Telescopic fishing rod for fly-casting


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Modern rods are composite structures of glass or carbon tubes-knees, having the shape of a cone or cylinder.

Telescopic fishing rodsWhen choosing a rod professionals pay attention first and foremost on their basic parameters: weight, material, length with stiffness. However, there are other additional characteristics such as vehicle length and connection method of the knee: plug or telescopic. For beginners is ideal christovale soft rod, so that even when playing small fish they were bent "in an arc", then, as experienced professionals, by contrast, prefer medium hard formation.

Telescopic rods with ringsTelescopic fishing rods are those that are from the base to the tip are folded into each other to form a single unit. The principle is very similar astronomical instrument.

Today, anglers have a very popular telescopic fishing rod, length inboard of the knee which is approximately sixty centimeters. They are very convenient to transport because it can fit in a bag or suitcase. The fishermen know that the larger the number of the tribes, the greater the risk of breakdowns in places of connections.

fishing Rods for the telescoping rubleiFishing Rods telescopic fishing intended for fly-casting, so their strength during dynamic loads should be as high as possible. The Assembly of such rods need to hold the top and disassembly – from the bottom, being careful that the knee does not get sand or dirt. This can cause jamming of the knee. At the end of fishing gear is disassembled, washed and wiped dry material.


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Today, a large spread of telescopic rods with rings for anchoring the fishing line. However, many consider them not very convenient option, since, in case of bad mounts, rings popping out of the sockets. In addition, in this situation, the noose tightens them so tight that it is necessary for disentangling the use of a needle.

In General, fastening the fishing line quite a lot. And if the angler have to hunt for big fish, and he's not very confident in the reliability of the tip, it is better to use a method of additional fasteners for the second knee, are equipped with an eyelet. In this case, when the towing line is entangled.

Telescopic fishing rodAlmost every telescopic fishing rod is the system average speed, allowing far enough to throw the float, making the right moment precise cutting.

Telescopic fishing rod is normally equipped with reel seat with the extra plastic sealer designed for smooth and reliable operation. Thanks to him, the fishing line on the spool is wound more smoothly, and this prevents the risk of tangling. Moreover, this ensures a smooth reset and trouble-free towing. Katushkoderzhatelem fixed to handle multiple winding, is covered with a protective lacquer material.

Every angler buys a suitable as the characteristics of the tackle. Modern telescopic fishing rod - a thing quite expensive, so it should be protected not only for fishing but also for transportation, during which happens a lot of breakdowns. So move it and store better in the sheath or case.

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