Spinner for pike with his hands. The most successful turntables on the pike. The best turntables for pike


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The Most effective bait when fishing for pike is considered a spinner. Type it is vertical, oscillating, and rotating. While all of these lures has one goal: the imitation of a fish.Spinner for pike

All about turntables

This type is characterized by an absolute unique game at the time of posting. The main element that characterizes the spinner for pike, is a petal, spinning around its axis. This occurs under pressure in water. Today there are many options such spinners as spinner for pike, effectively attracting the fish. And although the toothy inhabitants of the ponds produced special baits designed specifically for her, nevertheless she perfectly takes and those made, for example, for Chub or trout. According to some, the spinner for pike, as well as many other metal baits, today obsolete, because there are wobblers and silicone range, however most anglers know that in certain conditions they can seriously compete with modern models, and in some cases often and replay.

There is a perception that this type of spinner is very simple to learn, but because it is worth novice spinningists use as a primary lure. The basis of this argument is laid down that chopper on the pike is quite good catches at uniform transaction, and therefore does not require any special knowledge in animation. But this is only partly true. It is clear that this lure, like any other lure, won't catch itself, this process is important first of all the experience angler. Here on the foreground there are certain subtleties that need to know if you use this seemingly “primitive” spinner for pike.Catchability turntables for pike


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In the first place has the value of the geometry of the petal. In the same conditions different sizes of this lure will behave differently. The narrower the lobe, the less distance it will deviate during rotation of the axis, creating little drag. I.e. turntables, ceteris paribus will go to a greater depth than the round options. Sometimes the difference in the magnitude of the dip is quite substantial. That is why in the Arsenal of the Fisher must be turntables for pike with very different geometry to always be prepared for changing conditions.

Best fans

Pike today used three basic shapes of a petal: the long - Long, wide - Aglia or Colorado and transitional option – Comet. These names came into life thanks to the manufacturer of the Mepps. In its lineup are these three types. It is generally considered that the most successful turntables on the pike are produced by this manufacturer. In addition to these three varieties, there are several transitional forms, wherein the ratio of length and width. However, in practice, in most cases anglers will be enough three main options to successfully catch a pike.Most efficient fan on the pike

Mepps Comet

Of Course, the production of spinning lures is being done by many firms, but the quality and catchability turntables for pike produces the company Mepps. The effectiveness of the lures from this manufacturer is confirmed by the high demand and good feedback from fishermen. With models from the company Mepps have proven that they can be excellent for catching not only pike, but many other types of underwater mining. When spinning this spinner for pike creates a vibration, very similar to the trembling prey fleeing from the toothy predator. As a rule, it is painted bright points and simulates insect that eats almost any fish.

The Most effective lure for pike, which has all the desired characteristics, is the Mepps Aglia Long, the angle of deviation of the blade which is sixty degrees. This ensures a stable game with slow reeling. This model is designed for pike fishing in medium depths. It is characterized by reasonable price and excellent quality.Best turntables for pike


Many anglers prefer to use colors with yellow spots. Spinner for pike Mepps Aglia Long is incredibly efficient. This stems from the fact that it has a lot of fans, in fact to make sure how well it works. One of the features of these turntables for pike is the fact that it is perfectly possible to catch at any time - and on a bright Sunny day, and in rainy or cloudy weather. The next, equally common, is considered a spinner, Daiwa Silver Creek. It's also known to fishermen for a long time, but because of its high prices not available to everyone. This bait is showing itself in the strong and middle reaches. Its petal is made Long, it is compact and has a relatively large mass with a small amount. Domestic fans the most famous spinners "the Baron" of attracting the perfect shape and Golden color, “selling pike” designed for professional fishing, “Atom 2”, “Locust”, plays great and has excellent efficiency.Vertushka for pike with your hands

Your hands

Many anglers appreciated all the benefits of spinner for pike. His hands made bait possess no less efficiency than the factory. To make them simply. You only need to have on hand tin can, paper clip, thread, beads, beads, tee or hook. The process is as follows. The paper clip is straightened with pliers and a hammer to an absolute straight line. Then on one end is hinge – the eye of the spinner, with the tip of the wire is tightly wrapped around its axis. Petals cut from tin cans in the shape of a propeller. Axis is done with an awl hole. Then the petal is given a curved form, so that during the passage to the depth of the propeller, spinning, would Shine with the vibrations. Then the wire must be mounted beads. If you want you can use more than one of the propellers separated from each other by the beads, so they don't hurt each other. Once strung the last bead on the wire is worn tee, and on the edge creates a loop, which is inserted into the hook. If you want to make a tail. For this you just need to cut the thread short lengths and then wrap them with another. For the strength of the junction is better lubricated with epoxy glue.

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