to the goal, leaving behind all of their competitors.

To Watch from afar

What dream shark, if in their dreams the man sits on the shore of a desert island and watching them? This story predicts a hot night, which will remain exciting memories. To see predatory fish while sailing on the ship – to an interesting acquaintance. The man that the dreamer will meet in the coming days, will play an important role in his life.

swim with a shark in a dream

Dreamed of huge sharks in the river? Colleagues are envious of the success of the sleeping, spread gossip behind his back. Act of enemies can have a negative impact on your career, so you can not ignore them. The shark lying on the sand, symbolizes the inability of the dreamer to defend their own interests. This weakness is often used in the purposes by other people.

To Observe carnivorous fish while swimming in the open sea in your dreams may be the one awake waiting for futile efforts. Shark near shore promises sleeping the evening in pleasant company. The person will finally have the opportunity to relax, to relax.

Take a bath

In their dreams people can swim in the sea, which is teeming with sharks. This story suggests that colleagues treat him with respect. A lone predator, circling around the sleeping during sea bathing, predicts achievement in a professional field. The project, which was recently launched, is successful, the results will exceed all expectations.

aggressive shark in a dream

What have sharks floating around? The answer to this question depends largely on what emotions one experiences in their dreams. If he has no fear, it is a good sign. Soon fate will give the dreamer a unique chance that they'll use it. New achievements will not be forthcoming.

If a predatory fish swims away from the sleeping, waking, he will have to face the distrust and jealousy of the partner. Do not leave it unattended, as the conflict can lead to the breakdown of relationships. To grab the fin of a fish – this dream foretells changes on the personal front.


What prevents a shark attack in my sleep? What a dream that the predator pounces on the man? If the victim becomes himself sleeping, in reality he should be wary of deception. It is best for some time to withdraw from new acquaintances, as high risk for fraud. To deceive the dreamer may be and whoever he was accustomed to rely.

dream shark

Dreamed of the attack of the predator to a friend or buddy? A stranger in the near future will try to take advantage of the credulity of the dreamer. If in night dreams the shark managed to bite the arm or leg of a person, in reality a nice pastime with friends. The meeting, which hibernate for a long time dream finally happens.

What dreams live sharks attacking strangers? If the victim is male, the reality of sleeping waiting for the unpleasant meeting. If the attack had been a woman, in reality, the person will take guests to get pleasure from it. If the predator manages to catch the child, this story predicts wealth, success in business. If the kids manage to escape, with the current problems the dreamer will be able to cope on their own. Otherwise, it is best to seek help from friends and relatives.

Freud Dream interpretation

What mark gives such night dreams Sigmund Freud? Partner of the dreamer-a real predator who tries to subjugate it, to rule over them. This man is everywhere and in all sleeping impose their will, controls all his actions. Its purpose is to complete the submission.

shark dream man

If a relationship is not like a dreamer, he must decide on a Frank conversation with the other half. To be afraid of such a conversation is not necessary, as the attempt to ignore the problem will only exacerbate it. Partner hardly own guess about the experiences of sleeping, so his behavior will not change.


Predatory fish are often featured in the nightly dreams of the fair sex. What dreams shark girl? A young girl, this story predicts a hit in a difficult situation. It prevents snovidenie proceed to the solution to the problem. She can handle it, only if you manage to get your emotions under control.

What dreams shark in the water a woman who is married? Predator night dream symbolizes fear. Navideca not sure in your second half, fears for the future of children. Also the shark can predict long-term separation with people who are sleeping road. Perhaps the occurrence in the lives of snovideni threat to the opponent.

What dreams shark woman if she is expecting a baby? It's a bad sign, but the condition of the unborn baby to worry should not be. A dream foretells the appearance of a pregnant woman in her life, a dangerous enemy. Foe can give her considerable trouble if it fails to cease communication with him.


The Representative of the stronger sex can also dream of a predatory fish. What warn men night such dreams?

  • A Shark with a big mouth symbolizes problems in the professional sphere. The dreamer has soured relations with someone from colleagues. This man makes every effort to harm.
  • The Shark in clean water predicts the occurrence of black stripes in life. The person may have problems both on the personal front and in the business sector. To cope with all the troubles fails, the dreamer will be able to remain calm.
  • A Shark in murky water-a symbol of the fact that the dreamer is surrounded by enemies. The enemies are spreading rumors behind his back.
  • A Shark with blood on the teeth promises financial difficulties. Soon people inadvertently lose large sums of money. The attack of the predator promises bad news, unpleasant events.
  • Black shark indicates that someone is trying to set friends and colleagues sleeping against him. Also a dream in which appears the predator, may mean the loss of a job...

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