Andrew Duiyko: "the Esoteric rules the world"


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Those who Wish to understand what is spirituality, you should try to compare my feelings while watching an ordinary movie with its standard flat image and fullness of perception during stereoeyes when pictures gain volume, brilliance, and it seems that you can touch objects that were previously present in the life only at a considerable distance.

Andrew duiyko reviews

Touching the esoteric, the assurances of followers, get new, previously unexplored opportunities in life, the ability of all cells of the body to perceive frequencies and vibrate at those frequencies.

Andrew Duiyko, successful parapsychologist, doctor, bioenergy healer and is the head of one of the esoteric schools in Kiev.

School “screen”

Esoteric school “Kailas» has been created in Ukraine a few years ago.

Its main goal is the development of its adepts and creative paranormal abilities.

Andrew duiyko

Head of school Andrew Duiyko by direct transmission of knowledge from teacher to student shares his experience of the use of esoteric techniques, based on a thorough study of them Tibetan mystical practices.

The Training consists of several steps (levels) of knowledge, the mastering of which constitutes the attainment of a practical guide to ways of achieving goals, acquiring wealth and success, methods of healing and self healing.

The school devotes considerable attention to issues of physical development of man, it is necessary for the successful application of techniques of breath and energy.

According to Andrey Duyko, the acquired knowledge allows students "to touch and feel the energy”.

Energy in its purest form

According to the teachers from his school deliberately seized the religious component. Energy here indulge in “pure” without referring to any religion — Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc.


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The School explains the world as composed of the void, which is God, since it contains energy. All the living and all things on Earth are composed from the void, so all things — is God. People with consciousness, — the only one who can control the void.

About seven thousand techniques

Tibetan mystical esoteric technique that says Andrew Duiyko, with their students, are intended to achieve certain goals. According to the master, they were transferred to him in the form of certain vibrations or received by revelation. After studying equipment, a person can apply them yourself.

The basis of techniques — pranayama, not related to any of the religions.

Degrees "shining path"

The spiritual Teaching, the school pays great attention to the training of a person to acquire material goods. Material and spirituality are harmoniously combined in its concept. Poor man, according to the adherents of the “Kailas”, not to spiritual development: it is increasingly concerned about food, shelter, etc. Techniques that help to obtain material possessions, devoted to the first stage of the school.

The Second teaches you the harmonization of sexual relations, the accumulation of energy and cleaning the body, strengthening the physical health of the person.

On the third level, people learn to determine purpose in life and have fun in the process of achieving it.

On the fourth level, students master techniques that help to open the fourth chakra, promoting feelings of love — to yourself, to air, to life in General. In addition, techniques aimed at establishing the line of destiny.

The Fifth step allows a person to relate to their fate consciously. At this stage of her cleavage, understanding karmic patterns.

The Sixth allows you to access superhuman abilities and control them, at this stage of learning that occurs connecting to the energy channels, the most advanced techniques of visualization.

The Seventh step allows you through a deep meditation to connect to a single energy channel and realize himself to be God ("false light").

“the Cultivation of new people”

The connection to the egregore and energy to the school policy protects the person receiving sverhznaniya, from him. Bright aggregor blocks the appearance of dark motives of adherents.

As a result of training people displayed powers of clairvoyance and anosognosia, acute intuition, open channels, allowing you to influence their own destiny. In addition, the improved health and prolonged youthfulness, people will start to “glow”, to radiate goodness and light.

As a rule, while in reality they have all returned to normal: they successfully do business, raise families, give birth and raise healthy, happy children.

Andrew Duiyko: a biography

Andrei Duiyko — psychologist, PhD, magician, esoteric, yogi, author of 300 training seminars. He is the founder and Director of the international esoteric school “Kailas”, as well as the international public organization «Center for creative human development”. In addition, Andrew Duiyko — the President of the company «the formula" of the “Autism is a free" (treatment of infantile autism), the founder of the Foundation «Last hope" (assistance to children with disabilities and the elderly).

Phenomenal abilities — a remarkable memory, bright intelligence, and remarkable talents in the field of art — a future healer was endowed from childhood.

Born in 1971 in the village of karpivka (Crimea region) in a family of peasants. Previously addicted to reading, during the school won various competitions and contests.

After Graduating from the St. Petersburg military Academy, he worked in Moscow as a military surgeon, then head of the military hospital, studied traditional medicine and alternative medicine.

Taking the dedication in Tibet have gained access to the secret manuscripts of Tibetan healers, became one of the brightest representatives of this direction of alternative medicine.

He Created the company “Tibetan formula”, the basis of preparations on the unique Tibetan recipes.

Andrew Duiyko: feedback

The Wizard free is taking patients in its Russian and Ukrainian offices, healthy people, holding seminars and “Maritime courses”.

Over the years, has assisted already more than 17 thousand people in need.

Many former patients published in the online appreciative feedback on the work of the physician, which testify to the amazing facts of healing and saving lives.

Disciples thank master for the creation of the holistic philosophy that underlies the concept of his school, which brings together new perspectives on the human relationship to self, family, others, money and business. Thanks to her, many managed to be successful, to get rid of depression and complexes, to gain confidence, hope, love and faith.

"to Live here and now"

According to the master, its purpose is the accumulation of karmic energy, which would have allowed him in the next life to be realized in a different capacity.

Andrew duiyko biography

It helps people to free from the power “dirt” their karma to be in a kind of multi-layered “cocoon”, providing them protection, opportunity, enjoying and rejoicing, “to live here and now”.


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