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Is There a way to keep his name in the centuries? To perform the feat, to the grateful descendants erected a monument? Or get on the pages of history? But the monuments are destroyed and history is rewritten. So is there no such possibility? It turns out there's even more. The first is to become a hero of folklore, such as Ilya Muromets, Ivan Susanin or Chapaev. The second possibility — your own has become a household word, like cardan (named after the inventor Gerolamo Cardano) or Kalash (in honor of Mikhail Kalashnikov). So, the American inventor Samuel Colt was able to use both of these possibilities. His name appeared in the American folk saying, which loosely translated reads: “God created people different, but Colonel Colt equalize the chances”. In addition, his name is called the system of revolvers, and most of the names of this gun is written in small letters and without quotes. But before talking about the invention of the American gunsmith, carry a small educational program about the gauges and systems hand-melee weapons-pistols.

What is the caliber

Currently there are several standards calibers so uncommon situation where trying to compare .45 and 16 (the 45th is less) or 5.45 and 3 lines (there is less of 5.45). In most European countries, Russia in particular, measurement of the caliber is in metric system. The measurement is made in millimeters by the diameter of the barrel. Accordingly, for a rifle cartridge diameter will be slightly larger (the depth of the rifling). In the US, UK and some other countries, mostly members of the British Commonwealth, measurement of caliber takes place in fractions of an inch, and in the United States in hundredths, as in the UK - in thousandths. Therefore, 45 caliber, 450 U.S. equal 11,43 Britain and Russia. In this series stand apart smooth-bore hunting rifles. Their calibre means the number of bullets a round form, which can be cast from one pound of lead. Accordingly, the smaller the diameter of the barrel, the more will turn out of bullets. There is also another standard for measuring the caliber that the TV is currently almost never use it. It's a — lines. One line contains one-tenth of an inch, respectively, the SVD of the sample 1893, the famous trehlineyki, caliber 3x2,54=7,62 millimeters. We now turn to the construction manual of melee weapons.


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There are two main schemes: the pistol and revolver. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of modern guns is the speed and ease of reload, auto-fire (for some models, for example, Stechkin pistol). The advantage of revolvers — high reliability, no need to hand in these cartridge in the barrel after reloading and there is no automatic extraction cartridges that in some cases, well, in terms of stealth, such as the special units.

The 45 caliber gun for self defense

.45 gun

In 1911 in the North American United States (then known as USA) was adopted, probably the most famous gun in the world. We are talking about "Colt M1911 pistol", having a 45 caliber. This semi-automatic gun was considered the best weapon for self-defense due to the high stopping action of the bullet. Production with numerous upgrades lasted until 1982. He stood on the armament of the U.S. army until 1985, and among the private owners are still popular. In all there were about three million guns of this model. These pistols, except the USA, were in service with the British army and the Soviet Union (lend-lease), Norway, France, Nicaragua and El Salvador. In Estonia and Haiti, they are in service till date.

Revolver - colt .45

colt .45

Arms company “Colt” in 1872 presented his model under a unitary revolver pistol cartridge. This year was chosen because that is when ended the term of the patent for a revolving drum with continuous chambers, a former competitor, the firm “Smith and Wesson”. In the following, 1873, was presented a new model revolver, which was adopted by the US army. For 20 years, the us military purchased about 37 000 copies of this weapon. The army revolver had a 45 caliber, civil — 44. For 60 long years the issue of army version was discontinued, however, in the early 50's, mainly because of the U.S. film industry and the popularity of westerns, the demand for the model “Colt-1873” has grown so much that in 1956, production was resumed and continues with few interruptions until now.

The ammunition for the colt

45 caliber cartridge

In 1905 appeared the world's most popular pistol ammunition with .45 caliber. Cartridge called a 45 ACP, it was designed frankforts Arsenal. This ammunition quickly became a success due to a very effective stopping action of the bullet. Under this cartridge was designed by such famous weapons as the gun “the Colt M1911 pistol" and the machine"Thompson". Although this munition has several disadvantages (due to low initial velocity and the large weight of the bullet trajectory of its flight is far from gentle), his popularity is so far not falling. Moreover, this cartridge was designed new models of bullets, for example, expansive controlled disclosure, which is ‘unfolding" of the penetration at the right depth in the body of the victim. So long these legendary models of the company “Colt” will delight fans of weapons.

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