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Turning to God, fully eradicated the desire, can work wonders. Experiencing strong emotions, a person can summon incredible strength to your prayer.


Prayer – this is a conversation with God, who purifies the soul from negative thoughts and serves as a kind of support person. The healing properties of prayer known to man for thousands of years. Prayer to the Higher mind does not imply a detailed report on the sins committed, not a stream of consciousness and not a report on the events of the day. Prayer means a Frank conversation with a friend who will listen and comfort. A false understanding of the true meaning of praying has completely distorted the understanding of modern man is about communicating with God. Unfortunately, the Church cannot cover all, to convey to the people the hidden sense of Holy Scripture.

Prayer after eating food

Power of prayer

A Man who regularly raises meaningful prayers to God, strengthens his spirit. Faith in aid of the Supreme Being creates in the mind a barrier that takes all the blows on himself, while the person remains relatively calm. Such a buffer from the stresses of every human being to preserve psychological and physiological health. Only a few seek it in religion.

Constant communication with God strengthens a person's faith, he begins to see everywhere the divine plan. This situation, like everything in the world, has two sides: positive and negative. The positive side is that a person's belief is justified. It has long been proven that what is happening depends on thought. Projecting the thoughts of God, his protection and assistance, people really began to notice them in real life. This indisputable fact.


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The Negative side of faith is that prejudices and personal speculation can prompt a person to self-loathing, depression and detachment. The worst thing about this situation is that no one from the outside can't help. Only the man himself, having established his spiritual balance, able to return to a harmonious life.

Prayer before eating and after

Prayer and food

The Prayer after eating food is an integral part of the meal of every Christian. For true believers this custom binding. In modern conditions the fast pace of life, these rituals are displaced because they lack the time. Prayer before eating and after – please bless the food and thank God for the family's prosperity.

This prayer ritual has a significant impact on the education of children. It has long been observed that children who say grace before and after eating the food, were respectful, the food and their parents ' labour.

In addition, the prayer for the meal plays an important role in the integrity and preservation of the family, because the ritual assumes that the entire family should gather around the table. To date, family meal – it is very rare, and in fact, going around the table, each family member feels their affiliation to the whole.

Prayer and culture

Prayer reminds man that there is one bread nourishes it. Spiritual health and well-being plays a key role in a happy peaceful life. The power of prayer is in the fact that it teaches how to restrain gluttony and eating for fun. People who regularly pray before and after eating, approach food mindfully. They rarely cover any strong desires associated with food. Practically never it is impossible to find a man suffering from obesity who spends refectory ritual. The exception may be when the fullness of the body due to disease.

The Reading of prayers before a meal not only charges the food goodness, but also teaches the culture of food. The process of eating ceases to be a cult, it is only required satisfaction of the need. Ordinary people after eating feel, what they ate, then as believers feel lightness in the stomach and the satiety of the soul.

What say the fathers?

Many of the Holy fathers wrote about the fact that prayer and the meal is very important. Some of them expressed the view that sickness and disease is increasingly beset people because of the fact that the lost the custom of prayer before meals. Very often people begin to eating in a bad mood, with negative thoughts and anger. The food absorbs this information and, once in the body “is working” according to the given direction. Regular quarrels in the kitchen, preparing food can cause serious illness in family members. Emotions have a very strong energy field, so a charge of negative energy is very powerful.

Prayer after eating the food transfer

Another way to charge food negative – to watch movies or news that talk about negative events. But movie viewing and simultaneous eating is very popular. Salt in the fact that the positive films, few takes - there is no drama, intrigue, tension. Therefore, almost all of the film – it is a demonstration of violence, anger and rage.

Many of the Holy fathers wrote about the need to treat the needy a piece of bread before to start eating. Strong prayer after a meal and eating the food is able to charge the food with positive energy that will work to benefit your body.

How to choose a prayer?

The Prayer after eating the food should be simple and understandable. This is a thank-you appeal to a Higher Power. This is usually just a few lines. To learn the standard language is not always good, because they create the impression of insincerity. It is better to come up with their own words of thanks, which will come from the soul.

Prayer after eating food text

The Prayer after eating the food in the Russian language has the following formula: “Gratitude, asking for mercy in the future, blessing”. Often before eating, a prayer "our father”. She focused on the blessing of food and home. Some prefer to sing the prayers, and for good reason. The song reinforces the power of prayer and lifts the General spirit of the family members.

Prayer after eating the food: text

Many believers prefer to read or sing the prayer of the Church after the meal. This is explained by the fact that some prefer to speak with God as with a friend, and someone who accepts only “official” communication. The text of the prayer after eating the food: “we Thank Thee, our God, thou hast satisfied us with Your earthly blessings, do not deprive us of Your Heavenly Kingdom, but thou in the midst of Your disciples came thou, Save, the world of day them, come and save us. Glory to the Father and the son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen. Have mercy, Lord (three times). Bless”.

Prayer after eating the food in Russian

The Correct reading of prayer

The tradition of the reading of the prayer are different in each family. You can read the prayer aloud or silently, to do it together or take turns, sing or whisper, eyes closed or open. In some families it is customary that the prayer was said the younger son.

In order to focus during prayer, you should hang an icon of Christ or mother of God in a conspicuous place in the dining room or kitchen. Will also be very appropriate to place icons "mother of God Bread” and “sporitelnitsa bread». The correct prayer before and after eating food should be pronounced only in a good mood. The ritual in a state of irritation or anger will not bring any benefit. In this case, it is better to abandon the prayers or wait with food until you return to the calm of the spirit.

It is believed that prayers for the blessing of food should be read, focusing on the icon and standing. At the beginning and end of a reading person should themselves be baptized.

It is believed that the morning and evening prayers should be different. However, this rule is designed for people who have totally dedicated their lives to serving a Higher power. The family is allowed to read the same prayer speech in any meal.

the Correct prayer before and after eating food

It is Worth noting that the refectories of prayer during the great religious festivals should be different from the daily prayers. A festive meal must end with a longer prayer that is read aloud or sung by all family members. This should be done in a benevolent mood, wishing his family good health and divine light. It is desirable that on big holidays the whole family got together. Even if it is not possible for various reasons, should be invited to his house the next of kin and friends who are close to you. The responsibility of the owner of the house is the creation of a festive mood and atmosphere of joy, the mistress of the house should please the guests arrived. The dish must be tasty to the pleasure of food increased joyful mood of the audience. To cook too many meat dishes is not recommended, as they are heavy on the stomach, and on great feasts should be more than just to follow easy body. Prayer after eating the food should cover all the guests was given the Lord's glory.

Prayer and the rules of etiquette

With regard to the customs of the refectory prayers, to read texts or to baptize food is impossible, for the representatives of other religions. A family is found...

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